Paul Weller / BBC Radio 2 In Concert 2018 / 1DVDR

Paul Weller / BBC Radio 2 In Concert 2018 / 1DVDR / Uxbridge
Live at BBC Radio Theatre, London, UK 1st November 2018 PRO-SHOT

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Ultra-super multi-camera pro shot that contains a topical orchestra concert is on display. Speaking of Paul Weller in 2018, the show for Japan for the first time in three years is also new to memory, and the new work “TRUE MEANINGS” has just been sent to UK chart 2nd. Co-starring with the orchestra, such a special show even in 2018. It was held at the prestigious “BBC Radio Theater” on “November 1, 2018”, and it was a concert attracting attention as if 50,000 people applied for tickets. This work is one that made the latest broadcast of such BBC DVD.
First of all, let’s check the position of the show in the 2018 schedule, in order to understand Paul’s recent situation.

● 2018
· January 19 – 23: Japan (4 shows)
· January 27th – 29th: Australia (3 performances)
· February 12 – March 3: UK (15 shows)
· August 23 – September 1: UK (4 shows)
“September 14” TRUE MEANINGS “released”
· October 4 – 12: Europe (5 shows)
· November 1: London performance ← ★ Coco ★
● 2019
· June 14 – July 6: UK (7 performances)

This is the schedule of 2018/2019 which has been published to date. Activities of this year began with Japanese performances and the curtains closed with this work. This work, including such a show, is just an iron wall, a perfection, and an absolutely perfect official grade pro shot. In addition to image quality and sound quality, the camera work which freely draws space including the lighting of artistic as well as the auditorium in BBC’s office hall is freely beautiful anyhow. It is not just a dimension to hold down the highlight, but if you capture the distant view, the composition full of sense and dynamic movement are wonderful, even if you are approaching the zoom, you turn the vision into a focus with a focusing direction. This week Boy George & CULTURE CLUB’s BBC broadcast will also be released at the same time, but again the prestigious prestige who has walked with the history of rock has a different sense. It is a picture of elegance completed as a single work while being a live broadcast.
The show drawn with that quality is overwhelming. In the set, the repertoire of the new work “TRUE MEANINGS” is 1/3, the representative song of solo is 1/3, and the balance of THE JAM / THE STYLE COUNCIL number is 1/3. As soon as we can enjoy “TRUE MEANINGS” songs as soon as they are released, they can enjoy themselves at the official quality, but the repertoire of the past was also a wonderful version that was orchestrated with orchestras. At the opening of “One Bright Star” the beauty of the orchestra stands out, in “Boy About Town” strings breathes a refreshing breeze into the song, “Long Long Road” pulling thrilling mood with gui guitar.
However, the orchestra is not grandly ringing all over everything. The arrangement places top priority on Paul’s singing voice and songs, its axis never gets shaky. For example, in a number like “Have You Ever Had It Blue?” Strings almost disappears, and flute and horn accompany the mood to the mood. I use the number of orchestras and the number of musical instruments as a choice of tone rather than thickness. And Paul, supported by such a push and pull orchestra, sometimes sometimes seems to be serious, sometimes comfortably. Because the delicacy of the arrangement and Paul’s sublime are super – superb sound boards, it is possible to taste in a very detailed manner up to the details.

The quality is perfect, but the performance and arrangement are really aesthetic. It is not just the latest official grade pro shot, it is not just the rarity of orchestra collaboration. It is a masterpiece that aesthetics as a work has been perfected every corner. That is the same as “TRUE MEANINGS” … No, it is a stock image of a music image that may be more important than that. Please enjoy it carefully.

話題のオーケストラ共演コンサートを収めた超極上マルチカメラ・プロショットが登場です。2018年のポール・ウェラーと言えば、3年ぶりの来日公演も記憶に新しく、新作『TRUE MEANINGS』も英国チャート2位に送り込んだばかり。オーケストラとの共演は、そんな2018年でも特別なショウ。「2018年11月1日」に名門“BBC Radio Theatre”で開催され、チケットを求めて5万人が応募したというほど注目を集めたコンサートでした。本作は、そんなBBCの最新放送をDVD化した1枚なのです。

《9月14日『TRUE MEANINGS』発売》
・11月1日:ロンドン公演 ←★ココ★

これが現在までに公表されている2018年/2019年のスケジュール。今年の活動は日本公演から始まり、本作で幕を閉じたわけです。そんなショウを収めた本作は、まさに鉄壁・完璧・完全無欠のオフィシャル級プロショット。画質や音質だけでなく、BBCの局内ホールだけに芸術的なまでの照明も客席まで含めて空間を自在に描くカメラワークも、とにかく美しい。単に見どころを押さえる次元ではなく、遠景を捉えればセンス溢れる構図とダイナミックな動きが素晴らしく、ズームに迫ってもピント演出で曲想を視角化する。今週はボーイ・ジョージ&CULTURE CLUBのBBC放送も同時リリースとなりますが、やはりロックの歴史と共に歩んできた名門中の名門はセンスが違う。生放送でありながら1つの作品として完成された気品の映像なのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるショウは圧倒的。セットは新作『TRUE MEANINGS』のレパートリーが1/3、ソロの代表曲が1/3、そしてTHE JAM/THE STYLE COUNCILナンバーが1/3というバランス。リリース間もない『TRUE MEANINGS』の曲を早くもオフィシャル級クオリティで楽しめるわけですが、過去のレパートリーもオーケストラに彩られた素晴らしいバージョン。幕開けの「One Bright Star」ではオーケストラの美しさが際立ち、「Boy About Town」ではストリングスが曲に爽やかな風を吹き込み、「Long Long Road」ではスリリングなムードをグイグイと牽引していく。
ただし、何でもかんでもオーケストラが壮大に鳴りまくっているわけでもありません。そのアレンジはポールの歌声と曲を最重視しており、その軸は決してブレない。例えば、「Have You Ever Had It Blue?」のようなナンバーではストリングスはほとんど存在感を消し、フルートとホーンがムードに華を添えていく。オーケストラの人数と楽器の多さを、分厚さというより音色の選択肢として活用している。そして、そんな押しと引きのオーケストラに支えられたポールは、時にシリアスに、時に心地よさそうに歌う。そのアレンジの妙味も、ポールの機微も超極上サウンドボードだからこそ細部に至るまで超詳細に味わい尽くすことができるのです。

クオリティもパーフェクトですが、演奏もアレンジも実に美的。単に最新の公式級プロショットというだけでなく、単にオーケストラ共演の珍しさだけでもない。隅々まで作品としての美学が行き届いた大傑作です。それこそ『TRUE MEANINGS』と同等……いえ、それ以上に重要かも知れない音楽映像の銘品。ぜひ、じっくりとお楽しみください。

1. Intro by Jo Whiley 2. One Bright Star 3. The Soul Searchers 4. Boy About Town
5. Have You Ever Had It Blue? 6. Wild Wood 7. Aspects 8. A Man Of Great Promise
9. Gravity 10. Private Hell 11. Long Long Road 12. Mayfly 13. Tales From The Riverbank
14. You Do Something To Me 15. White Horses feat. Erland Cooper


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