Paul Weller / Berlin 2006 As Is Now Tour / 2CD

Paul Weller / Berlin 2006 As Is Now Tour / 2CD / Moonchild Records

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Recorded at Huxleys Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany 23rd April 2006. Stereo

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From the euro tour in 2006, the press 2 CD complete with the Berlin performance on April 23 at Official Quality, Stereo Soundboard is fully limited and low price.
This is from the tour after releasing the album “As Is Now” and the live starting from “From The Floorboards Up” will be a topic for all time best lists including jam and masterpieces of Stachan era.
And while there are official live albums from this tour as well, it is better to have more playing performance here, especially bands with “Science”, and “Jam” Running On The Spot, “In The Crowd “and” Town Called Malice “and the excitement of excitement is goose bumps.

これはアルバム「As Is Now」リリース後のツアーからで、”From The Floorboards Up”からスタートするライブは、ジャムとスタカン時代の名曲含むオールタイム・ベストなセット・リストが話題となることに。
そして本ツアーからはオフィシャル・ライヴ・アルバムも存在する中、一段と演奏のノリがいいのはこちらの方で、特に”Science”でのバンド・グルーヴ、そしてジャムの”Running On The Spot”、”In The Crowd”そして”Town Called Malice”などでの盛り上がりのスゴさは鳥肌もの。

Disc 1 : 01.From The Floorboards Up / 02.Paper Smile / 03.Out Of The Sinking / 04 Science / 05.Above The Clouds / 06.Amongst Butterflies / 07.Running On The Spot / 08.Savages / 09.Up In Suze’s Room / 10.Wild Wood / 11.Come On Let’s Go / 12.Porcelain Gods – I Walk On Gilded Splinters
Disc 2 : 01.The Pebble And The Boy / 02.You Do Something To Me / 03.Long Hot Summer / 04.Here’s The Good News / 05.In The Crowd / 06.The Changingman / 07.Foot On the Mountain / 08.Broken Stones / 09.A Town Called Malice

Moonchild Records. MC 082

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