Paul Simon / The Paul Simon Special / 1DVD+1Bonus Single DVDR

Paul Simon / The Paul Simon Special / 1DVD+1Bonus Single DVDR / Non label
Translated Text:
Taken from the original Japanese laser disc Plus Bonus DVDR “BBC 1975: JAPANESE TV BROADCAST”

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Paul · Simon picture software of nostalgic finally appears in limited press DVD. That name is “PAUL SIMON SPECIAL”. In Japan, it is the video that software was released under the title “special show”. Originally a special program that was broadcast on the American television, it was created in co-planning by Lawn Michaels, a producer of TV program “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE” Paul repeatedly appeared.
In the program of 50 minutes Simon will make photographs and performances while pushing and interrogating with a producer who is different in personality to make TV specials. It is quite interesting that the producer dressed as an actor Charles Gradin will progress TV and special work more rapidly than Simon’s various concerns. The stage shot for specials is done in the situation that only 40 people are entering the audience, and it will put down Simon in disappointment.
However, the producer says it will manage somehow by editing and it will not multiply. To Simon’s NBC studio where further recording is done Simon carries several guitar cases alone, and if you arrive at the lobby, you do not know who you are. The program will progress in such an irony situation.
What is more important than anything is the editorial that the producer did in order to make the concert footage where the audience seemed rattled as a glowing concert. When Simon sings “Still Crazy After All These Years”, the screen shows the audience seats of rock concerts unrelated to him. Even though Simon is singing moistly, the audience seems to be a big fanatics of standing up. Although Simon protests that “This is not my concert but it is not Barebare”, the producer will show another live video as well.
This is the highest masterpiece scene, but this time it is only the elderly people that Simon’s eyes are singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” while singing. And I think that the song is over after applauding applaud … and the banzai trivial image of the rally (political or something) meeting held at Nippon Budokan was used, and the producer said “everyone worships” I am afraid. Of course Simon gets angry with “I am not such an audience of my concert!” Nevertheless, the producer did not go through the meaning and the title of the program was “weak with Paul Simon special, more importantly Paul” Bridge over troubled tomorrow “How about with Simon Special?

Everything is such a comedy touched story that the story is developed in such a condition, but while being swayed by such a producer, Simon ‘s performance performed everywhere is wonderful. While he says “It is different from the album”, he sings a blues version of “Jesse Dixon Singers” and “Loves Me Like A Rock”.
Also in the scene of “Old Frineds” with art / Garfunkel which is treated as a climax in the second half, the producer will break in to get in the way. So he compelled the two to practice the dialogue of the program, but the two people exchanging there will not have it as it is at the time of appearance “SATURDAY NIGHT” in 1975, so the irony is working. Even so, the producer finally tells Simon that “the singing by two people is better than singing alone” rather than singing alone, the program ends with an attempt to urge S & G’s reunion. It was made as a comedy / drama.

This program was released as video and software in the 1980’s, and even the laser disc was released. I wonder if there are many people who have seen a program thanks to them. Even after the extinction of the LD, the video itself was sold for a long time, and it was rather converted to the classic image of Simon in the 1970s. However, it has reached the point without the possibility of being released as a DVD, and in recent years it has changed to a situation that the picture familiar with that is not easy to see.
Today, this software is split uploaded on YouTube, and it is easy to see if it is only viewing. However, it is superb, it is uploaded by overseas fans so there is no subtitle.
However, this time it is based on the missing condition LD out of LD, so the level of image quality is different first. Since subtitling entered into it anyhow, it is attractive that you can taste exactly different dimensions from just a live program. While listening to the performance scene, there is no subtitle to enjoy this drama. Please enjoy nostalgic television specials on DVD by all means. Because it is a picture that had been out of print for a long time, there may be someone who can see for the first time or for the first time in a while!
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何とも懐かしいポール・サイモンの映像ソフトが遂に限定プレスDVDで登場します。その名は「PAUL SIMON SPECIAL」。日本では「スペシャル・ショー」というタイトルでソフトがリリースされていたあの映像です。元々はアメリカのテレビで放送されたスペシャル番組で、ポールが何度も出演していたテレビ番組「SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE」のプロデューサー、ローン・マイケルズの共同企画でつくられたもの。
何より傑作なのは、客席がガラガラだったコンサート映像をいかにも白熱したコンサートにすべくプロデューサーが施した編集ぶり。サイモンが「Still Crazy After All These Years」を歌い出すと画面は彼と関係ないロック・コンサートの客席が映し出されます。サイモンがしっとり歌い上げているのにもかかわらず、客席は総立ちの大熱狂。サイモンが「これじゃ僕のコンサートじゃないのがバレバレじゃないか」と抗議するものの、プロデューサーは別のライブ映像も映し出してみせます。
これが最高に傑作な場面なのですが、今度はサイモンが「Bridge Over Troubled Water」をしんみり歌っている最中に映し出されるのはお年寄りばかり。そして曲が終わって拍手喝采か…と思いきや、何と日本武道館で行われた(政治か何かの)集会の万歳三唱映像が使われ、プロデューサーが「みんな崇拝しているじゃないか」となだめています。もちろんサイモンは「こんなの僕のコンサートのオーディエンスじゃない!」と怒り狂います。それでもプロデューサーは意に介さず、番組のタイトルも「ポール・サイモン・スペシャルじゃ弱い、いっそのことポール“明日に架ける橋”サイモン・スペシャルでどうだ?」とむちゃくちゃな提案ばかり。

万事こんな調子でストーリーが展開されるコメディ・タッチの内容ですが、そんなプロデューサーに振り回されつつも、合間でサイモンが披露する演奏はどれも素晴らしいもの。彼が「アルバムとは違う感じで」と言いながらジェシー・ディクソン・シンガーズと「Loves Me Like A Rock」のブルース・バージョンを歌ってみせます。
また後半のクライマックス的な扱いとなっているアート・ガーファンクルとの「Old Frineds」のシーンでもプロデューサーが邪魔をしに割って入ります。そこで彼が二人に番組の台詞を練習するように強要、ところがそこで展開する二人のやりとりは1975年の「SATURDAY NIGHT」出演時そのままなのだから皮肉が効いています。それでいてプロデューサーが最後の最後にサイモンへ「君は一人で歌うよりも二人で歌う方がずっといい」とS&Gの再結成を本気で促そうとして番組が終わってしまうという、最後まで皮肉なタッチのコメディ・ドラマとして作られていました。


This is the story of the making of a television special with Paul and his friends Chevy Chase, the Jesse Dixon Singers, Art Garfunkel, Lily Tomlin and Charles Grodin as the “big bad” producer…

1. Introduction 2. Still Crazy After All These Years
3. Studio Conversation 4. Arrived at NBC Studios 5. Back Stage Conversation 6. Something So Right
7. Studio Conversation (feat. Still Crazy After All These Years & Bridge Over Troubled Water)
8. I Do It For Your Love (with Toots Thielemans) 9. Chevy Chase Show
10. Loves Me Like A Rock (with the Jessy Dixon Singers) 11. Still Crazy After All These Years
12. Back Stage Conversation (with Art Garfunkel) 13. Old Friends (with Art Garfunkel)
14. Back Stage Conversation 15. The Boxer 16. Back Stage Conversation
17. Slip Slidin’ Away (End Credit)



Al Brown / Edward Daniels / Steve Gadd / Janet Hamilton / Kathy Kienke / Tony Levin
Hugh McCracken / David Sanborn / Richard Sortomme / Richard Tee / Toots Thielemans
The Jessy Dixon Singers
Paul Simon / BBC 1975 Japanese TV Broadcast / 1Bonus Single DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at BBC London, UK 27th December 1975 Broadcast Date: 20th July 1976

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Recorded a special program of BBC that was made when visiting the UK when releasing the album “STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS” which recorded a big hit such as shining in the album of the year of the Grammy awards. Moreover, what I see here is based on a rare version that broadcasted it in Japan. This was previously broadcasted on the “World One Man Show” frame like Paul McCartney ‘s “JAMES PAUL McCARTNEY” released by our shop. I was recording it with a home video deck that was expensive at that time.
From the fact that the logo “DEPAS” appears on the screen several times, I think that maniacs can be recognized, but please record the 1972 Japanese performances such as Bee Gees, Chicago, ELP, and free and leave it for future generations A video by a mysterious taper (may I call it?).
To tell the truth, the BBC Special in this 75 years is highly likely that there is no video left in the UK, and the Japanese version, which wealthy fans recorded for us, is a very valuable entity You will be surprised. Although the video of BBC’s talk program “PARKINSON” that appeared at the same time seems to exist, this is not evidence of rebroadcasting in the home country. In 1976 when it was broadcasted in Japan it is really nostalgic that the Japanese boot LP “THE ART OF SUPERB SIMON” which recorded the sound of the broadcast from the TV was released.
The program itself is the album “STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS” color stronger than “SATURDAY NIGHT” in 1975 released as this week’s gift DVD-R. The album participating musicians are participating in the recording of the program as it is, and I can not help feeling the era where Steve Gad of drums is introduced as “Steve Gad” with subtitles. Beyond that, there is no mustache, there is hair on the left and right (top is already slippery lol) Tony Levin’s figure. With an eccentric appearance after Crimson it’s like banning surprises as if refreshing another person!
And then at the time S & G re-formed in the spotlight due to the release of “My Little Town”, it seems that it was difficult to get along with art until the UK, instead of using programs that are diverting scenes from “SATURDAY NIGHT” From the contents of the S & G reorganization that had not progressed beyond the release of “My Little Town” can be understood.

グラミー賞のアルバム・オブ・ザ・イヤーに輝くなど、大ヒットを記録したアルバム「STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS」リリース時にイギリスを訪れた際に作られたBBCのスペシャル番組を収録。しかもここで見られるのは、それを日本で放送したレアなバージョンを元にしているのです。これは以前、当店がリリースしたポール・マッカートニーの「JAMES PAUL McCARTNEY」と同じように「世界のワンマンショー」枠で放送されたもの。それを当時高価だった家庭用ビデオ・デッキで録画していたのです。
実を言いますと、この75年のBBCスペシャルは本国イギリスに映像が残されていない可能性が高く、裕福な一ファンが録画してくれたジャパニーズ・バージョンが非常に貴重な存在となっているから驚きでしょう。同時期に出演したBBCのトーク番組「PARKINSON」の映像は現存しているようですが、こちらは本国で再放送された形跡がありません。日本で放送された1976年当時などは、放送時の音をテレビから録音した日本製LPブート「THE ART OF SUPERB SIMON」がリリースされていたのが実に懐かしい。
番組自体は今週のギフトDVD-Rとしてリリースされる1975年の「SATURDAY NIGHT」以上にアルバム「STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS」色が強いもの。同アルバム参加ミュージシャンがそのまま番組の収録にも参加しており、ドラムのスティーブ・ガッドが字幕で「スチーブ・ギャッド」と紹介されるところ時代を感じずにはいられません。それ以上に必見なのは、口髭がない代わり、左右に髪のある(てっぺんは既にツルツル笑)トニー・レヴィンの姿。クリムゾン以降のエキセントリックな風貌とはまるで別人なさわやかさには驚きを禁じ得ません!
そして当時「My Little Town」のリリースによって大きな脚光を浴びたS&G再結成ですが、イギリスまでアートに付き合わせるのが難しかったのでしょう、代わりに「SATURDAY NIGHT」からの場面を転用しているという番組の内容からは「My Little Town」のリリース以外に進展することのなかったS&Gの再結成の現実が窺い知れるのではないでしょうか。

1. Intro. 2. Still Crazy After All These Years 3. Homeward Bound 4. I Do It For Your Love
5. Member Introduction 6. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
7. Love Me Like A Rock (with Jessy Dixon Singers)
8. The Boxer (with Art Garfunkel) (Saturday Night Live 18th October 1975)
9. Scarborough Fair (with Art Garfunkel) (Saturday Night Live 18th October 1975)
10. My Little Town 11. American Tune 12. The Sound of Silence (Instrumental) w/End Credit


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