Paul Simon / Love In Hard Times In New York / 2CDR

Paul Simon / Love In Hard Times In New York / 2CDR / Project Zip

Translated Text:
At Majestic Theater, Brooklyn, NY April 10th 2008. Soundboard


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First appearance performances at Majestic Theatre in April Paul Simon Tribute event was held in Brooklyn, New York “Love-in-hard-Times” from April 10, 2008 is the highest of the sound board master sound source !

Or himself Paul also co-star in the center artists who revered the Paul Simon, special events that have appeared in the main.
This day is a must listen title of hottest by equal sound board sound source of this event David Byrne of African artists and Talking Heads appeared!


At Majestic Theater, Brooklyn, NY April 10th 2008

01. Opening / African Chorus (Vusi Mahlasela)
02. The Boy In The Bubble (Vusi Mahlasela)
03. Unkown African Track (Vusi Mahlasela)
04. Gumboots
05. Under African Skies (Vusi and Kaissa duet)
06. Proof (Kaissa)
07. She Moves On (Kaissa)
08. The Coast (Kaissa)
09. The Cool, Cool River
10. Vendedor de Sonhos (Paul and Lucianna Souza)

01. Spirit Voices (Paul and Lucianna Souza)
02. Can’t Run But (Lucianna)
03. Born At The Right Time (Lucianna)
04. I Know What I Know (David Byrne)
05. You Can Call Me Al (David Byrne)
06. Homeless (LBM with Vusi)
07. Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes (Paul and LBM)/08. Graceland
09. That Was Your Mother


Project Zip. PJZ-538A/B

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