Paul Simon / Live At LA Forum / 2CDR

Paul Simon / Live At LA Forum / 2CDR / Midnight Dreamer

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Live At Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA January 24th 1991. Audience

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Paul · Simon From the “Born at the light time” national tour in 1991, the performance on the LA Forum familiar on the 24th of January ‘s Rock’ s Hall of Fame in Los Angeles was compiled from a high – quality audience recording master.

Live at this time is known as “Concert in the Park” at New York Central Park, but this is the complete compilation of unreduced concerts with many songs and many different songs per complete recording It is a title that can not be overlooked as a precious collector item that totally captured!


01. The Obvious Child
02. The Boy In The Bubble
03. She Moves On
04. Kodachrome
05. Born At The Right Time
06. Train In The Distance
07. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
08. Proof
09. I Know What I Know
10. Bridge Over Troubled Water
11. The Cool, Cool River
12. Dogs In The Winehouse
13. Further To Fly

01. Cecilia
02. Graceland
03. You Can Call Me Al
04. Still Crazy After All These Years
05. Late In The Evening
06. Hearts And Bones
07. Love Me Like A Rock
08. Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
09. American Tune
10. The Boxer
11. The Sounds Of Silence

Live At Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA January 24th 1991

Midnight Dreamer. MD-798A/B

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