Paul Simon / Born At The Right Time In Osaka / 1CD

Paul Simon / Born At The Right Time In Osaka / 1CD / Zion

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Live at Castle Hall, Osaka, 10th October 1991.


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Osaka performance of October 10, 1991 the name board that Masterport had been released “Dreams 1991” was released. Re-released the finest sound source at this time press CD & remastered recording. While those sound source of this day, which was broadcast live at the time the radio was what the air check, the height of the so much of the quality, but we have received a lot of voices of “why not release a press CD”, finally release will be realized in the upgraded version. Has been released in a stunning reception state boasts about perfect clearness do not think even the sound source is the very air check of Omoto said remastered, hand like also drastically change the sound quality of the image this time have made not. There is a relatively recent impression Speaking of 1991, but still is now a sound source you record the broadcast of the previous more than two decades. There is no so say only that it is a miracle that it had been left in freshness preeminent state so far.
Of course, not the contents of the time live is completely shed show, also does not change this final stage is a point to say that unreleased state. But hit on this recording, it became possible package to fit in the compact part from the solo corner of the band members overlying the narration of the sax solo of Michael Brecker from the fact that the cut in one disk. What is says, but the cut portion is also not a place to affect the music part of Simon. Therefore, in this editing is easy to listen rather, I think it is a recording state that you are able to overwhelmingly convincing.
And Following the great success of the South African sound of this concert in Japan is “Graceland”, in turn, was intended to Hissage the album “The Rhythm Of The Saints” which was recorded with the South American Brazilian musicians. Heyday of Japan tour in Simon of world music route, or did that followed the construction of the live album was released just before “Concert In The Park”. Although there is a feeling that the sound also became the main axis of Simon’s solo stage, that many again listen Overall performance was relaxed now, the peaceful atmosphere than the more recent Simon of live sound is felt fresh will you. The Boy In The Bubble, etc. but arrangements played on the stage of after this went to change into hard, there is no such sign at this point, and cross again the spacious playing sounded very fresh. In addition is also interesting interpretation of the past of the number in this tour, for example, such as Me And Julio Down By The School Yard is played in a bright tone than the original version, S & G number Bridge Over Troubled Water to sudden change from the middle to the reggae more than anything But I would say that the testimony to sound-oriented in this period Simon.
And S & Simon itself in response to the enormous popularity in Japan from the G era also becomes Japan pro, became a fan of the Hanshin Tigers after is a famous story. In fact, even Tigers of scene that hat it immediately in response to that was thrown “Hanshin Tigers people back again,” sang show was during a performance of Ploof is famous here, thus there actually and listen to try really fun moment you can feel it was. Its not only the sound quality, which boasts a stunning clearness, released by the limited press CD of such Japanese name sound source also captured until the atmosphere of the stage unique was finally realized!

1991年10月10日の大阪公演はMasterportがリリースしていた名盤「Dreams 1991」がリリースされていました。その極上音源を今回プレスCD&リマスター収録にて再リリース。この日の音源は当時ラジオで生中継されたものをエアチェックしたものでしたが、そのあまりのクオリティの高さは「何故プレスCDでリリースしないのか」という声を多くいただいていましたが、ようやくアップグレード版でのリリースが実現します。リマスターと言っても大元の音源がとてもエアチェックだとは思えないほど完璧なクリアネスを誇る見事な受信状態でリリースされており、今回も音質のイメージを大幅に変えるような手は加えていません。1991年と言えば比較的近年の印象がありますが、それでも今や二十年以上前の放送を録音した音源です。それがここまで鮮度抜群な状態で残されていたのは奇跡だとしか言いようがありません。
そしてこの来日公演は「Graceland」の南アフリカ・サウンドの大成功に次いで、今度は南米ブラジルのミュージシャンと共に録音したアルバム「The Rhythm Of The Saints」を引っ提げてのものでした。サイモンのワールド・ミュージック路線における絶頂期の来日公演、あるいはリリース直前だったライブ・アルバム「Concert In The Park」の構成を踏襲したものでした。そのサウンドもサイモンのソロ・ステージの主軸となった感がありますが、今改めて聴くと全体的にゆったりした演奏が多く、より最近のサイモンのライブ・サウンドよりも穏やかな雰囲気が新鮮に感じられることでしょう。The Boy In The Bubbleなどはこの後のステージで演奏のアレンジがハードに変化して行きましたが、この時点ではそんな気配もなく、やはりゆったりとした演奏がとても新鮮に響き渡ります。さらにこのツアーにおける過去のナンバーの解釈がまた面白く、例えばMe And Julio Down By The School Yardなどは元のバージョンよりも明るい調子で演奏され、何よりもS&GナンバーBridge Over Troubled Waterが途中からレゲエに豹変するところがこの時期のサイモンのサウンド志向を物語っていると言えるでしょう。
そしてS&G時代からの日本における絶大な人気を受けてサイモン自身も日本びいきとなり、後に阪神タイガースのファンとなったのは有名な話です。実際にここでもPloofの演奏中にタイガースの帽子が投げ入れられたことに応えてすかさず「Hanshin Tigers people back again」歌って見せた場面は有名ですが、こうして実際に聴いてみると本当に楽しい瞬間であったことが実感できます。その見事なクリアネスを誇る音質だけでなく、このような日本のステージならではの雰囲気までも捉えた名音源の限定プレスCDによるリリースが遂に実現しました!
1. The Obvious Child 2. The Boy In The Bubble 3. She Moves On 4. Kodachrome
5. Born At The Right Time 6. Train In The Distance 7. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
8. I Know What I Know 9. The Cool, Cool River 10. Bridge Over Troubled Water
11. Proof 12. Michael Brecker Saxophone Solo 13. Steve Gadd Drum Solo/Instrumental
14. Cecilia 15. Graceland 16. You Can Call Me Al

Paul Simon – Vocal, Guitar John Selolwane – Guitar Ray Phiri – Guitars
Vincent Nguini – Guitar Richard Tee – Piano, Vocals Armand Sabal-Lecco – Bass
Steve Gadd – Drums Cyro Baptista – Percussion Dom Chacal – Percussion Mingo Araujo – Percussion
Sidinho Moreira – Percussion Tony Cedras – Accordeon, Keyboard, Guitars
Chris Botti – Trumpet Michael Brecker – Saxophone, EWI
Reginald ‘Briz’ Brisbon – Background Vocals The Waters – Background Vocals
Barney Rachabane – Saxophone, Pennywhistle


Zion – 033

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