Paul Simon / Live At Queen Elizabeth Theatre 1984 / 2CDR

Paul Simon / Live At Queen Elizabeth Theatre 1984 / 2CDR / Midnight Dreamer

Live At Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, BC August 24th 1984

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From Paul Simon’s 1984 solo tour, a performance at the Queen Elizabeth Theater in Vancouver, Canada on August 24th will be released with a complete recording from the high-quality audience recording master!

This tour, which was held with the release of the album “Hearts and Bones”, is notable for the set list unique to this period, such as the songs recorded in the album and the familiar S & G number, as well as “One Trick Pony”.

Nowadays, it can be said that it is a title that collectors cannot miss as a valuable 80’s live sound source!


アルバム「HeartsandBones」のリリースとともに開催されたこのツアーは、アルバムに収録されている曲やおなじみのS&Gナンバー、「One トリックポニー」。


01. Intro / 02. Mother And Child Reunion / 03. Kodachrome / 04. One Trick Pony / 05. Slip Sliding Away / 06. Jonah / 07. Homeward Bound / 08. Something So Right / 09. Hearts And Bones / 10. The Sounds Of Silence / 11. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover / 12. Duncan / 13. Rene And Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War / 14. America

01. The Boxer / 02. Allergies / 03. St. Judy’s Comet / 04. Train In The Distance / 05. Was A Sunny Day / 06. Kathy’s Song / 07. I Do It For Your Love / 08. American Tune /09. Late In The Evening / 10. Me And Julio Down By The School Yard / 11. Bridge Over Troubled Water / 12. Still Crazy After All These Years

Live At Queen Elizabeth Theater, Vancouver, BC August 24th 1984

Midnight Dreamer. MD- 986A/B

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