Paul Rodgers And Company / San Francisco 1993 Japanese Laser Disc / 1DVD

Paul Rodgers And Company / San Francisco 1993 Japanese Laser Disc / 1DVD / Non label

Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, USA 19th May 1993 PRO-SHOT


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The “MUDDY WATER BLUES” era, which was the most successful solo career of a legendary singer. The discontinued official video, which can be said to be the video version of that famous board, is reprinted with the highest quality.
The official video is “PAUL RODGERS IN COCNERT”. This is a multi-camera pro shot taken at “May 19, 1993 San Francisco Performance”. Speaking of “MUDDY WATERS BLUES TRIBUTE TOUR”, it was Paul’s first solo tour, and it is memorable that the performance in Japan was realized after a long time. First of all, let’s check the position of the show from the schedule at that time.

《March 27, “MUDDY WATER BLUES” released》
・ April 22nd-May 21st: North America # 1a (15 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ May 28-August 24: North America # 1b (51 performances) ← * Official EP “THE HENDRIX SET”
・ September 12-21: Japan (7 performances)
・ October 12-26: Europe (11 performances)
・ November 11-December 1: North America # 2 (9 performances)
《December 16th release of “PAUL RODGERS IN CONCERT”》

This is Paul Rodgers in 1993. In the above, the release date of “MUDDY WATER BLUES” is March, but this is the pre-release Japan. It was released on June 14th in Europe and the United States. The tour started before that, and the San Francisco performance of this work is the 14th performance of “North America # 1” which is the beginning. It was also a concert about a month before the official live EP “THE HENDRIX SET”.
As mentioned above, such a show was shot professionally and made into a work. It was released as “PAUL RODGERS IN COCNERT”, but it was quickly discontinued due to the fate of the video work at that time. It has been 28 years since it was never officially made into a DVD, and it continues to this day. It’s a video that should be called a phantom, but the content is incredibly rich. That’s what makes Paul’s “masterpiece of solo” affirmative, regardless of whether it’s official or informal.
The original is an official work, and it is a reproduction from the Japanese version of the laser disc, which was the highest peak in the world at that time. If you can pay attention to this article, you may have experienced the laser disc reproduction series of our shop, but this work is also made into a DVD in a high-end environment by an overseas specialized manufacturer. It is “completely official grade” quality without any questions even for the modern eyes of digital heyday.
However, the reason why you want to call it a “masterpiece” is the show itself rather than the quality. The official EP “THE HENDRIX SET” of the same tour dared to select Jimi Hendrix songs, but this work will be the video version of the masterpiece “MUDDY WATER BLUES”, which is the biggest solo hit. The meaning is clear from Select, so let’s take a look.

● Original (3 songs)
・ FREE: All Right Now / Feel Like Making Love
・ BAD COMPANY: Can’t Get Enough
● Cover (9 songs)
・ MUDDY WATER BLUES: Good Morning Little School Girl / Standing Around Crying / Rollin’Stone / I Can’t Be Satisfied (Brian Setzer) / Louisiana Blues (Trevor Rabin) / The Hunter (Slash)
・ Others: Little Wing / Rock Me Baby (Setzer & Rabin & Slash) / Crossroads (Setzer & Rabin & Slash)
* Note: (____) is a guest guitarist.

… And it looks like this. Not all songs of “MUDDY WATER BLUES” are reproduced, but there is no point in reproducing them only on the cover album. Rather, the set with concentrated essence and the FREE / BAD COMPANY repertoire is too delicious.
And the performance is also wonderful. The key to the backing band is Neal Schon, who also participated in the album, and roughly speaking, “HARDLINE sung by Paul”. Both Todd Jensen and Deen Castronovo are masters, and they were able to breathe well because they were regularly assembled at that time. “MUDDY WATER BLUES” had a good taste in playing blues with a sharp rock-like performance, but the taste of this work is the whole story.
Another point of “MUDDY WATER BLUES” was the guest guitarist. This work is perfect in this respect as well. As expected, the variety of faces is as diverse as the album, but Brian Setzer, Trevor Rabin who was YES at that time, and Slash (thin!) Who was still enrolled in GUNS N’ROSES at that time also participated. Each of them will appear in the song that was played on the album, but in addition, the final two songs “Rock Me Baby” and “Crossroads” will be complete. You can enjoy a super-luxury feast by four guitar heroes with Neal Schon.

“MUDDY WATER BLUES”, which is a famous record even for Paul’s solo. This is a reprint of the official video version of the video with the highest quality in the world. The best solo masterpiece of the best blues singer in the rock world. Please fully enjoy the press DVD that conveys its brilliance forever.

★ DVD version of the official video “PAUL RODGERS IN COCNERT” out of print. A multi-camera pro shot of “May 19, 1993 San Francisco performance”, the highest quality version in history reprinted from the Japanese version LD at that time. On the stage of the era when the solo career was the most successful, not only Paul’s singing voice singing the blues standard, but also the HARDLINE mana back with Neal Schon at the core is an iron wall. Brian Setzer, Trevor Rabin, and Slash also participated as guests in this “MUDDY WATER BLUES”.

伝説シンガーのソロ・キャリアで最大の成功を収めていた『MUDDY WATER BLUES』時代。あの名盤の映像版とも言うべき廃盤オフィシャル映像が最高峰クオリティで復刻です。
そのオフィシャル映像とは『PAUL RODGERS IN COCNERT』。「1993年5月19日サンフランシスコ公演」で撮影されたマルチカメラ・プロショットです。“MUDDY WATERS BLUES TRIBUTE TOUR”と言えばポールにとっては初めてのソロツアーであり、久々の日本公演が実現した事でも思い出深い。まずは、そんな当時のスケジュールからショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。

・5月28日-8月24日:北米#1b(51公演)←※公式EP『THE HENDRIX SET』

これが1993年のポール・ロジャース。上記では『MUDDY WATER BLUES』の発売日が3月になっていますが、これは先行リリースの日本。欧米では6月14日リリースでした。ツアーはその前から始まっており、本作のサンフランシスコ公演は序盤となる「北米#1」の14公演目。公式ライヴEP『THE HENDRIX SET』の約1ヶ月前のコンサートでもありました。
そんなショウは前述の通りプロ撮影されて作品化。『PAUL RODGERS IN COCNERT』としてリリースされたのですが、当時の映像作品の宿命であっと言う間に廃盤。その後、一度も公式にDVD化されることもなく28年が経ち、現在に至っています。まさに幻とも言うべき映像なのですが、その不遇が信じられないほど内容は特濃。それこそ、公式/非公式の別を超えてポールの「ソロ最高傑作」と断言できる素晴らしさなのです。
しかし「最高傑作」と呼びたくなる理由はクオリティ以上にショウそのもの。同じツアーの公式EP『THE HENDRIX SET』はあえてジミヘン曲を選び出していましたが、本作はソロ最大ヒットの名盤『MUDDY WATER BLUES』の映像版となるもの。その意味はセレクトからも明らかですので、一望してみましょう。

・FREE:All Right Now/Feel Like Making Love
・BAD COMPANY:Can’t Get Enough
・MUDDY WATER BLUES:Good Morning Little School Girl/Standing Around Crying/Rollin’ Stone/I Can’t Be Satisfied(ブライアン・セッツァー)/Louisiana Blues(トレヴァー・ラビン)/The Hunter(スラッシュ)
・その他:Little Wing/Rock Me Baby(セッツァー&ラビン&スラッシュ)/Crossroads(セッツァー&ラビン&スラッシュ)

……と、このようになっています。『MUDDY WATER BLUES』全曲再現というわけではありませんが、カバーアルバムだけに再現しても意味がない。むしろ、エッセンスを濃縮した上でFREE/BAD COMPANYのレパートリーも散りばめたセットが美味しすぎるのです。
そして、演奏も素晴らしい。バック・バンドの要はアルバムにも参加したニール・ショーンで、ざっくばらんに言って「ポールが歌うHARDLINE」。トッド・ジェンセンもディーン・カストロノヴォも名手な上に、当時レギュラーで組んでいただけあって呼吸もバツグン。『MUDDY WATER BLUES』は、ロックらしいシャープな演奏でどブルースを演奏するところに旨みがありましたが、本作もあの味わいが全編を貫いているのです。
もうひとつ『MUDDY WATER BLUES』のポイントだったのがゲスト・ギタリスト。この点でも本作はばっちり。さすがにアルバムほど多彩な顔ぶれはムリですが、ブライアン・セッツァーや当時YESのトレヴァー・ラビン、それに当時はまだGUNS N’ ROSESに在籍していたスラッシュ(細い!)も参加。それぞれにアルバムでも弾いていた曲で登場しますが、さらに最終盤の2曲「Rock Me Baby」「Crossroads」では揃い踏み。ニール・ショーンも交えてギターヒーロー4人による超豪華饗宴が楽しめるのです。

ポールのソロでも名盤の誉れ高き『MUDDY WATER BLUES』。その映像版たるオフィシャル映像を世界最高峰クオリティで復刻した1枚です。まさにロック界最高のブルース・シンガーのソロ最高傑作。その輝きを永久に伝えるプレスDVDで存分にご堪能ください。

★廃盤オフィシャル映像『PAUL RODGERS IN COCNERT』のDVD化。「1993年5月19日サンフランシスコ公演」のマルチカメラ・プロショットで、当時の日本版LDから復刻された史上最高峰クオリティ版。ソロ・キャリア最大の成功を収めた時代ステージで、ブルース・スタンダードを歌うポールの歌声はもちろんのこと、ニール・ショーンを核としたHARDLINEまんまなバックも鉄壁。ブライアン・セッツァーやトレヴァー・ラビン、スラッシュもゲスト参加した「目で観るMUDDY WATER BLUES」となる1枚です。

1. Intro: Muddy Water Blues
2. Can’t Get Enough
3. Good Morning Little School Girl
4. Standing Around Crying
5. Rollin’ Stone
6. Little Wing
7. All Right Now
8. Feel Like Making Love
9. I Can’t Be Satisfied (with Brian Setzer)
10. Louisiana Blues (with Trevor Rabin)
11. The Hunter (with Slash)
12. Rock Me Baby (with Brian Setzer, Slash, Trevor Rabin)
13. Crossroads (with Brian Setzer, Slash, Trevor Rabin)

Paul Rodgers – Vocal
Neal Schon – Guitar
Todd Jensen – Bass
Deen Castronovo – Drums



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