Paul Rodgers / Sapporo 1996 / 2CD

Paul Rodgers / Sapporo 1996 / 2CD / Wardour
Translated Text:
Live at Doshin Hall, Sapporo, Japan 6th July 1996.


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“Superb”. It is exactly appeared best of this production 100% of the vocal album. Protagonist of this work, Kano virtuoso Paul Rodgers. Rising anyone if guitarist was set, with a throat that everyone envy if the singer, singer in the singer. Although his career mountain also was also the valley, it was the most shining as a solo singer,: would be a few years from play a comeback in “MUDDY WATER BLUES A TRIBUTE TO MUDDY WATERS”. Its “MUDDY WATER BLUES” also immediately after it is Paul who visited Japan, to have been contained in this work, audience album that contains the “July 6 Sapporo performances” from the re-Japan tour in 1996. This one has been on CD directly from the original master of the full unpublished.
The sound is exactly what “best”. Since it was provided directly from the recording artist, but there is no doubt in the audience recording, beyond that freshness of dubbing zero of course, clear it reaches an extreme feeling of air, “or line, the audience or” close direct sense is no longer a difference in the recording methods, such as ing. A Katsuaki guitar picking nuance of, up to the hammering sound one one of the drums, also ideal balance. Rather than Sonjosokora of high-quality sound, in the extent to which normally are listening to audience recording, you kinda can not experience level. And, vivid as if Vaud Cali THEY tion of Paul is singing in the ear to say the least. FREE and BAD COMPANY, without knowing emergency if THE FIRM, “90’s Paul Rogers” can not be said to have a high degree of attention, does not have quite also be pressed. However, the sound of this work, singing voice is, are we portray the sound world of the “best” in the press about forced.
The singing voice, and the ambition of very successful as a solo, height of maturity of his career. There is an impression of repeated age only in the 90s, but Paul made his debut in the teens, still at that time, “46-year-old”. Plenty of fat survive as a rock singer, it was the exquisite timing that will become the future well as a blues singer. In fact, the singing voice of this work combines the delicacy and wow, drifts sex appeal to turn to sing, burning passion is confined to the manly roar. Even without such production and screaming until Azatoi as David Kavaderu, kidnapping and deep, deep emotion seeps into Komu sing, to be hot and fairly dust in the chest. Indeed, frontier inhospitable to many followers. I think to write as “not even a slight decline”, but it is not a story of far from it. Singing voice of this dimension, that what obtained from continued singing in the front lines up to 40 generations. Vaud Cali THEY tion also said the carrier climax is I roar over the full length.
Also, the great balance of the song selection. Although the visit to Japan of the 1993 cover of Muddy Waters and Jimi Hendrix had become the main axis, where Jimi Hendrix-zero, the specific gravity is a jerk and the inclination to FREE and BAD COMPANY, more than half the repertoire of both band It has become. It was also good cover fondness plenty of Jimi Hendrix, also songs of Jimi guitar songs. Have song and Madi of blues what, those that appropriate to “Takumi of-delicious” of Paul. Paul was repeatedly visited Japan and in 1993, 1996, 1997, 1993, the inclination is to cover specific gravity, 1997 new “NOW” has been Fichua. Also in the 90s that was the most shining as a solo, was the most “THE BEST OF PAUL RODGERS” is, it was this in 1996.
Or even Paul himself there was a sense of fulfillment, this period is also the official “LIVE AT MONTREUX 1994” and “LIVE: THE LORELEY TAPES,” such as live album was also the barrage. However, “Bad Company” and “Standing Around Crying”, still at that time new song “Over Loaded” was unpublished does not hear either that. Of course, 100% students this is why the “breathing” also.

No matter filled with rock history is how “skillful singer” or “Star”, here until the Todorokaseru the singing voice of deep soul, no other place Paul Rodgers that person. The time that has been the most shining as a solo in the pole of career, one that I was filled with “the most shine song”. Though it is high quality enough to be aligned with the official of the live album, 2 sheets set to surpass much in vividness. The Japan of superb singing voice that has wielded the atmosphere. By all means, you also please bathed in the whole body.

「極上」。まさに極上の本生100%のヴォーカル・アルバムが登場です。本作の主役は、かの名手ポール・ロジャース。ギタリストなら誰もが組みたがり、シンガーであれば誰もが羨むノドを持つ、シンガーの中のシンガー。彼のキャリアは山も谷もありましたが、ソロシンガーとして最も輝いていたのは、「MUDDY WATER BLUES: A TRIBUTE TO MUDDY WATERS」でカムバックを果たしてから数年間でしょう。その「MUDDY WATER BLUES」の直後にも日本を訪れたポールですが、本作に収められているのは、1996年の再来日ツアーから「7月6日札幌公演」を収めたオーディエンス・アルバム。完全未発表のオリジナル・マスターからダイレクトにCD化された1本です。
そのサウンドは、まさに「極上」。録音家から直接提供されたのでオーディエンス録音に間違いありませんが、ダビング・ゼロの鮮度はもちろんのこと、クリア極まる空気感、間近なダイレクト感はもはや「ラインか、客席か」といった録音方法の違いを超えている。ギターのピッキング・ニュアンス、ドラムの打音1つひとつに至るまで克明で、バランスも理想的。そんじょそこらの高音質ではなく、普通にオーディエンス録音を聴いている程度では、ちょっと体験できないレベルなのです。そして、なんと言ってもポールのヴォーカリゼイションが耳の中で歌っているかのように生々しい。FREEやBAD COMPANY、THE FIRMならいざ知らず、“90年代のポール・ロジャース”は注目度が高いとは言えず、プレスされることもなかなかありません。しかし、本作のサウンドは、歌声は、プレスせざるを得ないほどに「極上」の音世界を描き出しているのです。
また、選曲のバランスも素晴らしい。1993年の来日ではマディ・ウォーターズやジミ・ヘンドリックスのカバーが主軸となっていましたが、ここではジミヘンはゼロで、FREEやBAD COMPANYに比重がグッと傾き、半分以上がこの両バンドのレパートリーになっている。思い入れたっぷりのジミヘンのカバーも良かったですが、やはりジミの曲はギター曲。持ち歌やマディのブルースこそ、ポールの“巧さ・美味さ”に相応しいというもの。1993年・1996年・1997年と来日を繰り返したポールですが、1993年はカバーに比重が傾き、1997年は新作「NOW」がフィーチュアされました。ソロとして一番輝いていた90年代でも、もっとも“THE BEST OF PAUL RODGERS”だったのは、この1996年だったのです。
ポール自身にも充実感があったのか、この時期はオフィシャルでも「LIVE AT MONTREUX 1994」や「LIVE: THE LORELEY TAPES」といったライヴアルバムも連発していました。しかし、「Bad Company」や「Standing Around Crying」、さらに当時未発表だった新曲「Over Loaded」はそのどちらでも聴けない。もちろん、本生100%だからこその“息づかい”も。


Disc 1 (47:50)
1. Intro. 2. Louisiana Blues 3. Little Bit Of Love 4. Be My Friend 5. Member Introduction
6. Feel Like Makin’ Love 7. Over Loaded 8. Muddy Water Blues 9. Hoochie Coochie Man
10. Rollin’ Stone 11. I’m Ready

Disc 2 (47:41)
1. Wishing Well 2. Mr. Big 3. Fire And Water 4. The Hunter 5. Bad Company
6. Can’t Get Enough 7. All Right Now 8. Standing Around Crying

Paul Rodgers – Guitar, Vocals Geoff Whitehorn – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jaz Lochrie – Bass, Backing Vocals Jim Copley – Drums


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