Paul McCartney & Wings / Unsurpassed Masters / 2CD With OBI Strip

Paul McCartney & Wings / Unsurpassed Masters / 2CD With OBI Strip/ Secret Garden

Unsurpassed Masters Vol.1 And Vol.2. Digitally Remastered

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There are no such decisive factors as factors of the dissolution of the Beatles, and there are only things that various factors have become involved and it collapsed. One of the factors is the difference in posture as a musician. For Paul who was conscious of doing as a professional in the future than before his debut, John and others have a sense of leaving themselves to the nature’s progress. Paul is still in his twenties at the dissolution of the Beatles and is too young to retire. I decide to create a new band again. There would have been no one who questioned the success of Paul McCartney’s solo career, but it was hard to say that the departure was sailing around in a somewhat full sail. Whether it was possible to form a fashionable super band at the time by recruiting famous musicians if there was a celebrity and personal connections like Paul, although they had joined Demon Rain’s keyman, others gathered almost unnamed musicians, The wife Linda who had no deaf or musical training was put on the keyboard.

Immediately after the Beatles dissolution Paul has released two solo albums. “McCartney” in the extension of the house record and “RAM” in the band format. Paul is conducting an audition of participating musicians especially when recording “RAM”. This is not just an audition, it seems that it was also a member selection for forming a new band. Denny Shiwell of the successfully passed drums “I felt Paul felt like something like some kind of” preparedness “later,” I recall later. It was Wings that was formed in such a way.

The purpose of Paul ‘s formation of wings is to create an album, go out for a tour, and have a permanent band to go on tour. That is Wings. Although I have gone on tour as soon as the first album “Wild Life” is released, I can not deny the less of the repertoire, I played the same song twice, played a cover song, and the completed stage of the later year It was in a state of fumble that was very different. But Paul’s talent can not be hidden, and the second album “Red Rose Speedway” as Wings is a very beautiful masterpiece.

Anyway, Wings of the initial movement is Paul’s enthusiasm which is similar to impatience, I feel Paul’s enthusiasm to make album production and live in parallel, bring up wings to a band comparable to the Beatles in a short time It was a hot season. The aforementioned second name album “Red Rose Speedway” spends half a year recording, there are materials for two albums, and it condensed it and it became a form which we now know. Again, this fact can also be said that the young Paul at this time is a time when it was burning with the motivation for creation as it was floated by fever. This work is a collection of studio outtakes of early wings with the period of “Red Rose Speedway” around.

【DISC 1】
This disk corresponds to Volume 1 of Answer Past Masters. The studio out take of the album “Red Rose Speedway” is the main part of the first half. “Big Barn Bed” is the opening number which marks the opening of the album. The early take is still recorded here. The skeleton of a song that spins lyrics in accordance with riff has already been completed, and it is probably the process of singing and making arrangements like this. Vocal is a single track, you can listen with very vivid vocals with no effect applied. Although the ending is complete rather than fade out, it is not about neat, and it seems that it was a feeling that because the final take is fade anyway.

“The Mess” has been released as a B version of the single “My Love” in the Hague performance in the Netherlands, but here is the unreleased studio version that is recorded. The impression has changed considerably compared with the lively live version, and it is understood that it is a song made as a hard-rock approach as the main of guitar riff. It is a bass phrase in the break part and a heavy bass piano inserted in the middle, it is a song that makes you feel the unique air around this time.

“When The Night” is a rough mix, although the take itself is the same, the ending is recorded until the end. “Single Pigeon” is a different take, there is no chase after chase after being added to the final version, it is a pole piano playing version of Paul. The vocals are very vivid, mixes that are on the front are done, and it will be unbearable to the fans. “Thank You Darling” is an unreleased song whose recording was eventually ended. Paul is in charge of vocals, and Linda is putting a cocky hand in hand, but the taste of Denny Rain is strong in music.

“Mary Had A Little Lamb” is Wings’ second single. Paul pointed out borrowing from a nursery rhyming song titled “The name of my daughter is Mary and she keeps a sheep.” It is suggested that the first single was “peace in Ireland” and the second single, followed by popular songs, was a time when the direction was not fixed. By the way, the 3rd single was “Hi Hi Hi” so the fans at that time would have been perplexed. The take recorded here is almost Linda


ビートルズ解散直後、ポールは2枚のソロアルバムをリリースした。ハウスレコードの拡張では “マッカートニー”、バンド形式では “RAM”。 Paulは、特に “RAM”を録音するときに、参加するミュージシャンのオーディションを行っています。これは単なるオーディションではなく、新しいバンドを作るためのメンバーの選択だったようです。デニー・シーウェルが成功したドラムの “私は後に何らかの”準備 “のようなものを感じました。そんな形で結成されたのは翼だった。

ポールの翼の形成の目的は、アルバムを作り、ツアーに出かけ、ツアーに行く永久的なバンドを持つことです。それは翼です。最初のアルバム「Wild Life」がリリースされるとすぐにツアーに行きましたが、私はレパートリーの少ないことを否定することはできません。同じ曲を2回演奏し、カバーソングを演奏し、非常に異なった騒ぎの状態にあった。しかしポールの才能は隠されることはできません。そして、翼のようなセカンドアルバム “Red Rose Speedway”はとても美しい傑作です。


01. Big Barn Bed
02. The Mess
03. When The Night
04. Single Pigeon
05. Thank You Darling
06. Mary Had A Little Lamb
07. Loup
08. Tragedy
09. Seaside Woman
10. Wild Life
11. Little Woman – C Moon
12. Maybe I’m Amazed
13. My Love
14. Live And Let Die
15. Go Now


01. Bridge Over The River Suite
02. The Back Seat Of My Car
03. Best Friend
04. Mama’s Little Girl
05. Hey Diddle
06. A Love For You
07. I Would Only Smile
08. Tragedy
09. Long Haired Lady – Love Is Long
10. Sunshine Sometime
11. Rode All Night
12. Night Out
13. Seaside Woman

とにかく、最初の動きの翼は、焦りと似ているポールの熱意です。私はポールのアルバム制作に熱意を感じて、並行して生きていて、短時間でビートルズに匹敵するバンドに翼を持ち出します。前述のセカンドアルバム「レッドロースピードウェイ」は、半年の録音時間を費やし、2枚のアルバム用の素材があり、それを凝縮して、今知っている形になった。再び、この事実は、現時点の若いパウロは、熱が浮かび上がって創造の動機をもって燃えている時代であるとも言えます。この作品は、 “赤いローズスピードウェイ”の周りに初期の翼のスタジオアウトテイクのコレクションです。

【DISC 1】
このディスクはAnswer Past Mastersの第1巻に対応しています。アルバム「Red Rose Speedway」のスタジオ・アウトは上半期の主要部分です。 「Big Barn Bed」は、アルバムのオープニングを飾るオープニングナンバーです。初期のテイクはまだここに記録されています。リフに基づいて歌詞をスピンする曲のスケルトンはすでに完成しており、おそらくこのような歌と手配のプロセスです。ボーカルはシングルトラックなので、非常に鮮やかなヴォーカルでエフェクトをかけずに聴くことができます。エンディングはフェードアウトではなく完結していますが、それはきちんとしているわけではなく、最終テイクがとにかく消えてしまうからです。

「The Mess」は、オランダのHague公演でシングル「My Love」のBバージョンとしてリリースされましたが、未発表のスタジオバージョンが収録されています。印象は活発なライブバージョンと比べてかなり変化しており、それはギターリフのメインとしてハードロックのアプローチとして作られた曲であることが理解される。ブレークパートのベースフレーズで、中に重いベースピアノが挿入されています。今回はユニークな空気を感じさせる曲です。

「The Night」がラフ・ミックスの場合、テイク自体は同じですが、エンディングは最後まで記録されます。 “Single Pigeon”は別のテイクで、最終バージョンに追加された後に追いかけて追いかけることはありません。それはPaulのポールピアノ演奏です。ボーカルは非常に鮮やかで、フロントのミックスが行われているので、ファンには耐えられません。 「Thank You Darling」は、録音が終わった未発表の曲です。ポールはボーカルを担当しており、リンダは手の込んだ手を握っているが、Denny Rainの味は音楽に強い。

Secret Garden.SGCD-60/61

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