Paul McCartney & Wings / TV Show James Paul McCartney Definitive Edition / 2DVD

Paul McCartney & Wings / TV Show James Paul McCartney Definitive Edition / 2DVD / Non Label

Extended Version / Japanese Broadcast Version (Huge Upgrade!!!!)

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Super-standard video “JAMES PAUL McCARTNEY” that captured the appearance of early Wings. Originally there was only a TV show and it was recorded many times in the age of records, and from the 1990s video upgrades on video and DVD heated up. Above all, LIGHTHOUSE, which was released 15 years ago from now on, records this video with quality suitable for the DVD age, and it has been penetrated enough to be uploaded entirely on YouTube as a definitive and staple item was. In 2018, the official DVD was finally realized in the form of being incorporated into the Super Deluxe Edition of the album “RED ROSE SPEEDWAY”. It seems that all the past items have been buried.
However, if you open the lid, only the “Bluebird” scene will be cut from the pole-playing corner. This unfortunate edit alone is enough to get a backdrop, but what was more serious was the afterimages that were occurring everywhere. This is caused by the numerical value of the frame rate when converting video images to DVD, and where it should normally be 60 fps, it is called “JAMES PAUL McCARTNEY” (hereinafter “JPM”) of Super Deluxe Edition ) Was a phenomenon that happened because it was converted to DVD at 30 fps.
I’m sorry, I don’t know much about the technical aspects of DVDs … I don’t think there are many of them, so to sum up, I didn’t convert vintage video footage into DVDs in an appropriate state.

マ After all, it was a long-awaited release, and the geeks around the world immediately noticed the discomfort that had occurred. The PAL video master owned by Lord Reith, a male of the Beetle mania, was released on the net. Certainly, this is a stunning thing that does not have the afterimage like the Super Deluxe Edition version, yet it erases the time code that seems to be on the screen neatly.
Time code erasing technology has been a favorite method among enthusiasts for just about 10 years, but during that time the technology has evolved and the natural erasure here is really amazing. Barely disappeared in the explosion around the end of “Live And Let Die”. The rest is really neat and can be enjoyed without stress, along with the problem of afterimages.
In addition, “Hi, Hi, Hi” broadcast only in the UK version of JPM is also inserted. Of course, there is a slight drop in image quality compared to the main video, but still the past version, which is much clearer than the version seen with the LIGHTSPEED bonus, etc. But it is true.

However, even in the case of Lord Reith, the pole playing narration scene had a big disadvantage that “Bluebird” was not recorded. So, for this release, patch this scene from the “LIGHTSPEED” version. This is surprisingly natural and beautifully adjusted, and if you look at it at a glance, you may not notice the wind that changed the source.
And the phenomenon that causes the afterimage of the problem is easy to understand when you look at the piano song corner from “Little Woman Love” or the live scene at the end of the program. Above all, the difference is obvious at around “C Moon” in the piano song corner. In the Super Deluxe Edition, afterimages have occurred, but in this version it is much suppressed and easy to see. That’s the state of the original video.

Furthermore, the second disc contains the Japanese broadcast version of JPM, which was broadcast as part of the “One Man Show in the World”. In the early 1970’s, U-Matic videotape, a color video deck for home use that was only available to rich people at the time, was released more than 10 years ago and recorded that video that surprised enthusiasts around the world. After that, it was released to the package that was promoted to the press DVD, but this time, the video was remastered again and the sound was replaced, so that it can be enjoyed with clear sound quality comparable to the overseas broadcast version.
と After all, the impact of the original editing of subtitles with a strong translation in the whole, as well as the bold cut of the narration section and the scene returning to Liverpool, has not faded yet. The Japanese broadcast version full of Showa sensation is really delicious. And recently, it was also found that the JPM announcement after the performance of the “Big Barn Bed” was a different take from the overseas version (the Japanese version is a little gentler tone), such as value for not only Japan but also enthusiasts around the world A literal JPM Definitive Edition coupled to an alternate version!

初期ウイングスの姿を捉えた超定番映像「JAMES PAUL McCARTNEY」。元がTVショーだけあってレコードの時代には何度も音盤化され、1990年代からはビデオやDVDでの映像アップグレードが白熱しました。中でも今から15年前にリリースされたLIGHTHOUSEならぬ「LIGHTSPEED」はDVD時代に相応しいクオリティにて本映像を収録しており、決定版かつ定番アイテムとしてYouTube上にも丸ごとアップロードされるほどの浸透ぶりでした。それが2018年、アルバム「RED ROSE SPEEDWAY」のスーパーデラックス・エディションに組み込まれる形で遂にオフィシャルDVD化が実現。これで過去のすべてのアイテムが葬り去られたかに思えたもの。
ところが、いざ蓋を開けてみればポール弾き語りコーナーから「Bluebird」のシーンだけがカット。この残念な編集だけでも肩透かしを食らうに十分ですが、それ以上に深刻だったのが随所で生じていた残像。これはビデオ映像をDVD化する際、フレームレートの数値によっておこるもので、通常であればそれを60fpsにすべきところを、スーパーデラックス・エディションの「JAMES PAUL McCARTNEY」(以下”JPM”と称します)は30fpsでDVD化されてしまっていたが故に起きた現象だったのです。

何しろ待望のリリースだっただけに、そこで生じている違和感を世界中のマニアがすぐに気付いてしまった。そこでビートル・マニア界の雄、Lord Reithが所有していたPAL版ビデオ・マスターをネット上に公開。確かにこちらはスーパーデラックス・エディション版のような残像感がなく、それでいて画面の上に入っていたと思われるタイムコードを綺麗に消し去ってみせたという見事なもの。
タイムコード消しの技術はちょうど10年ほど前からマニアの間で好んで行われる手法となっていますが、その間にテクノロジーが進化、ここでの自然な消去ぶりは本当に驚き。かろうじて「Live And Let Die」が終わって爆発した辺りで消した跡が映ってしまった程度。残りは本当にきれいに消えており、例の残像の問題と併せてストレスなく鑑賞できるようになっているのです。
おまけにJPMのUKバージョンだけで放送された「Hi, Hi, Hi」もインサートしてくれている。もっとも、そこは映像本編と比べると少しだけ画質が落ちてしまうのですが、それでも過去のバージョン、それこそ「LIGHTSPEED」のボーナスで見られたバージョンなどよりも格段にクリアーな画質となっているのが流石。

ただしLord Reithですらポール弾き語りシーンは「Bluebird」が未収録という大きな欠点があったのです。そこで今回のリリースに際し、この場面を「LIGHTSPEED」バージョンからパッチ。これが驚くほど自然かつキレイにアジャストされており、パッと見た感じだとソースが変わった風には気付かないのでは。
そして問題の残像が生じる現象に関しては「Little Woman Love」からのピアノ・ソング・コーナー、あるいは番組終盤のライブ・シーンで見比べると解りやすい。中でもピアノ・ソング・コーナーでの「C Moon」辺りで違いが一目瞭然。スーパーデラックス・エディションではユラユラと残像が生じてしまっていたのですが、それが今回のバージョンではずっと抑えられていて見やすい。これこそが元のビデオの状態なのですね。

何と言っても全体を通しての意訳ぶりが強烈な字幕、さらには弾き語りコーナーやリバプールに帰郷した場面を大胆にカットした仕上がりという独自編集のインパクトは未だに色褪せていない。昭和感に満ちた日本放送バージョンは実に味わい深いものがある。そして最近になって「Big Barn Bed」演奏後に入るJPMアナウンスが海外版とは別テイクということも判明(日本版の方が少し穏やかな口調)するなど、わが国だけでなく世界中のマニアとっても価値のあるオルタネイト・バージョンまでカップリングした、文字通りのJPMデフィニティブ・エディション!

Disc 1(55:03)
Extended Version

1. Introduction
2. Big Barn Bed
3. Acoustic Medley (Blackbird/Bluebird/Michelle/Heart Of The Country)
4. Mary Had A Little Lamb
5. Little Woman Love/C Moon
6. My Love
7. Uncle Albert
8. Pub Scene
9. Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance
10. Live And Let Die
11. A Beatles Medley
12. The Mess
13. Maybe I’m Amazed
14. Hi, Hi, Hi
15. Long Tall Sally
16. Yesterday

Disc 2(40:02)
Japanese Broadcast Version

1. Big Barn Bed
2. Mary Had A Little Lamb
3. Little Woman Love/C Moon
4. My Love
5. Uncle Albert
6. Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance
7. Live And Let Die
8. A Beatles Medley
9. The Mess
10. Maybe I’m Amazed
11. Long Tall Sally
12. Yesterday





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