Paul McCartney & Wings / Live At Leeds 1973 / 1CD Wx OBI Strip

Paul McCartney & Wings / Live At Leeds 1973 / 1CD Wx OBI Strip / Misterclaudel

Translated text :

Complete recording for one show with high quality sound. Very good tapes with no wearing out. Very rare concert that they played Long tall sally twice in one show.

A very beautiful picture CD pressing, permanent preservation. With Japanese Obi.

This newest release from mistercaludel label is that Wings live at Leeds May 19, 1973 from Paul McCartney Archives. It is from first UK tour since Wings form in 1973, the band was given a warm welcome. The program host was very excited that they are introduced and audience are so fanatic.

The setlist is the songs from Red Rose Speedway that was not released yet then, singles, and songs from Wings Wild Life, and Paul’s 2 Solo albums. and many unreleased songs includes Soily. Paul said they would be put on the next album, so you can imagine what the double album is that was not released.

The sound quality is very fantastic with good balance in each their instruments and vocals , because it was recorded near to the stage. Comparing with the old titles the tapes with much wearing out especially first part, this releases is no wearing out, and high quality sound, very stable pitch. good pace.

This is complete recording from the opening that the program host speaks in to last encores. And most interesting thing is that they played twice Long Tall Sally, because they had not much repertoire. Audience strongly requested more encore, so Wings decided playing same song again. This case is only once that we have never seen in Paul’s entire career. Paul says in interview that they have played same songs in the concert because of less repertoire, this Leeds concert release is verify for it.


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