Paul McCartney & Wings / Wings Greatest Unreleased DCC 24K Gold Disc / 1CD

Paul McCartney & Wings / Wings Greatest Unreleased DCC 24K Gold Disc / 1CD / Non Label

Unreleased DCC Edition Third Release! This time, the remastered version of Wings Greatest Hits is released on the press!

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Unannounced DCC board release third! This time, the remastered version of Wings Greatest Hits is released on the press!

Steve Hoffman’s unannounced DCC disc remaster was George’s “ALL THING MUST PASS” and Wings ‘”WILD LIFE” which had been released before, but also his best album “WINGS’ GREATEST” CD-R was sold at the site. However, the press CD has been realized with the two-piece set “WINGS GREATEST UNRELEASED” in which the first piece is combined with the rare sound collection with the same song order 5 years ago, and the rare sound and unreleased DCC mastering It has been evaluated by mania that it was well organized.
For this reason, it was originally released for sale, but the previous George and Wings titles became a surprisingly big hit title, but rather respected the same DCC-tic artwork and album format as those ” It was decided that a mania would be calling for a single release of “WINGS ‘GREATEST”. In particular, George’s “ATMP” recorded a best-seller, and “WILD LIFE” has also been renewed from the sticker number 100 series to DCC-style artwork, which is also very popular.

So this is the release to be realized, but in fact, the DCC version of “WINGS ‘GREATEST”, the CD-R for sale by hand was different from other albums. The title was released in the name of the same best, but after the song was different, there were some songs that were not recorded in the best body. The opening was “Every Night”.
It was recorded after being reassembled into the best song order and content in “WINGS GREATEST UNRELEASED”, but of course it is not for the rest of the songs to be reordered in the song order for “WIngs’ greateST” It distributes in the form of that, and it is recorded in the form which made use of all of DCC remaster CD-R. It is inferred from the selection of songs and songs different from the actual best that the best DCC version of this book ended in a plan collapse before the release was embodied in more than other albums.
As Hoffman, it was not from the album master of “WINGS ‘GREATEST” to make “WINGS’ GREATEST” DCC version, but he showed a commitment to go back to the original master tape of each song of younger tape generation rather than mastering work Although it was good, it seems that it was at the stage of re-mastering the singles of the Wings era together rather than the word “WINGS ‘GREATEST” from the fact that it took a stop to release.

Of course, the effect of DCC remastering by Hoffman is huge, too, and you can enjoy the sound quality with plenty of analog feeling on CD. For example, “Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey” etc. was originally a song with a warm recording condition, but here the rounded sound quality looks like it’s finally wrapped up. The finish that overflows with such an analog feeling seems to be a face of DCC remaster. On the other hand, the single song “Junior’s Farm”, which was the highlight of the release that was recorded in the best of this book, is a very attractive point that Paul’s buzzing and buzzing basses are reproduced with a disgusting force.
And while recent best albums such as “WINGSPAN” and “PURE McCARTNEY” were recorded in the short version of the radio called DJ Edit with “With A Little Luck”, this is recorded in the full version. It is one of the charms of being there.

And more than anything, it was released in the 1970s, that the best album of the Nostalgia that was put together in a single piece of Wings main selection song will be released in a natural, warmy analogy rich DCC remaster and DCC-like package Is the biggest aim this time.
Of course, the finish of the current remaster is also very good, but the finish of the DCC remaster who is particular about bringing back the sense of analog thoroughly with CD is really wonderful. You can either make a loud sound from the speakers or listen carefully with your headphones. Please follow the two titles of the unreleased remastered past that became the bestseller, and be sure to collect it!


スティーブ・ホフマンによる未発表DCCディスク・リマスターはこれまでにリリースされてきたジョージの「ALL THING MUST PASS」やウイングスの「WILD LIFE」がありましたが、さらにベストアルバム「WINGS’ GREATEST」も彼のサイトにてCD-Rが手売りされていました。ただしこちらは5年前に一枚目が同じ曲順のレア音源集と組み合わせた二枚組「WINGS GREATEST UNRELEASED」でプレスCD化が実現しており、なおかつ全体を通してレア音源と未発表DCCマスタリングが上手くまとまっていたことがマニアから評価されていたもの。
それ故に当初は発売を見送っていたのですが、先のジョージやウイングスのタイトルが意外なほどの大ヒットタイトルとなってしまい、むしろそれらと同じDCCチックなアートワークとアルバムのフォーマットを尊重した「WINGS’ GREATEST」単体リリースを求める声がマニアから寄せられることとなったのです。特にジョージの「ATMP」はベストセラーを記録しましたし、「WILD LIFE」もステッカーナンバー100番台からDCC風アートワークにリニューアルしたところ、これがまた大好評。

そこで実現する今回のリリースなのですが、実はDCCバージョンの「WINGS’ GREATEST」手売りCD-Rは他のアルバムと事情が違っていたのです。タイトルこそ同ベストの名の下でリリースされていましたが、曲目が違っていた挙句、ベスト本体には収録されていなかった曲がいくつか収録されていたのです。何とオープニングは「Every Night」でした。
それが「WINGS GREATEST UNRELEASED」においてはベストの曲順と内容に組み直された上で収録されていたのですが、今回は「WIngs’ greateST」の曲順に組み直すのはもちろん、残りの曲はボーナスという形で振り分けて、DCCリマスターCD-Rのすべてを活かしきった形で収録しています。その選曲や実際のベストとは違った曲目から、本ベストのDCCバージョンは他のアルバム以上にリリースが具体化する前に企画倒れで終わってしまったことが推測されます。
ホフマンとしては「WINGS’ GREATEST」DCCバージョンを作るべく「WINGS’ GREATEST」のアルバム・マスターからではなく、よりテープジェネレーションの若い各曲の大元マスターテープまでさかのぼりマスタリング作業を行うこだわりを見せていたまではよかったものの、リリースにストップがかかってしまったことから実際には「WINGS’ GREATEST」というよりも、ウイングス時代のシングル曲をまとめてリマスターしたという段階だったのではと思われます。

もちろん今回もホフマンによるDCCリマスターの効果は絶大で、CDでアナログ感たっぷりな音質を味わえます。例えば「Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey」などは元々が温かみのある録音状態の楽曲でしたが、ここではいよいよ包まれるかのような丸みを帯びた音質が絶品。こうしたアナログ感に溢れた仕上がりはDCCリマスターの面目躍如かと。一方、本ベストに収録されていたことがリリース当時の目玉でもあったシングル曲「Junior’s Farm」ではポールのブンブンと唸るベースが嫌味のない迫力をもって再現されている点も大変に魅力的。
そして「WINGSPAN」や「PURE McCARTNEY」といった近年のベストアルバムが「With A Little Luck」をことごとくDJエディットと呼ばれるラジオ用ショートバージョンで収録されていたのに対し、こちらはフルバージョンで収録してくれているのも魅力の一つだといえます。



1. Another Day 2. Silly Love Songs 3. Live And Let Die 4. Junior’s Farm 5. With A Little Luck
6. Band On The Run 7. Uncle Albert – Admiral Halsey 8. Hi Hi Hi 9. Let ‘Em In
10. My Love 11. Jet 12. Mull Of Kintyre

Bonus Tracks
13. Every Night 14. Maybe I’m Amazed 15. Tomorrow 16. Little Woman Love 17. Helen Wheels

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