Paul McCartney & Wings / Goodnight Tonight Long Version / 1CDR

Paul McCartney & Wings / Goodnight Tonight Long Version / 1CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Taken from UK 12 inch single (Parlophone 12 YR 6023/12Y R6023)


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I was sweeping the pop scene in the late 1970s or trying to not say anything at the disco music. Disco was also the central presence of youth culture around the world. Its boom Stones Miss Yu to spread to ’78 to lock, Rod Stewart announced the I’m sexy, became a big hit, each shining in the US chart first place. We will announce the Goutte Night Tonight as singles to whether March 79 showed an interest in such in Paul also the disco sound. Just do chart basis because it was slightly delayed announcement from the disco heyday it was not a 5-position and the big hit in the US, the UK both. In addition, there is also the first work of this single is newly two members (guitar Lawrence Juba and drum Steve Holly) Shinsei Wings name that subscription, and Paul in this two, Linda, is five Denny result in I was the last face that make up the Wings.

Those introduce using the UK Original the 12 inches version of such Goutte Night Tonight is the time of the gift items. 7 the inch version and compare and has been recorded about three minutes long, it is an attractive 12-inch unique. Two songs of this single board had been recorded on separate album when the CD of. Also I think this 12 inches version is still become a very valuable gift items are not physical on CD. Also not 12 inches launch of the domestic record, UK panel that has been imported by the manufacturer had been distributed in Japan.

Of course Conde tion of which was used this time disk uses those mint and matrices of both sides 1U. Please enjoy by all means in the sound of Paul flow disco sound a 12-inch single unique. Contact This is the advice of gift items!
70年代後半にポップスシーンを席巻したのは何と言ってもディスコミュージックではないしようか。ディスコが世界中の若者カルチャーの中心的存在でもありました。そのブームはロックにも波及し78年にはストーンズはミス・ユー、ロッド・スチュワートはアイム・セクシーを発表し、それぞれが全米チャート1位に輝く大ヒットとなりました。そんな中ポールもこのディスコサウンドに興味を示したのか79年3月にシングル盤としてグットナイト・トゥナイトを発表します。ただディスコ最盛期から僅かに遅れた発表だったためかチャート的には全米・全英共に5位と大ヒットとはなりませんでした。またこのシングルは新たに2人のメンバー(ギターのローレンス・ジューバーとドラムのスティーヴ・ホリー )が加入した新生ウイングス名義の初の作品でもあり、そしてこの2人にポール、リンダ、デニーの5人が結果的にはウイングスを構成する最後のメンツになりました。



1. Goodnight Tonight (Long Version) 2. Daytime Nightime Suffering

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