Paul McCartney & Wings / Frankfurt Special / 2CD WX OBI Strip

Paul McCartney & Wings / Frankfurt Special /2CD WX OBI Strip/Misterclaudel

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Offenbach Halle, Frankfurt, West Germany 19th July 1972 Digitally Remastered

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After the dissolution of the Beatles, Paul decides to form a new band and go on tour to clear the differences of opinion among the members over the live activity which became the cause of dissolution. The first stage after the dissolution of the Beatles is 1972. It was after about 2 years of abduction period. In the meantime, I will release a new song that has been warming up since get-back session as a solo album, on the premise of going on a tour in the near future, steadily progressing the session / musician’s audition with new band candidate in mind in mind I was advancing.

The first solo album “McCartney” was full of attractive songs such as “frustration of love” and “junk”, but it is a gem stone of a diamond to the last, it is sublimated to emit dazzling light as it is now There was nothing. Even the apple is said to have been told that “Paul is wasting talent.” However, “Ram” following “McCartney” which was a home recording was occupied by a complete band sound, it also made a number one single song in the United States, now it has a high rating of a masterpiece. And a band newly formed based on the recording member of this “lamb” was WINGS. Wings’ first album “WINGS WILD LIFE” was released in 1971.

It was in 1972 that Wings, led by Paul, entered a full-fledged tour. In July and August of 1972 we toured tours of European countries by tour bus. It turned out that the set list is slightly different in July and August, and the 19 Frankfurt Frank performances recorded in this work are the first legs. The feature of this first leg is in the opening number. It will be opened with “Bip Bop” recorded “WINGS WILD LIFE”. And the second following song is from the album “RAM” to “Smile Away”. Although it is a set list which can not be thought at all now, therefore, this rare set list has become a charm of the live of this era.

Paul who was aiming for success as a band initially called his name on the band name, and simply called “wings”. And, at this time, I only released a single album and a few single songs as a band, but I had less overwhelming songs. Therefore, the set list included songs and cover songs released in a solo album, such as Paul McCartney ‘s name and wings’ band is inseparable as well as fans’ recognition is also exposed to contradictions. Also at Angkor, “Sapporo Sally” is playing, but this will be a reply to Paul to the fans seeking a wonderful Beatles to Wings. There is resistance to playing the Beatles song, but if it is a cover, the same song that concluded the end of the concert in the Beatles era, the wings’ concert will also close.

The interesting part of this tour is that there are many unpublished songs up to the present and many songs that have not yet been released have been played at this time. Wings’ second album is “Red Rose Speedway”, which was released in 1973. However, at this point in 1972, you can see that “My Love” has already been played in an important position at the end of the concert. Moreover, the unreleased music which was omitted in the process where the same album which was supposed to be originally planned to be two pieces is condensed and which was supposed to be circulated as “COLD CUTS” later has already been played on the stage as a new song at this time It is interesting that it is. Mainly songs recorded in “Lamb” and “Wild Life”, and furthermore, unreleased “Red Rose Speedway” songs at this time, unpublished songs that were scheduled to be included in the album The tour of this era is composed. There are many songs that probably will never play twice, and it is a live packed with a youthful and rough rough atmosphere of the early wings.

And it should be noted that its sound quality. Although this sound source will be the first appearance in this work, it is recorded with high sound quality that you can not believe that it did not come out to the present. As you know an enthusiastic mania, this Frankfurt show has a different sound title before. However, it was inferior in tone quality and incomplete recording, which was a content in its own right. This work is the first appearance, this high quality sound, and the first complete recording, and the title with no more advantage.

Also on bonus tracks are August 20, 1972 Amsterdam Performance “Henry’s Blues” Soundboard Recording, “Complain To The Queen” from Amsterdam Radio Appearance on the same day, and August 21, 1972 The Netherlands perform in a port town in The Hague “1882” as a sound board sound source and “The Mess” as an audience sound source, respectively. “The Mess” of this day is officially released as B side of single “My Love”, and this work is its audience version. Where the official release has been subjected to different edits, the recording is unedited in this work, so it would be fun to listen to what edits are being done. Lastly, on November 27, 1974, Paul and Linda jumped into the concert of Rod Stewart in London and “Mine For Me” was recorded.

1972 July 19 Frankfurt Performance first appearance with the first high-quality sound source first appearance recorded. In addition bonus tracks included the same year’s rare track. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Japanese style attaching.


最初のソロアルバム「マッカートニー」は、「愛の欲求不満」や「ジャンク」のような魅力的な歌でいっぱいでしたが、最後までダイヤモンドの宝石ですが、今のように眩しい光を放つために昇華しました。何もない。リンゴでさえ、「ポールは才能を浪費している」と言われています。しかし、 “マッカートニー”の後に録音された “ラム”は、完全なバンドサウンドで占められ、アメリカでもナンバーワンのシングルソングを作ったが、今では傑作という高い評価を得ている。そして、この “子羊”の記録メンバーに基づいて新たに結成されたバンドがWINGSでした。ウィングスのファーストアルバム「WINGS WILD LIFE」が1971年にリリースされました。

1972年、ポールを率いたウィングスが本格的なツアーに入りました。 1972年の7月と8月に、ツアーバスでヨーロッパ諸国のツアーを見学しました。 7月と8月にセットリストが若干異なり、この作品に収録された19のフランクフルト・フランク公演が最初の足であることが判明しました。この第1脚の特徴は、開口数にある。それは “Bip Bop”が “WINGS WILD LIFE”と記録されて開かれます。次の曲は、アルバム「RAM」から「Smile Away」までの曲です。ですから、今はまったく考えることのできないセットリストですが、このレアセットリストは、この時代のライブの魅力となっています。

バンドとしての成功を目指していたポールは当初、バンド名に彼の名前を呼ばれ、単に「翼」と呼ばれていました。そして、現時点では、シングルアルバムとシングル曲をバンドとしてリリースしていましたが、圧倒的な曲しかありませんでした。そのため、セットリストには、ポールマッカートニーの名前と翼のバンドなどのソロアルバムにリリースされた曲やカバーソングが含まれ、ファンの認識は矛盾にさらされているだけでなく不可分です。また、アンコールでは、「Sapporo Sally」が演奏されていますが、これは素晴らしいBeatles to Wingsを求めているファンに対するPaulの返信になります。ビートルズの曲を弾くことに抵抗がありますが、それがビートルズ時代のコンサートの終わりを告げたのと同じ曲であれば、翼のコンサートも閉まります。

このツアーの興味深い部分は、現在までに未発表の曲が多数あり、まだリリースされていない曲が多いことです。ウィングスの2枚目のアルバムは1973年にリリースされた “Red Rose Speedway”です。しかし、1972年のこの時点で、 “My Love”はコンサートの最後に重要な位置ですでに演奏されています。また、元々2枚と予定されていた同じアルバムが凝縮され、後に “COLD CUTS”として回覧される予定だった未発表曲は、既にステージで演奏されているこの時の新曲それは面白いです。主に “ラム”と “ワイルドライフ”に収録されている曲、さらには未発表の “Red Rose Speedway”の曲がアルバムに含まれる予定だった未発表の曲がこの時代のツアーで構成されています。おそらく二度演奏されることのない曲がたくさんありますが、それは若々しく粗い初期の翼の荒い雰囲気が詰まったライブです。


1972年8月20日、アムステルダム公演「Henry’s Blues」サウンドボード録音、アムステルダムラジオ出演の「Queen to Complain」、1972年8月21日、オランダはハーグの港町「1882 「サウンドボード」の音源、「ザ・メス」を聴衆の音源としています。この日の “The Mess”は、シングル “My Love”のB面として公式にリリースされており、この作品は聴衆のバージョンです。公式リリースが異なる編集を受けた場合、この作品では録音は編集されていないので、編集内容を聞くのは楽しいです。最後に、1974年11月27日、ポールとリンダはロンドンのロッド・スチュワートのコンサートに飛び乗り、「私のために」が記録されました。


Offenbach Halle, Frankfurt, West Germany 19th JULY 1972
01. Bip Bop
02. Smile Away
03. Give Ireland Back To The Irish
04. 1882
05. I Would Only Smile
06. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
07. The Mess
08. The Best Friend
09. Soily
10. I Am Your Singer
11. Say You Do not Mind
12. Henry’s Blues
13. Seaside Woman
14. Wild Life

01. Wild Life
02. My Love (false start)
03. My Love
Maybe I’m Amazed
06. Hi Hi Hi
07. Long Tall Sally

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 20th AUG 1972
08. Henry’s Blues

“POPSMUK” Amsterdam, The Netherland 20th AUG 1972
09 . Complain To The Queen

Concertgebouw, The Hague, The Netherlands 21St AUG 1972
10. 1882
11. The Mess

Odeon Cinema, London, UK27th NOV 1974
12. Mine For Me

Misterclaudel. MCCD-652/653


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