Paul McCartney & Wings / Fly South New Master / 1DVD

Paul McCartney & Wings / Fly South New Master / 1DVD / Non Label
Live at Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia 13th November 1975 PRO-SHOT

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Wings Pro- shot full-length version of November 13 1975 Melbourne tour is released in the highest quality version using core mania owned PAL master new source!

In 1975, Wings is the starting point of the peak tour, and the stage “BIRMINGHAM 1975” has already been released. After that, although the tour to Japan has been transformed into a vision, the video of the Melbourne Tour on November 13 was taken in the last Austrian tour, so the design of the stage of Wings 75 years becomes a professional shot image He was given the honor to be left behind. What has been edited from the live video is also broadcast apology after the cancellation of the performance in Japan, and a version of the video recorded at that time in the video has also been around since ancient times. In this video, it is also the feature of the broadcast that the lyrics of the lyrics are projected in most of the songs, and it seems to be a live video of Wings that is impressive in all senses for Japanese enthusiasts.
At the same time, there are unedited full-length versions of the video shot at this time. Of course, the angle etc. cut is different everywhere from the version broadcast in Japan in the example, and this is rather popular among mania since the 1990s, and it is a full-length version video of the stage of Wings 75 years than anything It would have been useful. And not only the unedited outflow video,
There is also the height of the point that image quality is also good enough, and there are also many mania who have enjoyed this video with DVD and video, and also the Austrian tour for 75 years.

The full-length version of the video kept a high level of image quality as a leaked thing, but it was also a fact that roughness would be anxious at the age of DVD. However, around 2013, an upper version video that can be called just master quality appears among some traders. Furthermore, the version which put the sound of the radio sound source released simultaneously this time based on this version appeared on the net just around 2013. However, radio voice was edited at the time of broadcast and it is incomplete recording, and the songs not recorded there were put together in an omitted form. In other words, despite the fact that the video was a full-length version with improved image quality, it was a digest version matched to the post-recorded radio sound source.
In addition, since the high-quality digest version that appeared in 2013 was assumed to be burned to a double-layer DVD, there were fewer downloaded manias and fewer songs because the file capacity was huge as of that time The upper version of the video that appeared on the internet because of the fact that it was a version of sad luck that was not widely spread. Until now, Melbourne video has become popular with full-length versions combining multiple videos, and I was surprised at the outstanding image quality in the digest version even further. Then I want to see all of the show in the image quality of the upper version … This release is what will fulfill the wishes of such mania.

In the release, the exclusive acquisition of the unedited upper source full-length version PAL system VHS master which only the overseas core mania had. Above all, you will be amazed at the superb clearness of the image quality. The Japanese broadcast version as well as the far clearer image quality without dubbing than the long version that has been around for many years since the age of video is a level sufficient to surprise mania. Furthermore, if the mania seen in the digest version in 2013, it will be thrilled that it is finally possible to see everything in this quality. Of course, with regard to audio, it remains as pure video audio, so you can enjoy the live sound of Wings of 75 years, as well as the roughness directly connected to the sound board. Above all, it is interesting that the sound of the bass played by Denny Rayne and Jimmy Macalachk in turn alternates in a well-balanced manner (that is more than the pole’s bass) when Paul plays the piano. Furthermore, it is not a well-organized balance like the radio sound sources released simultaneously this time, so the point that the lead guitar of Jimmy supporting the peak of Wings is pushed out to the front is also a big attraction.
By the way, most of “You Gave Me The Answer” in the middle of “Yesterday” is a tape change from the middle of “Yesterday” as this master was recorded with 2 tapes for 1 hour as it was clear from the time of the digest version. It is missing, where it has been compensated for by the legacy streaming video by the digest editor. However, this time, since the original VHS master divided into two before supplementation is used, the missing part is newly recreated, and in “Yesterday”, since the image in a better condition is used to compensate, for the same song, The big point is that you can watch it without the discomfort of switching the video source as in the digest version. In addition, the audio of this video missing part was synchronized without a sense of incompatibility using the mix of radio sound source. In addition, there are places where the screen may drop out momentarily with a few songs such as “Lady Madonna”, but these problems may be short time, so make use of the original master and compensate with other versions. I’m not doing that.

More than that, it is only half a year the difference to that Over America tour, but the performance here is totally relaxed (in a good sense) and full of atmosphere. Even the live video of the same Wings has not reached the stage performance stage completed like “Rock Show”, but that is why there is much to be heard. As for the set list, although the “rock show” template has been completed, this band is a development of the original wings, since “Little Woman Love / C Moon” is still being played at this time. It is as if you are insisting that. But it is also interesting that the performance of the same song is surprisingly tighter than the original. Furthermore, it is interesting that Jimmy’s song “Medicine Jar” is taken up at the end of the live and it is interesting that the Wings live version of the single “Junior’s Farm” which is the biggest feature of the 75 year tour played subsequently is a pro shot video & I can enjoy it by sound board recording.
Whether this is a skill that can be achieved in Australia, the cheerful behavior of the members throughout is totally different from “rock show”, in particular Jimmy wanders and moves well. At Encore’s “Soily”, I’m going to get rid of the lead while I’m running to the end (laughs). In the song’s intro, it is rare for Joe English to scream from his microphone and hit fans. Paul, on the other hand, is the song that opens the curtain of the show, making “Rock And Roll At The Hollywood Bowl” a parody of the venue “Mayer Bowl” on the day, and “Yesterday” is the most known song in Australia It is the first service to include a local material called “Waltzing Matilda” with feint. In “My Love”, the camera work in which he and Linda are in one screen is excellent. And if it is an upper version without a complaint, this is a professional shot live image of Wings that can be recommended with confidence to all fans from core to beginners!

★ It is the release with dual layer DVD of single side dual layer in order to realize the best image quality


1975年はウイングスにとって絶頂期ツアーのスタート地点であり、その開始から間もないステージは音盤「BIRMINGHAM 1975」がリリース済。その後、来日公演こそ幻と化してしまったものの、直前に行われたオーストリア・ツアーでは11月13日のメルボルン公演がビデオ撮影されたことから、ウイングス75年のステージの模様がプロショット映像にて後世に残される栄誉を授かりました。そのライブ映像から編集されたものが来日公演の中止後にお詫びも兼ねて放送され、さらに当時の放送をビデオで録画したバージョンも古くから出回っています。この映像では、ほとんどの曲において歌詞の「意訳」が映し出されるのもその放送の特徴で、日本のマニアにとってはあらゆる意味で印象深いウイングスのライブ映像だと思われます。


ちなみにダイジェスト版の時から明らかとなっていたように、このマスターでは1時間テープ2本で記録されたものであるため「Yesterday」の途中から「You Gave Me The Answer」の大半がテープチェンジ箇所で欠落しており、そこではダイジェスト版の編集者によって従来の流出映像で補填されていたものです。しかし今回は補填前の2本に別れた元のVHSマスターを使っているため欠落箇所は新たに作り直し、「Yesterday」においてはより状態の良い映像を使用し補填していますので、同曲に関してはダイジェスト版の時ほど映像ソース切り替えの違和感がなく鑑賞できるのが大きなポイント。また、この映像欠落部分の音声はラジオ音源のミックスを使用して違和感なくシンクロさせました。さらに「Lady Madonna」など数曲で一瞬ながら画面がドロップアウトする箇所もありますが、これらの問題は短い時間であることもあり、元のマスターを活かす形にしてあえて他のバージョンで補填するようなことはしていません。

それ以上に、あのオーバー・アメリカ・ツアーまでわずか半年ちょっとの違いではありますが、ここでの演奏は全体的に(いい意味で)まったりしていて大らかな雰囲気が溢れています。同じウイングスのライブ映像でも「ロック・ショウ」のような完成されたステージ・パフォーマンスの域には達していないのですが、だからこそ聞きどころが多い。セットリストに関しても「ロック・ショウ」の雛形は出来上がっているものの、まだこの時点では「Little Woman Love / C Moon」が演奏されているところから、このバンドはオリジナル・ウイングスの発展形なのですよ、と主張しているかのようでもある。それでいて同曲の演奏がオリジナルより俄然タイトなのがまた面白い。さらにジミーの持ち歌「Medicine Jar」がライブの終盤で取り上げらているのも面白く、続いて演奏された75年ツアー最大の目玉であるシングル「Junior’s Farm」のウイングス・ライブバージョンがプロショット映像&サウンドボード録音にて楽しめるのです。
これはオーストラリアという土地柄が成せる技なのか、全体を通してメンバーの陽気な振る舞いぶりも「ロック・ショウ」とはまるで違っており、中でもジミーがよく喋って動くこと。アンコールの「Soily」に至っては欽ちゃん走りをしながらリードを弾くという離れ業まで(笑)。同曲のイントロではジョー・イングリッシュが自身のマイクから叫んでファンを煽るという場面は珍しい。一方ポールはと言えば、ショウの幕を開ける曲で「Rock And Roll At The Hollywood Bowl」のところを当日の会場「Mayer Bowl」と替え歌にし、「Yesterday」ではオーストラリア国内で最も知られている曲「Waltzing Matilda」をフェイントで歌うというローカルネタを盛り込んだほどのサービスぶり。また「My Love」では彼とリンダが一つの画面に収まったカメラ・ワークが秀逸。そして文句なしのアッパー版とくれば、これはコアな方からビギナーの方まですべてのファンに自信を持っておすすめできるウイングスのプロ・ショットライブ映像です!



1. Venus And Mars / Rock Show 2. Jet 3. Let Me Roll It 4. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
5. Little Woman Love / C Moon 6. Maybe I’m Amazed 7. Lady Madonna 8. The Long And Winding Road
9. Live And Let Die 10. Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me) 11. Richard Cory 12. Bluebird
13. I’ve Just Seen A Face 14. Blackbird 15. Waltzing Matilda / Yesterday 16. You Gave Me The Answer
17. Magneto And Titanium Man 18. Go Now 19. Call Me Back Again 20. My Love
21. Listen To What The Man Said 22. Letting Go 23. Medicine Jar 24. Junior’s Farm
25. Band On The Run 26. Hi, Hi, Hi 27. Soily 28. Finale

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 125min.

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