Paul McCartney & Wings / Fly South Complete Audience Recording / 2CDR

Paul McCartney & Wings / Fly South Complete Audience Recording / 2CDR / Non Label

Live At Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia, 13th November 1975

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The 1975 Melbourne performances to be released this time are not only video and radio broadcasts, but actually there are also audience recordings. To my surprise, the sound quality is also very good. In addition, the audience is extremely quiet and very easy to hear while playing. In the audience recording which captured the live of the quality Taruya 75 years Wings, it can be called the number one. It was ironic that it was the day when the video and soundboard recordings were more in line with it.
However, the video and radio broadcasts are cut between the songs, and it is only this sound source that the entire live is recorded almost completely (there is a cut in front of “Magneto And Titanium Man”). More or less they are less realistic, so the value of a document called recording from this audience can not be stupid. The loose MC among various songs, as well as the intro “Yesterday”, the audience was buzzing like this … It is fully valuable that the air of the place can be felt. Above all, the sound quality is very good. Actually, when the 2017 press CD “BIRMINGHAM 1975” was released, several songs were considered as candidates for the bonus track.

However, the rotation of the tape starts to go wrong from around this sound source, “Go Now” where Denny Lane sings, and it becomes sloppy at the time of the highlight “Junior’s Farm”, and the sound quality itself becomes muddy from the beginning. As it were, there was something tough to release, and I was giving up using it for the bonus of the previous title.
Still, the audience recording of the stage that is famous for video and radio sound source, and also that the sound quality is very good basically, it is compatible with the release with this gift. The problem pitch has been corrected as much as possible, and it has been improved to a much better condition than the original sound source. This trouble does not turn out to be a late maniac sound source, but it is also a day with video and radio sound sources anyway, and it is extremely valuable that the audience recording be itemized.
During Encore, which was completely cut in both, is a scene that is captured only here, and it will be a feature of the audience recording. Therefore it is a gift that can not be overlooked by mania. Besides, it is worth listening to even the part where the recording until the middle is stable! Please try it.

しかし映像やラジオ放送はそれぞれに曲間がカットされており、ライブ全体をほぼ完全に収録(「Magneto And Titanium Man」の前にカットあり)しているのは本音源だけなのです。増してやそれらは臨場感が低いだけに、この客席からの録音と言うドキュメントの価値はバカにできません。様々な曲間におけるゆるめなMCはもちろん、イントロをじらした「Yesterday」で客席はこんな風に沸いていたのだな…という場の空気が感じられるのは十分に貴重。何より音質が非常に良いこともあり、実は2017年のプレスCD「BIRMINGHAM 1975」リリース時、いくつかの曲がボーナストラックの候補に検討されたほどだったのです。

ところがこの音源、デニー・レインが歌う「Go Now」辺りからテープの回転がおかしくなり始め、目玉である「Junior’s Farm」の頃になるとメロメロになってしまい、音質自体も当初より濁ってしまいます。さすがにこれではリリースするに厳しいものがあり、そのせいで先のタイトルのボーナスに使用することを断念したのでした。

Disc 1 (60:34)
1. Venus And Mars / Rock Show 2. Jet 3. Let Me Roll It 4. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
5. Little Woman Love / C Moon 6. Maybe I’m Amazed 7. Lady Madonna 8. The Long And Winding Road
9. Live And Let Die 10. Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me) 11. Richard Cory
12. Bluebird 13. I’ve Just Seen A Face 14. Blackbird 15. Waltzing Matilda / Yesterday

Disc 2 (70:18)
1. You Gave Me The Answer 2. Magneto And Titanium Man 3. Go Now 4. Call Me Back Again
5. My Love 6. Listen To What The Man Said 7. Letting Go 8. Medicine Jar 9. Junior’s Farm
10. Band On The Run 11. Hi, Hi, Hi 12. Soily 13. Finale


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