Paul McCartney & Wings / Detroit 1976 2nd Night / 2CD

Paul McCartney & Wings / Detroit 1976 2nd Night / 2CD / Non Label
Live at Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI, USA 8th May 1976

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The Wings 1976 Tour ultimate audience album “BOSTON 1976” released last week is still a big bestseller, but this time we will release a good audience from the Over America Tour with a limited press CD. It was also great that Boston captured the scene where the Over America tour just started getting on track with the best sound quality, but this time I caught the pattern of the beginning of the Over America tour. That’s May 8th at Detroit.
1976 Detroit has a monophonic audience recording since ancient times, and it was not for everyone. However, a few years ago, that JEMS released the sound source of Detroit 76, which was held twice. This sound source was recorded in stereo, and the freshness and clearness were wonderful, and it was a convincing quality that multiple press CD items that couple both days were produced.
But when I woke up from the excitement that the sound source appeared for the first time, the 7th was actually not as easy to listen to as I thought. The stereo recording and the spread of the sound were also spoiled because the performance was so distant that the image was blurred. In other words, it is an audience recording with a long sound. On the other hand, on the second day, the sound image is much closer than the previous day and it is overwhelmingly easy to hear. Still, the clearness and freshness were outstanding. Therefore, there was a whisper among enthusiasts, saying, “JEMS Detroit 76 should be the second day only?” Certainly it is natural to publish both days in complete as materials. However, as a matter of fact, it is the second day that I want to ask back over and over again.

↑ This week, a limited press CD featuring only the second day of Detroit will be realized. As expected, it is not as close as the sound image of Boston last time, let alone being described as “sound board”. Even so, the unique stereo feeling and the freshness are very easy to hear, and it guarantees that the quality is very enjoyable not only for enthusiasts but also for beginners.
Also, although the JEMS sound source had excellent sound quality, there was a problem that cuts frequently occurred between songs after “Call Me Back Again” ended. Therefore, for the missing part, the full-length version was realized by compensating for the monaural audience first mentioned. Especially when Paul introduces Linda who is MC in “Live And Let Die”, or before “Picasso’s Last Words”, Denny Lane plays the intro phrase (like) of Rolling Stones “Not Fade Away” -The scenes played by the guitar are covered by this compilation. Originally, it was an audience with excellent sound quality, and it is also a sound source with items existing in the past, so this adjustment work is unmissable.

After all, the sound quality is good, and it also conveys the appearance that the atmosphere of the performance is clearly different compared to Boston about two weeks later. Especially impressive is that “Jet” is played at a more relaxed tempo than that time. Is this because it’s been less than a week since the start of the Over America Tour? I want to guess that, but when the next “Let Me Roll It” begins, it is clear why the tempo was more calm than in Boston. Denny was screaming “Sit down!” At the beginning of the song, but the point is that the front of the arena is confusing, and Wings playing in front of it was playing carefully. .
After that, the band is getting more and more tuned, and from the main song to “ Medicine Jar ” where he sings himself, Jimmy McCulloch is telling a play that is burning fire A big highlight in the first half of this sound source You can say that. I think it is a scene where the merits unique to audience recording, which captures the dynamism of the performance that cannot be conveyed by the sound board, are vividly utilized.
And since it is the first half of the tour, it is attractive that Paul’s voice is not hoarse like the famous sound source LA forum on the last day, and his singing singing is heard. The best example of this is “Beware My Love,” which is full of shouts by Paul. In addition, “Soily”, which was not played in the encore of Boston, has also appeared, which has the great merit that you can enjoy the stage as per the set list of the tour. Jimmy’s guitar is groaning here as well, but on this day he was talkative even in some MCs, and his presence was impressive overall. A great audience for the Over America Tour that I would especially recommend to Jimmy fans. After all, the second day of Detroit 76 is the best!

★ Mainly recorded high-quality stereo audience recording, the missing part is filled with monaural audience on the same day. The best edition of the 2nd day performance in Detroit in 1976.

先週リリースされたウイングス1976年ツアー究極のオーディエンス・アルバム「BOSTON 1976」は大ベストセラー続行中ですが、今回もオーバー・アメリカ・ツアーからの優良オーディエンスを限定プレスCDにてリリースいたします。ボストンはオーバー・アメリカ・ツアーが正に軌道に乗り始めた場面を極上音質で捉えていた点がまた偉大だったのですが、今回はオーバー・アメリカ・ツアー序盤の模様をキャッチ。それが今回の5月8日デトロイト公演。

またJEMS音源は音質が優れていた反面「Call Me Back Again」終了後から曲間でカットが頻発するという問題を抱えていました。そこで欠損部に関しては最初に触れたモノラル・オーディエンスを補填することで全長版を実現。中でも「Live And Let Die」でMCを務めるリンダをポールが紹介する場面、あるいは「Picasso’s Last Words」の前にデニー・レインがローリング・ストーンズ「Not Fade Away」のイントロ(のような)フレーズをアコースティック・ギターで鳴らす場面などがこの編集によって網羅されています。元々が音質の優れたオーディエンスですし、なおかつ過去にアイテムの存在する音源でもあります、今回のアジャスト作業に抜かりはありません。

何しろ音質がイイだけに、約二週間後のボストンと比べると演奏の雰囲気がはっきり違う様子も伝わってくる。特に「Jet」はその時と比べてゆったりとしたテンポで演奏されているのが印象的。これはオーバー・アメリカ・ツアーの開始からまだ一週間も経過していないが故の硬さか?と推測してみたくなるのですが、次の「Let Me Roll It」が始まるとなぜボストンよりも落ち着いたテンポだったのかが明らかに。同曲の序盤でデニーが「座れ!」と叫んでいるのですが、要はアリーナ前方が混乱気味であり、それを目の前にしたウイングスが慎重な面持ちで演奏していたということなのですね。
その後はどんどんバンドが調子を上げており、本曲から自身がボーカルをとる「Medicine Jar」まで、ジミー・マカロックが火を吹くようなプレイを聞かせてくれている点は本音源前半における大きな聞きどころだと言えるでしょう。サウンドボードでは伝えきれない演奏のダイナミズムを生々しいほどに捉えてくれているという、オーディエンス録音ならではのメリットが最大限に活かされている場面だと思います。
そしてツアー前半ですので、最終日の有名音源LAフォーラムのようにポールの声が嗄れてしまうこともなく、彼の絶好調の熱唱が聞かれるのも魅力。その最たる例が「Beware My Love」で、ポールによる全開のシャウトが圧巻。またボストンのアンコールでは演奏されなかった「Soily」も登場し、ちゃんとツアーのセットリスト通りのステージが楽しめるというメリットも大きい。ここでもジミーのギターが唸りを上げているのですが、この日はいくつかのMCにおいても彼が饒舌であるなど、全体的に彼の存在感が印象的な一日。ジミーのファンには特に推したいオーバー・アメリカ・ツアーの優良オーディエンス。やっぱりデトロイト76は二日目がベスト!



Disc 1 (67:48)
01. Intro
02. Venus And Mars
03. Rock Show
04. Jet
05. Let Me Roll It
06. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
07. Medicine Jar
08. Maybe I’m Amazed
09. Call Me Back Again ★5:19 – 5:41 補填
10. Lady Madonna
11. The Long And Winding Road ★4:20 – 4:52 補填
12. Live And Let Die ★3:57 – 4:19 補填
13. Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me)
14. Richard Cory
15. Bluebird
16. I’ve Just Seen A Face
17. Blackbird
18. Yesterday

Disc 2 (61:19)
1. You Gave Me The Answer
2. Magneto And Titanium Man ★3:47 – 3:57 補填
3. My Love
4. Listen To What The Man Said ★3:23 – 3:49 補填
5. Let ‘Em In ★3:56 – 最後まで
6. Time To Hide ★0:00 – 0:08
7. Silly Love Songs
8. Beware My Love
9. Brass Introductions
10. Letting Go
11. Band On The Run
12. Hi, Hi, Hi
13. Soily ★5:29 – 最後まで補填

Paul McCartney – bass, acoustic guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals
Linda McCartney – keyboards, percussion, piano, vocals
Denny Laine – guitars, bass, piano, keyboards, percussion, harmonica, vocals
Jimmy McCulloch – guitars, bass, vocals
Joe English – drums, percussion, vocals
Tony Dorsey – trombone, percussion
Howie Casey – saxophone, percussion
Steve Howard – trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion
Thaddeus Richard – saxophone, clarinet, flute, percussion

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