Paul McCartney & Wings / Band On The Run DCC Compact Classics / 1CDR

Paul McCartney & Wings / Band On The Run DCC Compact Classics / 1CDR / Non Label

Taken from the original DCC Compact Classics 24 KT Gold CD(GZS-1030) Remastered by Steve Hoffman

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‘DCC Compact Classics’ is a high-quality CD label that boasts a charismatic popularity alongside “Mobile Fidelity”. The best masterpiece “BAND ON THE RUN” reprinted from the gold CD is a gift release decision.

[High-quality CD series “DCC” by charisma engineers] High quality CDs that appeared in the 90s and 2000s. However, there are many different methods to say “high quality CD”. Each company began to release in a competitive manner, and there was a difference in inferiority and popularity. There are three types of various miscellaneous methods. One should be called “materials”. Normally, a CD has a structure in which a vapor-deposited aluminum film with recorded signals is sandwiched between polycarbonate, but the material is replaced with a highly reflective metal film or highly transparent resin to reduce reading errors. “SHM-CD” and “Blu-spec CD” are hits (however, it is said that the recorded data itself is the same as the normal one, and the error may increase depending on the reading tuning on the player side. ) The second is “digital technology”. The CD standard is 16 bits, but digital remastering with high sound quality is digitized from analog masters with a high sound quality of 20 bits or more and converted to 16 bits. A type that suppresses digital degradation with new technology during the conversion. “SBM CD” and “HDCD” are typical.
And the third is the “Engineer”. We borrow the original master tape of the album from the record company and digitize it, and thoroughly stick to the tape playback environment and process. Of course, each manufacturer has its own know-how, and careful attention is paid to the finish, and the focus is on reproducing the sound of the master tape itself. Typical examples are “Mobile Fidelity” and “DCC Compact Classics”. And what is important in this type is “who remastered”. Since the sound quality is not improved by digital technology and materials, each process depends on the skill and sense of the craftsman, and no one will do the same. Among them, popular engineers also appeared, and many engineers became charismatic, such as master Bob Ladick and Rhino label Bill Inglot. The masterpieces they deal with are particularly popular among the many high-quality CDs, and depending on what they are used, they are used for tens of thousands of yen. And one of them is Steve Hoffman. The analog sound that uses a vacuum tube as the mastering equipment is called Magic, and it is a charism that has spread the “DCC Compact Classics” brand around the world.

[Original “BAND ON THE RUN”, natural and beautiful] And this work is “BAND ON THE RUN” which was struck by Hoffman’s hand. The sound is amazing. The treble is so natural that it has a thick midrange and vibrant bass. The sound sticking to “master tape” is proud of the softness of the original, but also the sharpness of the attack sound. Sounds raised by limiters and compressors, which are usually found in digital remasters, are crushed in detail and pierced in the ears at high volumes, but this work is completely different. Even if it is played at a loud volume with a speaker, it is just comfortable, and if you listen carefully with headphones, you will feel the presence of an instrument that vibrates in one sound.
Also, it is a point that this “BAND ON THE RUN” was released in 1993. DCC Compact Classics, based on Dunhill Compact Classics, established in 1986, released 116 GZS series titles over the eight years from 1992 to 2000. After that, the company changed its name to Audio Fidelity again and continued to release the “AFZ series”, but the “GZS series” was particularly highly evaluated. In both cases, Hoffman is mastering, but whether the equipment has changed, HDCD technology has been introduced, or Hoffman’s ingenuity has been obscured … The reason is not clear, but the “AFZ series” is ” It lacks the analog denseness of the “GZS series”. On the other hand, this work is a brand of Hoffman heyday. Although it has been 21 years since recording, the original sound of “BAND ON THE RUN”, which still retains its subtlety, can be tasted wonderfully.

Although it is a digital media CD, music is the result of human hands and sensitivity. This is especially true for works made in the analog era. The new digital technology and materials are wonderful, but the freshness of the master tape itself and the “kang” of the engineer are the ultimate. This work is a Daiyo no Daiban board that was digitized during the heyday of Charisma: Steve Hoffman. As with “Mobile Fidelity”, even if you want to get the actual product now, it is difficult due to the limited production. Please take this opportunity to experience the ultimate sound of the world.


“モービル・フィディリティ”と並んでカリスマ的人気を誇る高音質CDレーベル“DCC Compact Classics”。そのゴールドCDから復刻された最高傑作『BAND ON THE RUN』がギフト・リリース決定です。

90年代から2000年代にかけて様々に登場した高音質CD。しかし、ひと口に「高音質CD」と言っても手法は多種多様。各社が競い合うようにリリースするようになって優劣や人気にも差が出るようになりました。種々雑多な手法を大きく分けると3つ。1つは「素材系」とでも呼ぶべきもの。通常CDは信号を記録したアルミ蒸着膜をポリオカーボネイトで挟み込む構造となっていますが、その素材を反射率の高い金属膜や透明度の高い樹脂に代え、読み取りエラーを減らすもの。「SHM-CD」や「Blu-spec CD」があたります(ただし、これは記録されたデータ自体は通常のものと変わらず、プレイヤー側の読み取りチューニングによっては逆にエラーが増える恐れもあるとも言われています)。2つめは言わば「デジタル技術系」。CD規格は16ビットなのですが、高音質のデジタル・リマスタリングはアナログ・マスターから20ビット以上の高音質でデジタル化し、16ビットに変換します。その変換の際に新技術でデジタル劣化を抑えるタイプのこと。「SBM CD」「HDCD」等が代表的です。
そして、3つめはさしずめ「エンジニア系」。レコード会社からアルバムの大元マスター・テープを借り受けてデジタル化していくもので、そのテープ再生環境や行程に徹底的にこだわり抜く。もちろん、メーカーそれぞれに独自のノウハウがあり、仕上げにも細心の注意が払われ「マスター・テープの音そのもの」の再現に注力される。これの代表格は“Mobile Fidelity”や“DCC Compact Classics”なのです。そして、このタイプで重要なのは「誰がリマスタリングしたか」。デジタル技術や素材による音質向上ではないため、その行程1つひとつが職人の技量やセンスに左右され、誰がやっても同じとはならない。その中で人気のエンジニアも登場し、巨匠ボブ・ラディックやRhinoレーベルのビル・イングロット等、数々のエンジニアがカリスマとなった。彼らが手掛けた名盤は数ある高音質CDの中でも格別の人気を誇り、物によっては中古でも数万円で取引されているほどなのです。そして、その1人がスティーヴ・ホフマン。マスタリング機材に真空管を採用したアナログ・サウンドはマジックとさえ呼ばれ、“DCC Compact Classics”のブランドを世界に広めたカリスマなのです。

【どこまでも自然で美しい本来の『BAND ON THE RUN』】
そして、本作はそんなホフマンの手で甦った『BAND ON THE RUN』。そのサウンドは、実に素晴らしい。高音はそこまでもナチュラルに伸び、中音域の図太さ、重低音のヴァイヴも鮮明。あくまでも「マスター・テープ」にこだわったサウンドは本来の柔らかさを誇りつつ、アタック音の鋭さも両立。通常デジタル・リマスターにありがちなリミッターやコンプレッサーで底上げされたサウンドは細部が潰れたり、大音量だと耳に突き刺さったりしますが、本作はまったく違う。スピーカーで大音量で流してもひたすら心地よく、ヘッドフォンで耳を澄ませると1音1音に振動する楽器の存在を感じる。
また、この『BAND ON THE RUN』がリリースされたのが1993年というのもポイント。DCC Compact Classics社は、1986年に設立されたDunhill Compact Classicsを母体とし、1992年から2000年までの8年間で“GZSシリーズ”116タイトルをリリース。その後、Audio Fidelityへと再び社名を代えて“AFZシリーズ”をリリースし続けていますが、特に評価が高いのは“GZSシリーズ”。どちらもホフマンがマスタリングを手掛けているものの、機材が変わったのか、HDCD技術を導入したせいか、あるいはホフマンの才気に陰りが差したのか……理由は定かではありませんが、“AFZシリーズ”は“GZSシリーズ”ほどのアナログ的な濃密感に欠けている。それに対し、本作はホフマン全盛期の銘品。録音から21年とは言え、まだまだ繊細さを保持していた『BAND ON THE RUN』本来のサウンドが見事に味わえるのです。


1. Band On The Run
2. Jet
3. Bluebird
4. Mrs. Vandebilt
5. Let Me Roll It
6. Mamunia
7. No Words
8. Helen Wheels
9. Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me)
10. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five

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