Paul McCartney & Wings / At The Speed Of Sound UK Original LP / 1CDR

Paul McCartney & Wings / At The Speed Of Sound UK Original LP / 1CDR / PAS

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Wings At The Speed Of Sound UK Original LP MPL Communications-PAS 10010.



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UK original master reprint series of very popular . Wings of this time is: ” WINGS AT THE SPEED OF SOUND UK ORIGINAL LP ” .

It is a thing that was said to be “… led the Wings is currently a member of the ex-Beatle ” Speaking of selfishness Paul . Japan tour of twice that was canceled in the past fact should have been carried out as a performance in Japan as Wings. Why the presence of the Wings Would ‘re about to be forgotten it . Ear to review the splendor of the Wings once more here than necessary . Heyday of such a pole was the US tour of ’76 it I think at undisputed ( discontinuation of performance in Japan at that time will be regretted ) . Is the DX version of this tour was released recently is to prove it , it is the existence was released during the tour to introduce this time of ” Wings At The Speed ​​Of Sound ” . Lead vocal music of Paul it does not contain only half of it to prove that they are at that album as Wings. 2 songs Denny , Linda , Jimmy , Joe shows off the lead vocal one song each , respectively . Guitar of Jimmy also the best condition . Base of the pole also growled buzzing as a member of the member of course . And I’m like Saewata~tsu to hit number two songs Let’em In and Silly Love Songs is you tell the charm of this album .

We are pleased to introduce The original UK board of the course of this album . Matrix of the first edition is the first edition UK board on both sides 5U. Wings of various works ( dare ) is the fact that for the barrage of big hits , those things are good record quality is low. Jacket , disk which was used this time I use a thing of the best and work together ( lol it does not matter which ) record quality jacket of course stop back which is said jacket and both sides 5U also be the proof of the first edition . Base of the pole you hear a perfect! ( This is a sound very different from the current CD!)

大好評のUKオリジナル原盤復刻シリーズ。今回はウィングスの「WINGS AT THE SPEED OF SOUND: UK ORIGINAL LP」です。

かってポールと言えば「元ビートルズのメンバーで現在はウイングスを率いて・・・」と言われたものです。事実過去に中止となった2度の日本公演はWingsとしての来日公演として行われるはずでした。それがなぜWingsの存在は忘れ去られようとしているのでしょうか。ここでもういちどWingsの素晴らしさを見直す耳が必要なのでは。そんなポールの絶頂期は76年のUSツアーだったのは誰もが認めるところではないでしょうか(その際の来日公演の中止が悔やまれます)。それを証明するのが先般発売されたこのツアーのDX版であり、ツアーの最中に発売された今回ご紹介する『Wings At The Speed Of Sound』の存在です。Wingsとしてのアルバム事である事を証明するようにポールのリードボーカル曲は半数しか収められていません。デニーが2曲、リンダ、ジミー、ジョーがそれぞれ1曲ずつリードボーカルを披露しています。ジミーのギターも絶好調。当然ポールのベースもメンバーの一員としてブンブン唸っています。そして Silly Love SongsとLet’em Inの2曲の大ヒットナンバーがこのアルバムの魅力を伝えるかの様に冴えわたっています。


1. Let ‘Em In 2. The Note You Never Wrote 3. She’s My Baby 4. Beware My Love 5. Wino Junko
6. Silly Love Songs 7. Cook Of The House 8. Time To Hide 9. Must Do Something About It
10. San Ferry Anne 11. Warm And Beautiful


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