Paul McCartney & Wings / Pugins Hall Rehearsals 1980 / 3CD

Paul McCartney & Wings / Pugins Hall Rehearsals 1980 / 3CD / Non Label
Pugin’s Hall, Tenterden, Kent, UK 18th October & 7th November 1980 STEREO SBD

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Almost overlooked, Wings survived as a group after Paul’s arrest ended the illusory Japan performance of 1980. However, since the full-scale recording and release of the group did not materialize after the incident ended, it is generally apt to be seen that the Wings ended with the cancellation of the Japan performance. However, in fact, I was convening Wings in July to try out the new song “Ballroom Dancing”. The pattern at that time can be seen at the bootleg, but it was a rehabilitation document with the band members who had been idle for half a year.
So Paul makes music for the album that will later become “TUG OF WAR” and devotes himself to making demos in his studio. It was in October that Paul, who completed these demos, convened Wings again. There was a much more thorough rehearsal than there was in July, but the recordings here were of course recorded, and Trevor Jones owned the cassette. This rehearsal didn’t really get much attention when his source came out in 2010. The number of released items was small, probably because of the long rehearsal sound source. It is true that the members gather and make sounds, so it is true that there are many loose scenes in the first half. On the other hand, it has a great appeal as a sound source with a very clear sound quality, and boasts a quality that is particularly easy to hear among Trevor Jones’s own sound sources.
So, although the sound quality was excellent from 10 years ago, this time I got the master cassette version that was only available among some traders. The clearness and freshness were as clear as if the final fog had cleared the sound quality that was originally clear. Of course, the extremely natural texture is also wonderful, and its upper feeling is obvious.

It is a big point that the hurdles of this sound source, which had the impression that it was not easy to attach, were lowered due to the sound quality being pushed to the limit with this release. Therefore, I would like to introduce the contents for each disc.
First of all, the first three are Denny Lane, guitarist Laurence Juber, and drummer Steve Holly playing, and the jam session that is often used in band rehearsals is 30 minutes. Continue across. I can’t deny that this part is mediocre. If you are not a maniac, you may ask “while listening”. However, after 10 minutes, the jam was incandescent, and Juba played the guitar.
However, in the 25th minute when the jam moves towards the end, the microphone will be set because the cassette has been replaced and the pole has appeared, but at that time there is a point where the volume rises, so please be careful when listening. In addition, I made a mistake in setting the mic, and the left channel remained off for a while after this. This part was monoized in the items released in the past, but because it will significantly reduce the freshness and the spread of the sound, this time it was recorded as it is. Considering this point, we recommend playing from the speaker.
With the addition of Paul and Linda, the voltage of the performance soared from the jam of 3. Here, Denny is singing a singing song as she comes up with. By the way, I remember that the scene of Denny’s screaming in rehearsal was captured in the “WINGS OVER THE WORLD” documentary. This would be a rite of passage for Rehab for Wings.
Then, when the band’s engine started spinning, the new song Paul brought out was “Average Parson.” It is a tragic song that was later dismissed by George Martin because it was unremarkable for its song name, but a document that shows that I was trying to make it into a thing with Wings. At first, Paul was teaching the band how to play the electric piano, and it looked just like the Beatles showed “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” in the movie “LET IT BE”.

The second disc will continue to be rehearsed for the same song, but it will be valuable that the performance begins after about 10 minutes, and a harmony scene with Linda appears on the way. What surprised me here was that when Paul suddenly sang “Mama’s Little Girl” at the height of the rehearsal, the band would be in perfect harmony. It was a valuable scene where Final Wings tried an unreleased song that can be called the original wings’ forgetfulness.
After all, the most carefully performed on this day’s new song rehearsal was “Average Parson”, and then Paul performed “Take It Away,” which is one of the representative songs of “TUG OF WAR”. I don’t think I’m taking a break, so I don’t ride.
The new song rehearsal that suddenly appears on the third piece is “No Values”, which sees the light of day four years later. It is one of the scenes that surprised the maniac when the sound source appeared in 2010, but as expected, the lyrics are still unfinished with a loose performance that is incomparable to the later recorded version of “GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROAD STREET”. However, it was a shocking fact that I was trying the draft of this song with Wings.

The rehearsal of the new song is over here, and during the break Juba is singing a draft of his own song “Your Lucky Day”. After that, when he sang Buddy Holly’s “Oh Boy”, Paul, who loves Holly, was waiting for him to join and the oldies’ performance continued endlessly. However, it was only after I practiced the new songs, so all the performances were solid and there was a response. It is interesting that the familiar “Lend Me Your Comb” on the Beatles BBC is being performed in a more enthusiastic atmosphere, and Paul has already performed “Fabulous” where he announces the cover at “RUN DEVIL RUN” in 1999. What is precious scene.
And at the end, it seems to be a rehearsal, and the curtain closes with another instrument jam, but here the band is playing together, and it is interesting that Linda cuts into the jam with a synth. It was very valuable that the scene where she was involved in a jam session so far was captured, at least because she was motivated as a musician in the Wings era. Of course, as I said at the beginning, it cannot be denied that it is a sound source for enthusiasts due to the nature of rehabilitation. However, after all, it is certain that it is a very valuable sound source that proves that at the beginning it was planned to make “TUG OF WAR” with Wings. And it is also true that the excellent sound quality of the upper made it easy to hear, and if you raise the volume and play it, it will be as if you are attending Wings rehearsal. Please enjoy it carefully.

★ Because it is digitized directly from the master cassette, the sound quality is dramatically improved compared to the existing version.

ほとんど見過ごされてしまった事実として、ポールの逮捕によって1980年の日本公演が幻と終わった後もウイングスはグループとして存続していました。とはいっても事件が終息した後でグループとしての本格的なレコーディングやリリースが実現しなかったことから、一般的には日本公演の中止と共にウイングスが終わってしまったと見られがちなのも仕方ありません。ところが実際には7月にウイングスを招集して新曲「Ballroom Dancing」を試していました。その時の模様はブートレグにて垣間見られますが、まるで半年間ご無沙汰していたバンドメンバーとのリハビリのようなドキュメントでした。
そこでポールは後に「TUG OF WAR」となるアルバム用の楽曲を作り、自分のスタジオでのデモ作りに専念します。これらのデモを完成させたポールが再びウイングスを招集したのは10月のこと。そこでは7月の時よりもはるかに念入りなリハーサルが行われたのですが、ここでの模様も当然録音されており、なおかつトレバー・ジョーンズがカセットを所有していたのです。2010年に彼の音源が大量に現れた際、このリハーサルに関してはあまり注目を浴びませんでした。長時間のリハーサル音源ということが災いしたのかリリースされたアイテムの数も少なかった。確かにメンバーが集まって音を出すところから捉えられているので、前半にルーズな場面が多いのは事実。一方で非常に音質のクリアーな音源という大きな魅力があり、トレバー・ジョーンズ所有音源の中でも特に聞きやすいクオリティを誇ります。

ポールやリンダも加わって3.のジャムから演奏のボルテージが急上昇。ここではデニーが思い付くままにテキトーな歌を歌っています。そういえば「WINGS OVER THE WORLD」ドキュメンタリーでもデニーがリハで絶叫する場面が捉えられていたことを思い出します。これはウイングスにとってリハの通過儀礼なのでしょう。
そうしてバンドのエンジンが回りだしたところでポールが持ち出した新曲は「Average Parson」。その曲名にたがわず平凡だったことで後にジョージ・マーティンに却下されてしまった悲運の曲ですが、それをウイングスでモノにしようとしていたことが解るドキュメント。最初はポールがエレピを弾きながら曲をバンドに教えており、映画「LET IT BE」でビートルズに「Maxwell’s Silver Hammer」を教えてみせた場面にそっくり。

二枚目のディスクも同曲のリハーサルが続きますが、演奏は10分を過ぎたあたりからまとまり始め、途中でリンダも交えたハーモニーを練る場面が現れるのも貴重。ここで驚かされるのは、リハーサルが盛り上がったところでポールが急に「Mama’s Little Girl」を歌い出すと、バンドが見事に合わせてくるというもの。オリジナル・ウイングスの忘れ形見と呼べる未発表曲をファイナル・ウイングスが試した貴重な場面でした。
結局この日の新曲リハーサルでもっとも念入りに演奏されたのは「Average Parson」で、次に「TUG OF WAR」を代表する曲の一つである「Take It Away」をポールが披露するも、メンバーは休憩に入っているのか、思いのほか乗ってきません。
三枚目でいきなり現れる新曲リハーサルは四年後に日の目を見る「No Values」。2010年の音源登場時にマニアを驚かせた場面の一つですが、さすがに後の「GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROAD STREET」の収録されたバージョンとは比べ物にならないほどルーズな演奏で歌詞もまだ未完成ですが、この曲の草稿をウイングスで試していたというのは衝撃の事実でした。

ここで新曲のリハは終わり、休憩中にはジュバーが「Your Lucky Day」という自身の曲の草稿を歌っています。それが終わり、彼がバディ・ホリーの「Oh Boy」を歌い出すと、ホリー好きのポールが待ってましたとばかりに加わりそこから延々とオールディーズの演奏が続きます。とはいえひとしきり新曲の練習をこなした後ですので、どれも演奏がしっかりしていて聞き応えがある。ビートルズのBBCでおなじみ「Lend Me Your Comb」などはもっとホンワカした雰囲気で演奏されているのが面白く、また1999年の「RUN DEVIL RUN」でポールがカバーを発表する「Fabulous」を既に演奏しているもの貴重な場面。
そして最後はリハらしく再度のインスト・ジャムで幕を閉じるのですが、ここではバンドが全員で演奏しており、何とリンダもシンセでジャムに切り込んでくるのが面白い。少なくともウイングス時代にはミュージシャンとしての意欲もあった彼女が、ここまで本格的にジャム・セッションに加わっている場面が捉えられたのは非常に貴重。もちろん最初に申しましたように、リハという性質上マニア向けな音源であることは否めません。しかし何と言っても当初はウイングスで「TUG OF WAR」を作る予定だったということを証明してくれる大変に貴重な音源であることも確か。そして見事な音質のアッパーぶりが聞き込みやすくしてくれたのも事実であり、ボリュームを上げて再生すれば自分がウイングスのリハーサルに立ち会っているかのようなリアルさ。是非じっくりとお楽しみください。



Disc 1 (63:27)
Pugin’s Hall Rehearsals 18th October 1980

1. Jam Session (Cassette Side 1)
2. Jam Session (Cassette Side 2)
3. See Your Light (tentative title) (Cassette Side 2)
4. Average Person rehearsals, part 1 (Cassette Side 2)

Disc 2 (62:12)
Pugin’s Hall Rehearsals 18th October 1980

1. Average Person rehearsals, part 2 (Cassette Side 3)
2. Mama’s Little Girl (Cassette Side 4)
3. Average Person rehearsals, part 3 (Cassette Side 4)
4. Take It Away (Cassette Side 4)
5. Improvisation (Cassette Side 4)

Disc 3 (63:44)
Pugin’s Hall Rehearsals 7th November 1980

01 No Values
02 Your Lucky Day
03 Oh Boy / Peggy Sue
04 I’m Gonna Love You Too
05 Ain’t That A Shame / I’m In Love Again
06 Rockin’ In Your Seat
07 Fabulous / (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
08 Your True Love / Lend Me Your Comb
09 Goin’ Back To Tennessee
10 Denny’s Song (complete)
11 Improvisation


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