Paul McCartney / Tug Of War Sessions / 3CD

Paul McCartney / Tug Of War Sessions / 3CD / Misterclaudel

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Tug Of War Complete Work. Demos, Studios Unreleased Songs. Digitally Remastered


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Latest work of M Claudel is a session collection of albums that have been in 1982 release “tag of War”. Through the dissolution of the Wings, will there was a sense that once back to the origin, and welcomed George Martin to the producer, the album, which was carried out joint work since the Beatles era blessed with a single hit, to win the national number 1 large It became a hit album. Paul himself is also really like this album very, or subjected to even replay early in the movie “Broad Street”, to be singing “Here Today” is still in live, it is the name board, which is cited as a ’80s masterpiece of Paul. This work, and this name board of outtakes and session sound source, will be the one that was the culmination in the order of the album songs.

Disk 1, decorate the beginning album “Tug Of War”. Vocal starts from a single track take. Only very simple single-track to the voice of Paul vividly, it has become a really tasty take. Others recorded all four versions. “Take It Away” is is famous that impressive promo film, the songs that had been warmed from the Wings era is well known to fans fact. At first, recording from Wings of rehearsal sound source. While sprinkled Paul is the carefully chord progression I am recording a very early version of the demo. Middle part only in the main phrase at this point does not seem to already in the initiative. Again as then new album session we will work on this song. And recorded all 11 versions, including a take that exerts complete until the ending to be the first appearance. “Ballroom Dancing” is all three take. The first is played on the Wings of rehearsal. In very rough, Denny Lane also enthusiastic and put the vocals are, you take that pretty evil glue than the release version. The much I think than are like drunk, Paul is singing while put the improvisation in the rough, it has become a very fun play along frequently put Denny also sideshow. Another take even one that was multiplied by the further wheel in the rough is, while changing the Imawashi tone of voice and songs, narrowing sing in order to complete a song, I feel like is exploring the place where it apposite. Are somewhat rough voice matches the tune of Paul, it is endlessly continue as if such play in the extension of the jam. “The Pound Is Sinking” You have recorded the “Hear Me Lover” and has been completed by connecting the two songs, the form of a demo that broke up each here.

Disk 2 has two version recording demo the two versions of “Wanderlust”, and was born in session with Carl Perkins “Get It”. Especially jam sound source that have been made in 1993, each other in the negotiations the voice the way, has become a light and wonderful version of two people of the fun atmosphere is building. Looking at the place where you are thus replay after 10 years from the announcement, this song also Will also special song for Paul. “Dress Me Up As A Robber” 4 version included. And was hit by costarring with Stevie Wonder, “Ebony And Ivory” is the highlight of this disc. That famous song, the process is very thrilling to gradually nearing completion from the stage of the demonstration. Simple demo, it just beautiful beauty of the melody comes through in version. And how to practice endlessly vocals to put Stevie. Rather than what was decided from the beginning, we endlessly sang crowded by Paul of style to continue to songs in your stuff has produced a good effect here. “Rainclouds” but is since the beginning of the year announced what 80s, can ask from here to that already played in rehearsal of the Wings era.

Disk 3 further Following the Wings rehearsal of “Rainclouds”, it has been recorded during this period of studio outtakes album unreleased. In particular, “My Old Friend” is what should be noted as another co-star songs of Carl Perkins. In good song with a beautiful melody, it is pleasing for Paul also an diffidence is the senior Carl Perkins. And 5 songs a song that became a shelved without development from the stage of the demonstration. In particular, “Seems Like Old Times” is really at Paul seems song, after “Through Our Love” and, Blake was than made to the original, such as where to enter, “Beautiful Night” and is allowed to imagine that, unpublished Become a dead issue It remains of the song, such as wasteful “ugly world one of beauty.” You will was actually carried out until just before release, it is this song only three take recording. And finally, the radio program that Paul himself describes the album every song has been recorded.

Latest work of M Claudel, the title was recorded session of the album “tag of War”. Including the same period session, packed Innovation Kyu-over to really three disks, is the latest work of the session series. Permanent Athletic press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.


Mクローデルの最新作は、1982年リリースされたアルバム「タッグオブウォー」のセッション集です。ウイングスの解散を経て、一度原点に戻るという意味合いがあったのでしょう、プロデューサーにジョージ・マーティンを迎え、ビートルズ時代以来の共同作業を行なったアルバムはシングルヒットにも恵まれ、全米ナンバー1を獲得する大ヒットアルバムになりました。ポール自身もこのアルバムを非常に気に入っており、映画「ブロードストリート」で早くも再演を行なったり、ライヴでは今でも「Here Today」を歌ったりと、80年代ポールの代表作として挙げられる名盤です。本作は、この名盤のアウトテイクやセッション音源などを、アルバム収録曲順に集大成したものになります。

ディスク1は、アルバム冒頭を飾る「Tug Of War」。ヴォーカルがシングルトラックのテイクから始まります。非常にシンプルなシングルトラックだけにポールの声が生々しく、実に味わい深いテイクとなっています。その他全4バージョンを収録。「Take It Away」はあの印象的なプロモ・フィルムが有名ですが、ウイングス時代から暖められていた楽曲なのはファンにはよく知られ事実。最初はウイングスのリハーサル音源から収録。ポールが丁寧にコード進行を交えつつ極初期バージョンのデモを録音しています。この時点ではメインのフレーズのみでミドル・パートはまだ構想に入っていないようです。その後ニューアルバムのセッションとして再度この曲に取り組みます。初登場となるエンディングまで完奏しているテイクを含め全11バージョンを収録。「Ballroom Dancing」は全3テイク。最初はウイングスのリハーサルでの演奏です。非常にラフで、デニーレインもはりきってヴォーカルを入れており、リリース・バージョンよりもかなり悪ノリしたテイクです。まるで酔っぱらっているのではと思うくらい、ポールはラフにアドリブを入れつつ歌っており、デニーも合いの手を頻繁に入れて非常に楽しい演奏となっています。もう1テイクもラフさではさらに輪をかけたもので、声色や歌いまわしを変えつつ、曲を完成させるために歌い込み、しっくりくるところを探っているような感じです。ポールのやや荒れた声が曲調に合致しており、ジャムの延長で延々続くかのような演奏です。「The Pound Is Sinking」は「Hear Me Lover」と2曲を繋げて完成させており、ここではそれぞれ別れた形のデモ音源を収録しています。

ディスク2は「Wanderlust」のデモを2バージョン、そしてカール・パーキンスとのセッションで生まれた「Get It」を2バージョン収録しています。特に1993年に行われたジャム音源は、途中お互いに声を掛け合い、二人の楽しそうな雰囲気が醸成された軽快で素晴らしいバージョンとなっています。発表から10年後にこうして再演しているところをみると、この曲もやはりポールにとっては特別な曲なのでしょう。「Dress Me Up As A Robber」は4バージョン収録。そしてスティーヴィー・ワンダーとの共演でヒットした「Ebony And Ivory」がこのディスクのハイライトとなります。あの有名な曲が、デモの段階から徐々に完成に近付いていく過程が非常にスリリング。シンプルなデモ音源は、それだけでメロディの美しさが伝わってくる美しいバージョン。そしてスティーヴィーを入れて延々とヴォーカルを練習する様子。最初から決められたものではなく、延々と歌い込んで曲を自分のものにしていくポールのスタイルがここでも良い効果を生み出しています。「Rainclouds」は発表年こそ80年代に入ってからですが、ウイングス時代のリハーサルで既に演奏しているのがここから伺えます。

ディスク3はさらに「Rainclouds」のウイングス・リハーサルに続き、アルバム未収録でこの時期のスタジオ・アウトテイクを収録しています。特に「My Old Friend」はカール・パーキンスのもうひとつの共演曲として特記すべきもの。美しいメロディを持つ佳曲で、先輩カール・パーキンスにポールも遠慮がちなのが微笑ましいです。そしてデモの段階から発展せずお蔵入りとなった曲を5曲収録。特に「Seems Like Old Times」はいかにもポールらしい曲で、後の「Through Our Love」や、ブレイクが入るところなど「Beautiful Night」の元になったのではと想像させられる、ボツになって未発表のままではもったいない「ブス界一の美女」のような曲です。実際にリリース直前まで行ったのでしょう、この曲のみ3テイク収録されています。そして最後は、アルバムを1曲ごとにポール自身が解説したラジオプログラムが収録されています。



01. Backing Track w/single vocal
02. Guitars + Backing vocals + orchestra (5.1 mix)
03. Orchestra Mix
04. Single Edit

Wings Demos, October 18, 1980

05. Demo practice #1
06. Demo practice #2
07. Demo practice #3
08. Demo practice #4
09. Demo practice #5

10. Demo
11. Monitor Mix (full take)
12. Backing Track
13. Drums + Bass + piano + chorus (5.1 mix)
14. Organ + Horns (5.1 mix)
15. Single Edit

16. Rough Take (Monitor Mix)

17. Wings Rehearsal July 4, 1980
18. Wings Rehearsal October 30, 1980
19. Demo

20. Demo #1
21. Demo #2 (Hear Me Lover/Something That Didn’t Happen) (unedited)
22. Demo #3 (Hear Me Lover/Something That Didn’t Happen) (edited)


01. Demo #1 (unedited)
02. Demo #2 (edited)

03. Single Edit
04. 1993 Jam

05. Demo #1
06. Demo #2
07. Demo #3
08. 12” Single Mix

Wings Rehearsal, October 30, 1980

09. Rehearsal #1
10. Rehearsal #2
11. Demo #1 (unedited)
12. Demo #2 (edited- correct speed)

Session with Stevie Wonder
13. Rehearsal
14. Alternate Take
15. Basic Track
16. Stevie’s vocal (5.1. mix)
17. Paul’s vocal (5.1. mix)
18. First Organ + acoustic + chorus (5.1. mix)
19. Second Organ overdub (5.1. mix)

20. Demo (1974)

Wings Rehearsal, October 30, 1980

21. Rehearsal #1
22. Rehearsal #2
23. Rehearsal #3
24. Rehearsal #4
25. Rehearsal #5

Wings Rehearsal, October 30, 1980

01. Rehearsal #6
02. Rehearsal #7

03. Instrumental Track
04. Always Back To You
05. My Old Friend (Rough Mix)
06. My Old Friend (Final Mix)
07. My Old Friend (1993 Jam)

More Demos
08. Stop, You Don’t Know Where She Came From
09. The Unbelievable Experience
10. Boil Crisis
11. Give Us A Chord, Roy
12. Seems Like Old Times #1
13. Seems Like Old Times #2
14. Seems Like Old Times #3

15. Demo
16. Humming Version

Tug Of War Promotional interview cassette 1982
17. Tug of War chat
18. Take it Away chat
19. The Pound is Sinking chat
20. Somebody Who Cares chat
21. Ebony and Ivory chat
22. What’s That You’re Doing? chat
23. Here Today chat
24. Wanderlust chat
25. Ballroom Dancing chat
26. Get It chat
27. Dress Me Up As a Robber chat

TAKE IT AWAY Video Shoot
28. When The Saints Go Marching In (Paul playing trumpet)
29. Take it Away Jam
30. Improvisation

Additional Mix
31. What’s That You’re Doing (Twin Freaks production acetate 2005)

Misterclaudel. MCCD-525/526/527

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