Paul McCartney / Tokyo Dome 1993 Soundcheck 1st Day / 1DVD

Paul McCartney / Tokyo Dome 1993 Soundcheck 1st Day / 1DVD / Non Label

Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 12th November 1993, Unreleased footage from 8mm Video master tapes (single camera shot)

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Paul The 1993 New World Tour was not only a live performance, it was also a groundbreaking tour that introduced a novel attempt to make soundchecks available to fans. Now it’s a public sound check that has become quite familiar with Paul’s live, but it was this tour that was the forerunner. The sound check was naturally released in Japan as well, and on November 15, the third day of the Tokyo Dome, it was broadcasted on television at the time with the video from the stage production, but recently it was the first day of the Tokyo Dome 12 An image of the day sound check has come out and surprises mania around the world.
Currently, the buzzing soundcheck video was captured by one of Paul’s staff using a handy camera. What’s amazing is the good image quality. It’s a perfect quality that definitely convinces you of the master’s 8mm video cassette, and it’s no problem if it’s broadcasted as it is. Most of the songs played in the sound check, however, contain a cut because the staff shot images with one handy camera between work and did not aim to release them above all. Complete songs are only two songs “San Francisco Bay Blues” and “Every Night”. However, the dazzling content is full of highlights, and we will release the valuable video in hot topic on the limited press DVD.

In this way, it is a valuable image that has no impeccable quality in terms of image quality, but the version currently on sale is a disappointing state in which the filling of the DVD from the master is sweet and interlace stripes are generally noticeable. This is a phenomenon in which streaks are noticeable on the edge when the subject moves, and this is a clear hindrance to viewing. This phenomenon has sometimes happened to the official, and this mistake has occurred in Rolling Stone’s Marquee 1971 and has developed into a situation of disk exchange. Therefore, in this release, there has been a thorough process of completely de-interlacing once and optimizing it for DVD again. This is a departure from mere press DVD production in that it can be viewed in a state more natural than the original video currently on the market.
At the beginning for 52 minutes, the sound was shifted to the left, so the volume was corrected to be in the middle. With such thorough adjustment, the video of very valuable content is released after being adjusted to a state where it can be watched carefully without stress.
The public sound check for the 1993 tour was longer than it is now, and it was the first day of the Japan tour for November 12th, so it was a long time spent taking a long time. The pattern is “WELCOME TO SOUNDCHECK 1993” two-piece audience album was released at the time of 1993, and reproduces the state of the sound check that the view was not permitted only by those who got the high ticket with a good sound quality. We recorded the best seller from the It seems that there are many mania that seems to miss this CD, and the video version of it is this release!

Moreover, the great part of this video is a series of realistic shots that can not be taken without the staff. From the opening “Summertime”, the back of the drummer of the time, Blair Cunningham, and the foot pedal are up. Furthermore, the liveliness that Paul showed the mug of the Beatles pattern that he was drinking during the sound check at a super close angle. At “Let Me Roll It”, Paul and Robbie Mackintosh, who were directing at the time, approached the floor of the platform. These unusual angles are only valuable things that can only be seen from inside shooting.
By the way, until the middle of the sound check, the songs for which Paul does not play the bass are intensively tested, and the powerful bass sound that Hemish Stuart plays in Japan on the back of the present on the stage is captured realistically. It is valuable. Hemish wears a wig and washcloth on the way to make him laugh. In the same way, it will be a valuable scene now, such as the appearance that Linda shows innocently towards the camera while playing “C Moon”. And it is a young figure of the famous product Lodie John Hamel that is projected when Paul starts playing the bass.
As you can see from these things, it is a valuable video that captures the appearance that all the members below the pole perform as if it were unpretentious and open-minded because the staff was shooting at will and the sound check to the last. In fact, Paul himself plays from the middle of the camera looking at the camera, but it is good that the expression is a natural body again. If you look at this, it will be reminded that the sound check on the 15th was that the band was only in “recording-conscious” mode. Besides, I can not help but be impressed by how unnatural the dancers and female students of the film were. When I saw the sound check in the video this time, I no longer feel like looking at that (laughs).

Since this day was the first day of the Japan tour in 1993, the sound check did not end normally, and Paul’s suggestion was concluded by trying the “Hey Jude” chorus. The members of the Sound Check who were able to participate in the chorus of the same song before the live show were lucky, and it is also valuable that the lobby and the Blair close the handrail of the stand during the chorus.
And finally, after the sound check, the staff who can speak Japanese on the backstage and the figure of Paul practicing MC will be shown. There is a scene that was captured at the same time that it was the staff while it was a smile to practice “I can not speak Japanese” which was a familiar line in the Japan tour in 1993. The last is a glimpse of Paul answering interviews with the Japanese media, but he has been unexpectedly responding seriously to the possibility of the Beatles reunion still being asked at that time, and a project that will become ANTHOLOGY later progresses I have hinted that it is over. The ultimate behind-the-scenes documentary in the 1993 Japan-Japan concert, which can be said to be a series of sights like this. Furthermore, the image quality is also corrected exactly, anyway funny, 75 minutes in no time!
現在、話題沸騰中なこのサウンドチェック映像はポールのスタッフの一人がハンディカメラで収めたもの。しかも驚くべきはその画質の良さ。間違いなくマスターの8mmビデオカセットからと確信させる完璧なクオリティであり、そのまま放送されたとしても何ら問題ないほど。もっともスタッフが仕事の合間にハンディカメラ一台で撮影した映像であり、何よりリリースを目的としない収録であったことから、サウンドチェックで演奏されたほとんどの曲にカットが入ってしまう。完奏するのは「San Francisco Bay Blues」と「Every Night」たった二曲。ところがどっこい内容は見どころ満載、話題沸騰中の貴重映像を限定プレスDVDにてリリースいたします。

1993年ツアーの公開サウンドチェックは現在のそれよりも時間が長く、ましてや11月12日に関しては日本公演の初日ということから、それに輪をかけて長い時間を割いて行われました。その模様は1993年当時「WELCOME TO SOUNDCHECK 1993」という二枚組オーディエンス・アルバムがリリースされ、高額チケットを入手した者でしか観覧を許されなかったサウンドチェックの様子を良好な音質で再現してくれたことからベストセラーを記録しました。このCDを懐かしく思われるマニアも多いかと思われ、それの映像版が今回のリリースなのです!

しかもこの映像の凄いところは、スタッフでなければ撮れないようなリアルなショットの連続。オープニングの「Summertime」からして当時のドラマー、ブレア・カニンガムのバスドラの裏側とフットペダルをどアップ。さらにはポールがサウンドチェックの間に飲んでいたビートルズ柄のマグカップまで超クローズ・アングルで見せてくれるという生々しさ。「Let Me Roll It」では当時の演出であったポールとロビー・マッキントッシュが乗ったせり出し台の床までアップで迫る。こうした特異なアングルは身内撮影だからこそ見られる貴重なものばかり。
ちなみにサウンドチェックの途中まではポールがベースを弾かない曲が集中的に試されており、現在リンゴのバックで来日中のヘイミッシュ・スチュアートがステージ上で鳴らす迫力のベース・サウンドがリアルに捉えられているのが貴重。そんなヘイミッシュは途中でちょんまげのかつらと手ぬぐいを身に着けて笑わせてくれます。同じようにリンダが「C Moon」の演奏中、何とも無邪気にカメラに向かっておどけて見せる姿など、今となっては貴重な場面でしょう。そしてポールがベースを弾く曲を始める際に映し出される名物ローディジョン・ハメルの姿が若いこと。

この日は1993年の日本公演における初日であったことから、サウンドチェックが通常のようには終わらず、ポールの提案によって「Hey Jude」の合唱を試すことで締めくくられました。ライブ本編より先に同曲の合唱に参加できたサウンドチェック参戦者たちはラッキーでしたし、合唱時にロビーとブレアがせり出し台の手すりを閉める様子まで捉えられているのがまた貴重。


1. Summertime 2. Jam 3. Let Me Roll It 4. Just Because 5. San Francisco Bay Blues
6. Midnight Special 7. Be Bop A Lula 8. Every Night 9. We Can Work It Out
10. Jam / What’s Going On 11. Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying 12. C Moon
13. Ain’t That A Shame 14. Bring It On Home 15. Twenty Flight Rock 16. Drive My Car 17. Hey Jude
18. Japanese Practice 「ぼくはにほんごぺらぺらできないの」を練習 19. Interview Outtake

Paul McCartney: Lead Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Piano Linda McCartney: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Hamish Stuart: Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals Robbie McIntosh: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Paul “Wix” Wickens: Keyboards, Accordion, Backing Vocals
Blair Cunningham: Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx.75min.

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