Paul McCartney / Tokyo Dome 2017 3rd Night / 3CD

Paul McCartney / Tokyo Dome 2017 3rd Night / 3CD / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 30th April 2017

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However, it is. The taper which provided stable and reliable quality at “TOKYO DOME 2017 1ST NIGHT” and this time “TOKYO DOME 2017 2ND NIGHT” also did the third day of Tokyo Dome. What is this, another quality that boasts this tremendous sound pressure again. It is no exaggeration to say that the highest peak of the current audience recording is here. Anyway, the great thing is that you showed all the three days’ show with a uniform top quality. Of course, there was a securing of the killer area throughout the three days, but still having left such a quality audience recording is possible without a “taper” of exactly taper What I did not have. If you can listen to the final day of the impression with the same high level and quality as the past two titles, I will assure you that it is an item that you can never escape even for those who could not stay in the venue of the day.
To tell the truth, regarding the 3rd day of Tokyo Dome, we had a tremendous quality sound source provided to our shop and we were shaving off. It is a sound source recorded in the gorgeous coupling item “ONE ON ONE JAPAN TOUR VOL.2” with the second day of Tokyo Dome released by Uxbridge on CD – R. This is a high-quality audiences recording boasting a tremendous level, initially it was scheduled to release limited press CDs with that sound source. However, what was offered to it was the sound source of this taper. “Rule” at the moment when I played it back. As a result of a very high-level dispute, even with respect to the third day of Tokyo Dome, it was compatible with the release at the original source obtained by providing the same taper as the previous item.
Of course, “ONE ON ONE JAPAN TOUR VOL.2” has also been released on CD-R, but it is still the best recording at the level overwhelmed by listening, this time the sound source for press CD Let’s also assert that it is a sound source that can be enjoyed as a different high quality or as an alternate master on the last day of the impressed dome.

Even so, when saying the pleasure that the third day of Tokyo Dome can also be enjoyed with exquisite quality. Paul ‘s fun place in the performance of this visit was not only improving as I repeated the show, it was also pleasant that the Japanese increased as I repeated the show. Finally, the word “Golden Week” appeared until this day. Not only is it waiting for the fans to enter the venue, which has become a great pleasure every day, and how far is Paul’s van with fan service? Also, since the sound is very on, I can clearly hear that Japanese struggle frankly. And it was a Japanese accent burst like “The Beatles!” And “Paul McCartney!”
And speaking of this day, “Blue Hey Jude” to say anything. “Red Yesterday” in 2013, the third surprise after 2015 Burakudan riders with automatic devices. Even if you listen to the presence only by the sound it feels adequate. Everything is terrible high sound quality …. Furthermore, at the encore of this day, “Get Back” suitable for the final day appeared. However, when the performance began, it was interesting that only Rusty Anderson misunderstood the composition, started playing the code of “Hi, Hi, Hi” alone, and it was a strange intro. In addition, because it is a sound image that is on, the bass back chorus that drummer Ave sings can also be heard in real.
Again, the definitive sound source on the third day of Tokyo Dome appears here. The highest peak of modern audiences recording is released on limited press CD without multiplication. While looking back on that wonderful day, I was slowly appreciating it.

★ The taper of “TOKYO DOME 2017 1ST NIGHT” is a super high sound quality miracle miracle recorded with the front row of the best block like the previous work. This is amazing.
ところが、です。「TOKYO DOME 2017 1ST NIGHT」や今回の「TOKYO DOME 2017 2ND NIGHT」で安定と信頼のクオリティを提供してくれたテーパーが、東京ドーム三日目までもやってくれました。何ということでしょうか、これがまた凄まじい音圧を誇る別格のクオリティ。現在のオーディエンス録音の最高峰がここにあると言っても過言ではない。とにかく凄いのは、三日間のショーをすべて均一の極上音質で録音してみせたということ。もちろん、そこには三日間を通してのキラー・エリアの確保があった訳ですが、それでもなお、これだけのクオリティのオーディエンス録音を残してくれたことは、正にテーパーの「敢行」なしにはあり得なかったこと。過去二タイトルと完全に同レベルのハイ・クオリティで感動の最終日を聴けるとなれば、当日の会場に居られなかった方にとっても絶対に逃がせないアイテムであると断言いたします。
実を言いますと、東京ドーム三日目に関しては、当店に驚異的なクオリティの音源が提供されてしのぎを削っている状態でした。それがUxbridgeからCD-Rでリリースされた東京ドーム二日目とのゴージャスなカップリング・アイテム「ONE ON ONE JAPAN TOUR VOL.2」に収録された音源。これがまた凄まじいレベルを誇ったハイクオリティ・オーディエンス録音であり、当初はそちらの音源での限定プレスCDリリースが予定されていたほど。しかし、そこへ提供されたのが今回のテーパーによる音源。それをプレイバックした瞬間に「決まり」。非常にハイレベルな争いの果てに、東京ドーム三日目に関しても、それまでのアイテムと同じテーパーの提供による独自入手音源でのリリースと相成りました。
もちろん「ONE ON ONE JAPAN TOUR VOL.2」もCD-Rでのリリースとなってしまいましたが、一聴して圧倒されるレベルの極上録音であることには変わりなく、今回のプレスCD用音源とはまた違ったハイクオリティぶり、あるいは感動のドーム最終日のオルタネイト・マスターとして楽しめる音源であることも断言いたしましょう。

そしてこの日と言えば、何と言っても「青いHey Jude」。2013年の「赤いYesterday」、2015年武道館での自動装置による腕光りアイテムに次ぐ第三のサプライズ。その臨場感は音だけで聴いていても十分に感じられる。何しろ凄まじい高音質ですからね…。さらにこの日のアンコールでは最終日に相応しい「Get Back」が登場。ただし演奏が始まる際にはラスティ・アンダーソンだけが構成を勘違いしたのか、一人「Hi, Hi, Hi」のコードを弾き始めて妙なイントロなってしまったのが面白い。おまけにオンな音像なものだから、ドラマーのエイブが歌う低音バックコーラスもリアルに聴こえてしまう。

★「TOKYO DOME 2017 1ST NIGHT」のテーパーが、前作同様に、最良のブロックのフロント・ロウで録音した奇跡の超高音質タイトルです。これは凄いです。

Disc 1 (77:36)
1. Intro. 2. A Hard Day’s Night 3. Junior’s Farm 4. Can’t Buy Me Love 5. Jet
6. Temporary Secretary 7. Let Me Roll It 8. I’ve Got A Feeling 9. My Valentine
10. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five 11. Maybe I’m Amazed 12. We Can Work It Out
13. In Spite of All the Danger 14. You Won’t See Me 15. Love Me Do 16. And I Love Her
17. Blackbird 18. Here Today 19. Queenie Eye 20. New

Disc 2 (55:44)
1. The Fool on the Hill 2. Lady Madonna 3. FourFiveSeconds 4. Eleanor Rigby 5. I Wanna Be Your Man
6. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! 7. Something 8. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 9. Band on the Run
10. Back in the U.S.S.R. 11. Let It Be 12. Live and Let Die 13. Hey Jude

Disc 3 (30:49)
1. Audience 2. Yesterday 3. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) 4. Get Back
5. Hi, Hi, Hi 6. Golden Slumbers 7. Carry That Weight 8. The End

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