Paul McCartney / Tokyo Dome 2017 1st Night / 3CD

Paul McCartney / Tokyo Dome 2017 1st Night / 3CD / Non Label

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Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 27th April 2017

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Paul Everyone was surprised by the performance in Japan this time, it probably was the set list of Tokyo Dome more overwhelmingly than the Budokan. Of course, this time the Budokan is the stage that will be the start of live for one year, so it does not seem that Paul will appear in an “attacked” configuration. Also, since the Budokan is treated as “gig”, the whole show time is short. Even if I deducted it, everyone was supposed to be surprised after the set list of the series of Tokyo Dome this time. Both 2013 and 2015 are clearly different. I guess many fans were satisfied with just that. Not only the opening “A Hard Day’s Night” but also the repertoire that many songs were not listened to in the past in Japan tours.

Nonetheless, everyone was surprised by the high wings set list in the set list on the first day of Tokyo Dome. “Junior’s Farm” which I thought was just a special Budokan special was undoubtedly developed and shocked development. “Letting Go” was surprisingly more than that. I wonder if there were many mania waiting for this. Despite playing back to the live repertoire that began in the 2010s and since the tour of Wings, the set list fell before the performance in Japan in 2013. Although it fulfilled the resurrection from last year’s “ONE ON ONE” tour, I thought that this time it is also hopeless … because it was not played at Budokan, … and what do you think will play at the Tokyo Dome. However, as a result, “Letting Go” was played only on the first day of the dome, so it became a rare existence in this visit to Japan.
Mania was supposed to be crazy also in Paul flow blown-out techno “Temporary Secretary” who broke in between the most attractive wings and classic for such maniac. Originally this song was decorated live debut after the last tour in Japan, so I was amazed at the same time, I want to listen to this at the dome … for a manier I was hoping it would have been the best moment . Besides, because last year’s dessert trip did not play for two days, will it end with a short lived repertoire? I think that it is a pleasant resurrection in Japan from where I thought. Also, I am glad that the revival of “The Fool On The Hill” which is one of famous songs loved by Japanese fans is reviving.

Although this repertoire was the composition of the “ONE ON ONE” tour from last year, that reflected a fresh look to us. It is also noteworthy that the tone of Paul’s voice was suddenly upward compared with the Budokan. As I thought, the Budokan was still the first day of the tour, especially at “Yesterday” it was true that there was a scene where Paul’s voice did not come out. Even if you are older, the first day of the tour is what anyone can do. However, Paul on the first day of the dome let me listen to lively songs literally, so you can see how it apparently seized the condition.
Noteworthy is the audience recording this time that captured the strong performance of Paul. High quality of that, I’d like you to expect this. Clearly, with regard to the first day of Tokyo Dome, Ultra Quality without doubt that this will reign as best title as soon as possible. Recording position is recording drunk in the killer area called Arena A9’s front row. It is worthwhile, the recorded state is a different quality that you can hear the word “on-sound image” even louder. There is no doubt that everyone is losing words in a balance like a sound board.
For example, a solid response that is clear with songs of bands and sounds like “Queenie Eye”. The amazing sound that the impressive bass was beaten out is wonderful. Speaking of Arena A9, it was a position that was confirmed that the appearance would be projected on the screen of the venue. This is an exceptional sound that I caught in such a great location! We have already released some of our CD-R items, but when we first came here and released the limited press release, there would be no suitable sound source. “Birthday” which became special at the encore of this day can play back with the sound pressure of deep force, even perfect clearance. For the set list in this visit to Japan, including the previous “Letting Go”, the first day of Tokyo Dome became popular number one of maniacs. The secret composition with plenty of wings is its secret. I caught such a day with perfect sound quality. No, no, I wonder if the best sound source can be released as soon as possible without a multiplier? This is amazing!

★ The recording location is arena A 9, front row. It is incredibly high quality sound. Perhaps it seems that there is no recording exceeding this sound source in this performance. That’s amazing recording.
ポール今回の来日公演で誰もが驚かされたこと、それは武道館よりも東京ドームの方が圧倒的に充実のセットリストであったことでしょう。もちろん今回の武道館は一年のライブ始めとなるステージであり、そうなるとポールが「攻めた」構成に出るとは思えない。それに武道館は「ギグ」扱いということからショー全体の時間も短い。それを差し引いてみたとしても、今回の一連の東京ドームのセットリストの充実ぶりには、誰もが驚かされたはず。2013年や2015年ともはっきり違う。それだけでも多くのファンが大満足だったのではないでしょうか?オープニングの「A Hard Day’s Night」だけでなく、多くの曲が過去の来日公演では聴かれなかったレパートリーばかりだったのですから。

とはいえ、東京ドーム初日のセットリストにおける、ウイングス度の高いセットリストには、誰もが驚かされたことでしょう。てっきり武道館だけのスペシャルだと思っていた「Junior’s Farm」が惜しげもなくブチかまされた衝撃の展開。それ以上に驚きだった「Letting Go」。これを待っていたマニアが多かったのではないでしょうか。2010年代に入ってウイングスのツアー以来となるライブ・レパートリーへの復帰を果たしたものの、2013年の来日公演を前にセットリスト落ち。昨年の「ONE ON ONE」ツアーから復活を果たしてくれたものの、武道館では演奏されなかったことから、今回も望み薄か…と思いきや、何と東京ドームで演奏してくれるとは。しかし、結果として「Letting Go」はドーム初日でしか演奏されなかったのですから、今回の来日公演においてはレアな存在となりました。
そんなマニアにとって最高に魅力的なウイングス・クラシックの間に割って入ったポール流ぶっ飛びテクノ「Temporary Secretary」にもマニアは狂喜されられたはず。元々この曲は前回の来日公演の後からライブ・デビューを飾っていますので、驚かされた同時に、これをドームで聴きたい…そう願っていたマニアにとっては、最高の瞬間となったことでしょう。しかも昨年のデザート・トリップにおいては二日間ともに演奏さなかったことから、短命のレパートリーで終わってしまうのか?と思っていたところからの、日本での嬉しい復活だとも言えるでしょう。それに日本のファンに愛される名曲の一つである「The Fool On The Hill」の復活も嬉しいところ。

もっとも、こうしたレパートリーこそが昨年からの「ONE ON ONE」ツアーの構成だった訳ですが、それが我々にはとても新鮮に映った。また武道館と比べてポールの声の調子が俄然上向いていたこともこの日の特筆すべき点でしょう。やはり武道館はツアー初日ということもあり、特に「Yesterday」においては、ポールの声が出きらない場面があったのは事実。高齢であることを差し引いても、やはりツアー初日というのは誰でも力んでしまうもの。ところがドーム初日のポールは文字通り伸びやかな歌を聴かせてくれており、明らかに調子をつかんだ様子が伺えるのです。
例えば「Queenie Eye」のようなバンド・サウンドの曲で冴えわたるずっしりとした手応え。迫力の低音が叩き出された驚きのサウンドが素晴らしい。アリーナA9と言えば、会場のスクリーンに姿が映し出されてしまうことが確定していたポジション。そんな絶好のロケーションでキャッチした別格のサウンドがこれ!既に当店もいくつかのCD-Rアイテムにてリリースしてまいりましたが、ここにきて最初の限定プレスCDリリースに際し、これほど相応しい音源はないでしょう。この日のアンコールにおけるスペシャルとなった「Birthday」もド迫力の音圧、さらには完璧なクリアネスでプレイバックできてしまう。先の「Letting Go」を始めとして、今回の来日公演におけるセットリストに関してはマニアの人気ナンバーワンとなった東京ドーム初日。ウイングス感たっぷりな構成がその秘訣。そんな一日を完璧な音質で捉えました。いやはや、掛け値なしに極上な音源が早くもリリースされてしまっていいのだろうか?これは凄い!

Disc 1 (78:18)
1. Intro.★48分収録 2. A Hard Day’s Night 3. Junior’s Farm 4. Can’t Buy Me Love
5. Letting Go 6. Temporary Secretary 7. Let Me Roll It 8. I’ve Got A Feeling

Disc 2 (58:31)
1. My Valentine 2. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five 3. Maybe I’m Amazed 4. We Can Work It Out
5. In Spite of All the Danger 6. You Won’t See Me 7. Love Me Do 8. And I Love Her 9. Blackbird
10. Here Today 11. Queenie Eye 12. New 13. The Fool on the Hill 14. Lady Madonna
15. FourFiveSeconds 16. Eleanor Rigby

Disc 3 (69:33)
1. I Wanna Be Your Man 2. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! 3. Something 4. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
5. Band on the Run 6. Back in the U.S.S.R. 7. Let It Be 8. Live and Let Die 9. Hey Jude
10. Yesterday 11. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) 12. Hi, Hi, Hi 13. Birthday
14. Golden Slumbers 15. Carry That Weight 16. The End

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