Paul McCartney / Tokyo 1993 Second Night / 2CD

Paul McCartney / Tokyo 1993 Second Night / 2CD / Non Label

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Live At Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 14th November 1993.Pro-Shot


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I think that is the name board of the Japan Tour 1993 “2ND NIGHT IN TOKYO DOME 1993” has had to SOLD OUT and or still fresh in our minds, but the offer of a new sound source was realized in response to the information. If you would say from the conclusion, a new master audience recording of this time’s the best source of more lightly will surpass the level of that “2ND NIGHT ~”. Sound quality of it was also a thing great, but this time the sound source splendor to go on it without hyperbole. It only get to listen to the opening BGM, should get to realize very easily. Sound images on is the best part anyway! Goodness of as the voice of Paul I will assert that it is by far among the Japan Tour ’93 thing which our store came to release up to now, among others. Unlike Japan tour of ’90, which suffered from the aftermath of the cold, the pole at this time really the best condition. It will be the sound quality captured without the state leaves it over, you can be absolutely satisfied with this alone.
It is a new sound source suitable for calling a new standard just sound image and clearness of such distinguished, but it is something which exceeds lightly recording state of “2ND NIGHT ~” also texture should say Uomi score. I had the impression of sound quality in there that dark range is narrow, but the sound of this time opposite. Uomi taste and spread excellent. Will reproduce the state of the Tokyo second day in sound quality great as it seems the voice of Paul, coupled with great balance, to be, is no hope for any more as audience recording of Tokyo Dome Live ’93 there.
Sense of reality of the venue be made with exquisite balance, voice to sing the left and right occasionally also hear, but it’s not in the state it is like poke the ear and fortunate, refers to a swelling of Japan Tour ’93 rather and it will be the thing to be telling feeling. And yet I feel the out-of-court where the reaction of “Iei” is returned with a slight delay because there is no translation systems, such as the Japan tour last year and in 2002, Paul is off a long MC English. As you remember frustrating it is to communicate from their experience at this time as Paul, and I think in was decided to introduction of such a system since 2002.
And I was also the ’93 tour good-quality live sound of tour band formed in 1989 has welcomed its apex. Perfect performance of the band the first time that we arranged virtuoso Robbie Macintosh, there is no blur really. It may be said voice shout his name before the guitar solo in his corner “Robbie’s Bit” begins gains occur even for granted. Commonplace, a new standard of Japan Tour ’93 appeared limited release in the press CD because it is such a superb sound source. Let us pray to re-visit to Japan realization of Paul tour is resumed at last from July listening to this!

 1993年来日公演の名盤である「2ND NIGHT IN TOKYO DOME 1993」がSOLD OUTしてしまったことは記憶に新しいかと思いますが、その報を受けて新たな音源の提供が実現しました。結論から言ってしまうと、今回の新たなオーディエンス録音マスターはあの「2ND NIGHT~」のレベルを軽く凌いでしまうほどの極上音源なのです。それの音質も素晴らしいものではありましたが、今回の音源は掛け値なしにその上を行く素晴らしさ。それはオープニングBGMを聴いてもらうだけで、いとも簡単に実感してもらえるはず。とにかくオンな音像が圧巻です!中でもポールの声の通りの良さはこれまで当店がリリースして来た93年来日公演ものの中でもダントツであることを断言いたします。風邪の後遺症に悩まされた90年の来日公演と違い、この時のポールは本当に絶好調。その様子があますことなく捉えられた音質、これだけでも絶対に満足していただけることでしょう。
 そんな抜群のクリアネスや音像だけでも新たなスタンダードと呼ぶにふさわしい新音源ではありますが、これぞウォーミーというべき質感もまた「2ND NIGHT~」の録音状態を軽く上回るものなのです。そこでの音質はレンジが狭くて暗いという印象があったのですが、今回の音源は正反対。広がりとウォーミーな味わいは絶品。そこにポールの声が大きなバランスと相まって、93年東京ドーム・ライブのオーディエンス録音としてはこれ以上望めないのでは、と思えるほど素晴らしい音質で東京二日目の様子を再現いたします。
 そして1989年に結成されたツアー・バンドの上質なライブ・サウンドが頂点を迎えたのが93年ツアーでもありました。名手ロビー・マッキントッシュを配したバンドの完璧な演奏ぶり、本当にブレがありません。彼のギター・ソロ・コーナー「Robbie’s Bit」が始まる前で彼の名前を叫ぶ声が上がるのも当然と言えるでしょう。そんな極上音源ですのでプレスCDでの限定リリースは当たり前、93年来日公演の新たなスタンダードが登場します。これを聴いて7月から遂にツアーが再開されるポールの再来日実現を祈りましょう!

Disc 1 (79:44)
1. Opening 2. Drive My Car 3. Coming Up 4. Looking For Changes 5. Jet 6. All My Loving 
7. Let Me Roll It 8. Peace In The Neighbourhood 9. Off The Ground 10. Can’t Buy Me Love 
11. Robbie’s Bit (Thanks Chet) 12. Good Rockin’ Tonight 13. We Can Work It Out 
14. I Lost My Little Girl 15. Ain’t No Sunshine 16. Hope Of Deliverance 17. Michelle 
18. Biker Like An Icon 19. Here There And Everywhere 20. Yesterday 21. My Love 

Disc 2 (61:32
1. Lady Madonna 2. C’mon People 3. Magical Mystery Tour 4. Let It Be 5. Live And Let Die 
6. Paperback Writer 7. Back In The U.S.S.R. 8. Penny Lane 
9. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 10. Band On The Run 11. I Saw Her Standing There 
12. ‘O Sole Mio 13. Hey Jude 

Paul McCartney: Lead Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Piano Linda McCartney: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Hamish Stuart: Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals Robbie McIntosh: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Paul “Wix” Wickens: Keyboards, Accordion, Backing Vocals
Blair Cunningham: Drums

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