Paul McCartney / Rare McCartney Blue / 3CD

Paul McCartney / Rare McCartney Blue / 3CD / Digital Archives Promotion

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Ultimate Archive Collection Rarities 1970-2016 Disc 1-3

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[Collector’s Point]

From the long history of Paul’s past activities there is a huge rare sound source but basically this collection

Record sound source not recorded in bonus track of bonus track and box set of official album etc in chronological order.

Even among official announcements, sound sources that became difficult to obtain due to limited releases or not for sale promotion boards

Sound sources that were released at the time in a limited form even though it was a familiar live More recently in the Internet and public

There are many rare sound sources of collector crying, such as remixes limited by analog boards and single new releases of songs etc.

Such sound sources are gathered at once.

It takes a huge amount of time and effort to collect each, and it also includes sound sources which are difficult to obtain now

It has become a very useful rare sound source archive collection as a best back collector item.














1. TOO MANY PEOPLE (Promo mono mix 1971)

2. HI HI HI (Intsrumental 2009)

3. LIVE AND LET DIE (Surround remix 2008)

4. HELEN WHEELS (Extended version 2009)

5. JUNIOR’S FARM (Intsrumental 2009)

6. SEASIDE WOMAN (Single mix 1972)

7. B-SIDE TO SEASIDE (Single mix 1972)

8. MULL OF KINTYRE (Video mix 1977)

9. COMING UP (Wingspan edit 2001)

10. GET IT (Single mix 1982)

11. IT’S NOT ON (Demo sequence 1982)

12. THE GIRL IS MINE (Alternate promo edit 1982)


14. BALLROOM DANCING (Film mix 1983)

15. NO VALUES (Film mix 1983)


17. WE ALL STAND TOGETHER (Promo edit 1984)

18. DO THEY KNOW IT’S CHRISTMAS? (Trevor Horn mix 1984)

19. FEED THE WORLD (Single 1984)

20. MESSAGES (Single 1985)

21. ALL THE BEST! (TV ad 1987)



1. INTRODUCTION (Prince’s trust concert 1986)

2. I SAW HER STANDING THERE (Prince’s trust concert 1986)

3. LONG TALL SALLY (Prince’s trust concert 1986)

4. GET BACK (Prince’s trust concert 1986)

5. ROCKESTRA THEME (Duan Eddy version 1987)

6. ROCKESTRA THEME (Duan Eddy extended version 1987)

7. LET IT BE (Ferry Aid single 1987)

8. LET IT BE (Ferry Aid – The gospel jam mix 1987)

9. LET IT BE (Ferry Aid – Extended version 1987)

10. LET IT BE (Ferry Aid – Mega message mix 1987)

11. CHILDREN IN NEED (Single 1988)

12. CHILDREN IN NEED (Single – Instrumental 1988)

13. IN LIVERPOOL (The liverpool sound concert 2008)

14. FERRY ‘CROSS THE MERSEY (Single 1989)

15. THIS ONE (Remix)

16. COMING UP (Knebworth concert 1990)

17. HEY JUDE (Knebworth concert 1990)



1. BAND ON THE RUN (Barn rehearsal 1989)

2. HIROSHIMA SKY IS ALWAYS BLUE (Complete unedited version 1995)

3. BEAUTIFUL NIGHT (Basic track)

4. LITTLE CHILDREN (Single 1998)

5. BLUE SUEDE SHOES (Rock and roll hall of fame 1999)

6. WHAT’D I SAY (Rock and roll hall of fame 1999)

7. LET IT BE (Rock and roll hall of fame 1999)

8. LONESOME TOWN (A concert for linda 1999)

9. ALL MY LOVING (A concert for linda 1999)

10. VO!CE (SOMEONE U LOVE) (Edit 1999)

11. ABOUT YOU (Driving rain promo 2001)

12. YOUR LOVING FLAME (Driving rain promo 2001)

13. LONELY ROAD (Driving rain promo 2001)

14. I DO (Driving rain promo 2001)

15. DRIVING RAIN (Driving rain promo 2001)

16. RINSE THE RAINDROPS (Driving rain promo 2001)

17. JIM CARREY INTRODUCTION (The concert for new york city 2001)

18. I’M DOWN (The concert for new york city 2001)

19. YESTERDAY (The concert for new york city 2001)

20. FREEDOM (The concert for new york city 2001)

21. LET IT BE (The concert for new york city 2001)

22. FREEDOM (REPRISE) (The concert for new york city 2001)



Digital Archives Promotion. DAP-P015CD-1/2/3

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