Paul McCartney / Ram In Thrillington / 1CDR

Paul McCartney / Ram In Thrillington / 1CDR / Beatfile

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Hybrid Reconstruction Remix&Remasters 2017. Soundboard

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Paul McCartney ‘s original version of Paul · McCartney’ s original board “Lamb” whose popularity and evaluation has further increased in recent years and the sound of “Slurlington” announced pole himself anonymously as an instrumental version by the album whole orchestra was united 2017 Hybrid · Remix & Remaster Appears!

The collector’s remix sound source album that the original straight pole vocal combined with rich orchestration has reborn into a new version that has never existed.
Even bonuses include “AB Peace in Ireland” combined body mix and “Twe · Freaks · Remix of” Mavy I’m Amazed “. It is the latest Collector’s item of attention that remixed the famous board “Lamb” two versions of Paul himself! !




01. Too Many People/02. 3 Legs/03. Ram On/04. Dear Boy/05. Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey/06. Smile Away/07. Heart Of The Country/08. Monkberry Moon Delight/09. Eat At Home/10. Long Haired Lady11. The Back Seat Of My Car/
Bonus Tracks:12. Tomorrow (Thrillington Style Instrumental)/13. Give Ireland Back To The Irish (A/B Side Remix)/14. Maybe I’m Amazed (Hybrid Twin Freaks Remix)
Hybrid Reconstruction Remix&Remasters 2017

Beatfile. BFP-113

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