Paul McCartney / Pipes Of Peace Sessions / 3CD

Paul McCartney / Pipes Of Peace Sessions / 3CD / Misterclaudel

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Pipes Of Peace 1983 Promotional Radio Show. Digitally Remastered


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Latest work of M Claudel is a session collection of albums that have been in 1983 release “Pipes Of Peace”. With the arrival of the George Martin to producer, in order to collaborate since the Beatles era, Paul has prepared a music over indeed two or more sheets of albums. To make the first “tag of War” from the “Pipes Of Peace” has been created from the song that has leaked at the time. that both George Martin was subjected to produce. That it was composed at the same time. And War and Peace. Younger brother of brothers album which became a pair is, I will say that this “Pipes Of Peace”. Public evaluation has become a staple as the name board “tag of War,” but I think not many people that is a fan of the old prefer the “Pipes Of Peace”. In particular, although the last is costarring with Stevie Wonder became a hot topic, it has also attracted attention in that the co-star song of the hottest artists and that was Michael Jackson at that time the world has been recorded in this album. This work, such as outtakes and session instrument for the album “Pipes Of Peace”, will be the one that was the culmination in the order of the album songs.

Disk 1 begins decorate the beginning album “Pipes Of Peace”. Monitor mix can listen to the extraction of the chorus part of the children in, also in the basic track, you can enjoy a single-track vocals of Paul. “Say Say Say” that was hit with a single at the time, but has been made another mix are many, in fact there will be a different take. It has been recorded in this work. Vocals in another completely, Michael has sung with the perky than release version, the orchestra has become a different music of all impression while almost the same. And or in the release version has been directly singing Michael is the place where Paul was singing, will be interesting difference is also found here and there in large numbers. “Keep Under Cover” Rashiku song that Paul himself had put the very force, has been carefully rehearsal is done from the Wings era, the initial version that dropped the tempo to listen here. About music and all configuration is completed, after is how to do bring to the final shape has become an issue. Such as the guitar solo is incorporated, and is the initial version of rock tastes have come heavily. Part of the narrative tone of the intro that can be heard in the release version also because were added later, you can learn from this rehearsal and demo. “So Bad” is the only music is also unusual singing Paul throughout falsetto, is referred to as a bass note of that return, it said that masterpieces marked brilliantly the pot of Paul fan. In track that becomes the basic is to have been recorded here, instruments to a minimum, vocal vivid version of Paul single tracks. And finally is this also a rare acetate sound source is “The Man”. Any stage of the thing whether it is not ascertained, the guitar has not yet been added firmly, in the back by approximately orchestra and acoustic guitar, and is the initial version that has been multiplied by a deep echo in the vocals.

Disc 2 has recorded the “Average Person” than the demo version 2 and Wings rehearsal session, the “Sweetest Little Show”. “Sweetest Little Show” while simple demo vocals is added is overdubbing, is impressive that the tempo kept are carefully sing. “Average Person” is quite like the initial version, how are kneaded a song while instructing the chord progression to the band members have been recorded. Melody is almost complete, lyrics also can ask you that have brought to the studio in a state in which from the beginning has been to some extent completed. You probably were thinking as a new song of Wings, is a rehearsal to uncompromising attitude of Paul is, yet peaceful studio rehearsal sound source that atmosphere comes through the while issues an instruction to be band again and again. The last has been recorded demo of the songs of Paul alone.

Disc 3 will begin with the sweet ballad “poem to the Koala” from a different mix of “Twice In A Lifetime”. “Poem to the Koala” is have been recorded in the B-side of the single “Say Say Say”, probably because on CD was delayed, but is unfortunate song of classic treats hidden that does not hit much of the spot, a beautiful melody, magnificent melody, etc., exactly the McCartney sound true value such. “Twice In A Lifetime” in the calm songs sad melody, Hakubi a good song, even in this time of outtakes. If anything it is the melody close to “press-to-play”. “It’s No On” is a song with a nimble melody in turn, than Paul stand out is more of the child’s voice, the song of subtle impression for Paul fan. But session sound source of the same song that Paul has been recorded in this work sing in the main is, there is no McCartney number veritable that brew this is 70’s atmosphere, such as if-class also is said to be the Wings era of demo . “Simple As That” has been recorded release version is in the bonus track of “Pipes Of Peace”, but the demo’s has been recorded in this work. It surprised it is quite different from what the melody with the release version. Lyrics only is common in, I feel like if they were listening to another song.

Highlights of disk 3 would be session sound source of “The Girl Is Mine”. As a return to the pole of the album Michael Jackson took part, it is a song to the “Thriller” of Michael, that Paul is participating vocal in the form of duet “The Girl Is Mine”. This is not a co-operation, credits of Michael alone, in perfect Michael Jackson number, Paul participation of only vocals. Thus demo first to have been recorded is a recording by Michael alone. The place is unusual for Paul part also Michael is singing sing originally. It contains the sweet strings, the tempo is slow, it is a demonstration sound source pretty impressive is different from the release version. This song will not contain the words of Paul and Michael to ending, also recorded single edit that the word does not enter.

1980s dance music epidemic, remixes and long edit for flowing in such club was created in large numbers. Michael Jackson is the representative price, the more difficult the whole of understanding has been released many remixes of separately 12 inches from the album and single. Even the original version to the listening accustomed ears were often unnatural that it might than flying sound or there is a strange feeling, nostalgic 80s scent of become now. Here it is 3 version remix of made in relatively recent years “Say Say Say”. Especially remix made by Chris Holmes in 2012, it surprised suddenly to the sampling of “Hey Bulldog”.

And the end of the disc 3, has recorded a radio program that introduces the album was made at the time release. While listening to the song of “Pipes Of Peace” in the order, Paul himself will have the description of music in the form of answer to interview. Interviewer also Rashiku fairly Paul fan, I have cast a fairly sharp questions. Paul to the question, “What was that? Is after a long time of working with George Martin?” Has joked, “I was the worst!”. Other, has been recorded an interesting interview over that of Michael Jackson, which was co-starring in the album and, in the range until the maniac questions such as what does not appear in the concert tour. By the way to go on tour it will take the years of six years and even more this time.

Latest work of M Claudel, the title was recorded session of the album “Pipes Of Peace”. Including the same period session, packed Innovation Kyu-over to really three disks, is the latest work of the session series. Permanent Athletic press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.


ディスク1はアルバム冒頭を飾る「パイプス・オブ・ピース」から始まります。モニターミックスでは子供たちの合唱部分の抽出を聴くことができ、またベーシックトラックではポールのシングル・トラック・ヴォーカルを堪能できます。当時シングルでヒットした「Say Say Say」は、別ミックスが数多く作られていますが、実は別テイクが存在します。それが本作に収録されています。ヴォーカルも完全に別で、マイケルがリリース・バージョンより溌剌と歌っており、オケはほぼ同じながら全く印象の異なる楽曲となっています。リリース・バージョンではポールが歌っていた箇所をそのままマイケルが歌っていたりと、興味深い違いも数多く散見されます。「Keep Under Cover」はポール自身も非常に力を入れていた曲らしく、ウイングス時代から入念にリハーサルが行われており、ここで聴けるのはテンポを落とした初期バージョン。ほぼ楽曲は全ての構成が完成されており、後はいかに最終形までもっていくかが課題となっているようです。ギターソロが組み込まれるなど、ロック的なテイストが色濃く出ている初期バージョンです。リリース・バージョンで聴くことが出来るイントロの語り調の部分は後から加えられたというのも、このリハーサルやデモ音源から知ることができます。「So Bad」はポールが終始裏声で歌う珍しくも唯一の楽曲で、あの返しのベース音といい、ポール・ファンのツボを見事に突いた名曲といえます。ここに収録されているのはベーシックとなるトラックで、楽器は最小限に、ポールのシングル・トラックのヴォーカルが生々しいバージョン。そして最後がこれまた珍しいアセテート音源の「The Man」です。どの段階でのものなのか判然しませんが、ギターがまだしっかりと加えられておらず、ほぼオーケストラとアコギだけをバックにして、ヴォーカルには深いエコーがかけられている初期バージョンです。

ディスク2は「Sweetest Little Show」のデモを2バージョン、そしてウイングスのリハーサル・セッションより「Average Person」を収録しています。「Sweetest Little Show」はシンプルなデモ音源ながらヴォーカルは重ね録りが加えられ、テンポを抑え丁寧に歌っているのが印象的です。「Average Person」はかなり初期バージョンのようで、バンド・メンバーにコード進行を指示しながら曲を練っている様子が収録されています。メロディはほぼ完成しており、歌詞も最初からある程度完成している状態でスタジオに持ち込んでいるのが伺えます。おそらくウイングスの新曲として考えていたのでしょう、何度も何度もバンドに指示を出しながらリハーサルしているポールの妥協しない姿勢、それでいて和やかなスタジオの雰囲気が伝わってくるリハーサル音源です。最後はポール単独の同曲のデモ音源が収録されています。

ディスク3は甘いバラード「コアラへの詩」と「Twice In A Lifetime」の別ミックスから始まります。「コアラへの詩」はシングル「Say Say Say」のB面に収録されていて、CD化が遅れたせいか、あまりスポットの当たらない隠れた名曲扱いの不運な曲ですが、美しいメロディ、壮大な曲調などは、まさにマッカートニー・サウンドの真骨頂。「Twice In A Lifetime」は切ないメロディの落ち着いた曲で、この時期のアウトテイクの中でも白眉な佳曲。どちらかといえば「プレス・トゥ・プレイ」に近い曲調です。「It’s No On」は一転して軽快なメロディを持つ曲で、ポールよりは子供の歌声の方が目立つ、ポール・ファンにとっては微妙な印象の曲です。しかし本作に収録されているポールがメインで歌う同曲のセッション音源は、これがウイングス時代のデモと言われても通用するかのような70年代の雰囲気を醸しているまぎれもないマッカートニー・ナンバー。「Simple As That」はリリース・バージョンが「パイプス・オブ・ピース」のボーナストラックで収録されていますが、本作に収録されているのはそのデモ音源。驚くのはメロディから何からリリース・バージョンと全く異なる点です。歌詞が共通なだけで、まるで別の曲を聴いているかのような感じです。

ディスク3のハイライトは「The Girl Is Mine」のセッション音源でしょう。ポールのアルバムにマイケルジャクソンが参加した返礼として、マイケルの「スリラー」に一曲、ポールがデュエットという形でヴォーカル参加しているのが「The Girl Is Mine」です。これは共作ではなく、クレジットはマイケルひとりの、完全なるマイケルジャクソン・ナンバーで、ポールはヴォーカルのみの参加。よって最初に収録されているデモ音源はマイケルひとりによる録音です。本来ポールが歌うパートもマイケルが歌っているのが珍しいところ。甘いストリングスが入り、テンポはゆっくりで、リリース・バージョンとはかなり印象が異なるデモ音源です。この曲はエンディングにポールとマイケルの語りが入っていますが、その語りが入らないシングル・エディットも収録しています。

1980年代はダンス・ミュージックが流行、クラブなどで流すためのリミックスやロング・エディットが数多く作られました。マイケルジャクソンはその代表格で、アルバムやシングルとは別に12インチのリミックスが数多くリリースされており全体の把握が困難なほどです。オリジナル・バージョンを聴き慣れた耳には違和感があったり音が飛んでいるのではないかという不自然なものが多かったのも、今となっては懐かしい80年代の香り。ここでは比較的近年に作られた「Say Say Say」のリミックスを3バージョン収録しています。特に2012年にクリス・ホルメスによって作られたリミックスは、いきなり「Hey Bulldog」のサンプリングに驚きます。




01. Monitor Mix
02. Basic Track
03. Piano + second vocals, no children chorus (5.1 mix)
04. Effects + Flute + Children chorus + Indian Tabla (5.1 mix)
05. Single Edit

06. Alternate Take
07. Main vocal version (5.1 mix)
08. Single Extended Version
09. Single Instrumental

10. Rough Mix

Wings Rehearsal, October 30, 1980

11. Demo practice #1
12. Demo practice #2
13. Rehearsal #1
14. Rehearsal #2
15. Rehearsal #3
16. Rehearsal #4
17. Demo

Session with George Martin
18. Session #1
19. “Magic Eyes”
20. Session #2

21. Basic Track
22. Synthesizer + Orchestra (5.1 mix)

23. Rough Mix (Unknown Acetate)


01. Demo (unedited)
02. Demo (edited)

Wings Rehearsal, October 18, 1980

03. Rehearsal #1
04. Rehearsal #2
05. Rehearsal #3
06. Rehearsal #4
07. Rehearsal #5
08. Rehearsal #6
09. Rehearsal #7
10. Rehearsal #8
11. Rehearsal #9

Wings Rehearsal, October 30, 1980
12. Rehearsal #1
13. Rehearsal #2
14. Rehearsal #3
15. Rehearsal #4
16. Demo


01. Alternate Mix

02. Alternate Mix

03. Recording Session
04. Monitor Mix with additional vocals
05. Final Version

Unreleased Demo
06. Simple As That

07. Demo
08. Original long version
09. Single Edit
10. Promo Edit (“New Edited Version”)

11. Say Say Say (Chris Holmes Remix 2010)
12. Say Say Say (Chris Holmes Remix 2012)
13. Say Say Say (2015 Remix- video edit mix)

14. Intro/ Pipes Of Peace
15. Chat about George Martin
16. Chat about Michael Jackson
17. Say Say Say (Special edited version)
18. Chat about ‘Ebony and Ivory’
19. Chat about ‘The Man’
20. Chat about ‘The Other Me’
21. Chat about ‘Keep Under Cover’
22. Chat about ‘So Bad’
23. Chat about touring
24. Chat about ‘Sweetest Little Show’
25. Chat about ‘Average Person’
26. Chat about ‘Through Our Love’
27. About ‘War and Peace’
28. Paul final words
Misterclaudel. MCCD-528/529/530

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