Paul McCartney / Outside Lands Festival 2013 / 3CD+2DVD

Paul McCartney / Outside Lands Festival 2013 / 3CD+2DVD / Non Label

Live at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA. USA 9th August 2013 TRULY PERFECT SOUND & AMAZING SHOT (with fully synched CD audio sound) & WEBCAST



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Translated text:

Paul’s Boston live is very fantastic audience recording. So it is the best one of lives in July. And now this recording definitely is the best ones of lives in August. This San Francisco recording is really in front and powerful recording. It was already released as CD-R, but we think it is worthwhile to release CD-press. So now we have done the CD-press release.


Rarely from July to August the setlist was changed. All My Loving was dropped which was always played in first part for a long time. Instead of All My Loving, Magical Mystery Tour is set in. It was used on past tour as opening song, so it is not so rare tune. But after  hyper opening song Eight Days A Week, also another hyper tune Magical Mystery Tour was played, the famous Beatles song was ideal, it means very good for the flow of concert. 

In addition to this fantastic audience recording, we release press DVD for audience shot the same day. It means surely definitive edition. You can enjoy whole show with DVD of Audience recording. It is one camera shot in front of the stage. It is not include really close shot but you can feel the stage mood and what Paul and The Band are doing. And some audience seems to have lost interest to listen Junior’s Farm which means not so famous tune. It means maybe festival mood. And San Francisco Bay Blues is very rare tune, but audience is not so hot for this song. In this song a lady start dancing in front of the camera man. In Being For The Benefit Of Mr.Kite! the camera man film lady who sit down sick. But it is also very festival relax mood.


And this DVD is fully synched CD audio sound that is very fantastic one. You can really enjoy this festival. we synch careful each part, so you can have no stress, it is good edit like Helter Skelter, the master has problem, so we did good edit. And you can see preparation for Kronos Quartet to play Yesterday.


And there are streaming movies like Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in June so you can watch pro-shot streaming on this DVD. But it is only 8 songs and they are not special one like Yesterday with Kronos Quartet. On Junior’s Farm Brian Ray play bass guitar like the person possessed by Jimmy McCulloch who is member of Wings. On Live And Let Die Rusty Anderson pretend to have been overturned. there are some good points on them. This stream is stereo soundboard, so they are also put on CD. Not only best audience recording also good compilation with streaming movies, it is must have titles same as Boston in July.  

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