Paul McCartney / Out There Tokyo Dome First Day / 2DVD

Paul McCartney / Out There Tokyo Dome First Day / 2DVD /Piccadilly Circus

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Live At Tokyo Dome, November 18, 2013.Great To Be Back In Tokyo.


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Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-188/189

Japan tour in November 2013, first time in 11 years of Paul McCartney was realized. While being referred to as the Japan tour last every time, it is rumored or not at the end It’s true, this time, it sold out prematurely despite the expensive ticket, additional performances are organized in Osaka, and it was sold out also that, in Japan again I was surprised by the height of the popular Beatles, Paul. It is a Japan tour first time in 11 years when all is said and done. Also, is the first tour of post-release new album “NEW”, it is a full concert, fans all over the world now has a focus on the Japan Tour. Among the Japan tour, this film is the title you complete recording at high quality audience shot the Tokyo Dome three consecutive first day performance. Thou shalt not despise to say audience shot, from the venue of the curtain before, the thrill of the moment when Paul appeared lighting is dim. Only sound source is not known, the state of that day I have been scrupulously recorded. There is also a video of Fukuoka performances taken from the arena and also, are all performances released in high-quality sound of a different dimension from Piccadilly Circus label sound source, but the movement on the stage, this work is the expression of Paul Apart from that, has a shot to focus on the overall atmosphere and production, it is a great work to be attacked by a feeling of being there on the day though. What screen image is what is done as a production number that became able to take up for the first time this tour and “Eight Days A Week” and “All Together Now”. How three of the front to distort the sound as close to the amplifier each guitar, and Rusty will or are throwing guitar in the ending of “Paperback Writer”. And “Blackbird” and “Here Today”, Paul is riding on top of the cube stage high bidding up, the screen is placed at his feet, director of performing in terms of the flow of the waterfall like have been made. Other, you can see the flames to go up in the “Live And Let Die”, magnesium to burst, stage wrapped in white smoke, the venue on the day of the force perfect score to take in hand. And in the Abbey Road medley last, Paul every guitar solo, and how we take the solo while pointing seem to say and, I I have also been recorded scrupulously turn you, the next next.Anyway, full inclusion in the high-quality audience shot, the first day of the Tokyo Dome concert Japan tour 11 years Paul McCartney deep memories. It seems there is also a DVD-R that half-baked grainy video has been up, such as Youtube, was up one performance forced to sweep it up, but this film, from start to finish complete recording in high quality , completely original video that is not floating around anywhere. It is a thing to go out into the world for the first time in this work. By all means, please be as eternal memories that impressive in this work. Press Release Athletic permanent preservation of the beautiful Pictured disc. 



今回のツアーで初めて採り上げる事となったナンバー「Eight Days A Week」や「All Together Now」ではどのようなスクリーン映像が演出としてなされるのか。「Paperback Writer」のエンディングではフロントの3人が各々ギターをアンプに近付けて音を歪ませる様子、ラスティなどはギターを放り投げていたりします。「Blackbird」と「Here Today」では、ステージがせり上がり高い立方体の上にポールが乗り、その足元にスクリーンが設置され、まるで滝の流れる上で演奏しているような演出がなされました。その他、「Live And Let Die」で立ち上る炎、炸裂するマグネシウム、白煙に包まれるステージ、迫力満点の当日の会場の様子が手にとるようにわかります。そして最後のアビーロード・メドレーでは、ギターソロをポールがひとりひとり、次は君の番、次は僕ね、といったふうに指差しながらソロをとっていく様子なども克明に記録されています。


01. Opening Film
02. Eight Days A Week
03. Save Us
04. All My Loving
05. Listen To What The Man Said
06. Let Me Roll It
07. Paperback Writer
08. My Valentine
09. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
10. The Long And Winding Road
11. Maybe I’m Amazed
12. I’ve Just Seen A Face
13. We Can Work It Out
14. Another Day
15. And I Love Her
16. Blackbird
17. Here Today
18. New
19. Queenie Eye
20. Lady Madonna
21. All Together Now

01. Lovely Rita
02. Everybody Out There
03. Eleanor Rigby
04. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!
05. Something
06. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
07. Band On The Run
08. Back In The U.S.S.R.
09. Let It Be
10. Live And Let Die
11. Hey Jude
12. Day Tripper
13. Hi Hi Hi
14. Get Back
15. Yesterday
16. Helter Skelter
17. Golden Slumbers – Carry That Weight – The End

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