Paul McCartney / Out There Tokyo 2015 2nd Night / 2CD

Paul McCartney / Out There Tokyo 2015 2nd Night / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 25th April 2015


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“OUT THERE OSAKA 2015” of our release, which uses its own sound source that does not appear also on the traders and between the net I have already become a Sold Out by exceptional quality. Thanks you. However taper you record this title has done it again! Catch even this time yet again the pattern of the Tokyo Dome the second day in a special quality. And I want to first thank first, but … the sound quality of this recording is really amazing. And it has what exceed lightly the level of “OUT THERE OSAKA 2015”. If you have exceeded roughness only of sound quality, it already on a sound and such things as terrific of clearness has been guaranteed.

Tokyo Dome high-quality item has already been produced regarding the second day, but the delicate and glittering clearness of audience recordings is this release, you can assert that it is a rarity without hyperbole. Among them I would like you to taste slowly and carefully to a number of acoustic numbers that begin with “I’ve Just Seen A Face”. Among this Tokyo Dome the second day sound source that has been released up to, I think the sound of the acoustic guitar of Paul is not no sound source that has been caught in stunning clearness before about this?
That as has been proven sound quality of the acoustic part, of the entire recording freshness also really great. Yet sound image is also a strong force. This by the on-balance acceleration and freshness preeminent recording state, This day I have to vividly catch even the appearance of “Blackbird” that had prematurely stumbled Paul began playing (laughs). Although it is unforced errors in this song, which was frequent profusely in this Japan tour, this day, etc. If you are listening to it will become want to put “but it is the song that you made?” And one of the plunge.

But the entire Paul also generally to “Zekkocho” wonderful condition of the day. “Eight Days A Week” in the first track has become a hot topic in such live. Although fans had read that it will come soon change the set list was thought whether large, unlike the time of 2013, everyone has been stunned to suddenly change from the opening. Although it is in the course regular opening number until last year, but this time where it had been thought that’s determined by the “Magical MysterTour” from Osaka, was surprised honest in rainy day opening.
When you say the truth, this time of the sound source has the document a good feeling also that point. Paul appeared, now playing has begun! Of where I thought “Eight Days A Week”, the scene near the fan to it leaked as “Oh … different”, there is I think in is willing to speak for themselves all of this opening of shock. But the opening of this day was different from before Paul appeared. Always hall is darkened, “The End” cover version that would have been shed at the time that Paul has appeared is not appeared as BGM is only on this day, it was up to his stage in that. In fact, I think of this also was not a considerably and rare events. The impact of such opening is, of course, overwhelmingly great recording quality more than anything else. We will release with confidence in limited press CD the best sound source up to here. Please Experience the Ultra quality of this unique sound unique all means, Cho soooo!

トレーダー間やネット上にも現れていない独自音源を使用した当店リリースの「OUT THERE OSAKA 2015」は別格のクオリティによって既にSold Outとなってしまいました。ありがとうございます。ところが本タイトルを録音したテーパーがまたやってくれました!今回は東京ドーム二日目の模様をまたしても別格のクオリティにてキャッチ。まず最初に申し上げておきたいのですが…今回の録音の音質は本当に凄いです。何と「OUT THERE OSAKA 2015」のレベルを軽く超えてしまいました。あれだけの音質を超えてしまったら、それはもうオンな音像やクリアネスの凄まじさが保障されたようなもの。

東京ドーム二日目に関しても高音質アイテムが既に生み出されていますが、今回リリースされるオーディエンス録音の繊細できらびやかなクリアネスは掛け値なしに絶品だと断言できます。中でもじっくりと味わっていただきたいのは「I’ve Just Seen A Face」から始まるアコースティック・ナンバーの数々。これまでリリースされてきた東京ドーム二日目音源の中でも、これほどまでにポールのアコースティック・ギターのサウンドが見事なクリアネスでキャッチされた音源はないのではないでしょうか?

しかしこの日のポールも全体的には「ゼッコーチョー」な素晴らしいコンディション。そんなライブで話題となったのは一曲目の「Eight Days A Week」。そろそろセットリストを変えてくるだろうと読んでいたファンは多いかと思われましたが、2013年の時と違い、いきなりオープニングからの変更には誰もが唖然とさせられました。もちろん昨年までのレギュラー・オープニング・ナンバーではありますが、今回は大阪から「Magical MysterTour」で決まりだと思っていたところ、まさかのオープニングには正直驚かされました。
実を言いますと、今回の音源はその点もいい感じでドキュメントしています。ポールが登場し、さて演奏が始まった!と思ったところでの「Eight Days A Week」、それに対して近くのファンが「あ…違う」と漏らした場面、そこがこのオープニングの衝撃のすべてを物語ってくれているのではないでしょうか。ところがこの日のオープニングはポール登場前から違っていました。いつも場内が暗転し、ポールが現れたその時に流されていたはずの「The End」カバー・バージョンがこの日に限ってBGMとして登場せず、その中で彼がステージに上がっていました。実はこれも相当にレアな出来事ではなかったのでしょうか。そうしたオープニングのインパクトはもちろんですが、何よりも圧倒的に素晴らしい録音クオリティ。ここまでの極上音源を限定のプレスCDにて自信を持ってリリースいたします。是非この独自音源ならではのウルトラ・クオリティを体験してください、チョーサイコー!

Disc 1 (78:51)
1. Introduction 2. Eight Days A Week 3. Save Us 4. All My Loving 5. Jet 6. Let Me Roll It
7. Paperback Writer 8. My Valentine 9. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five
10. The Long And Winding Road 11. Maybe I’m Amazed 12. I’ve Just Seen A Face
13. We Can Work It Out 14. Another Day 15. Hope For The Future 16. And I Love Her
17. Blackbird 18. Here Today 19. New 20. Queenie Eye 21. Lady Madonna

Disc 2 (79:07)
1. All Together Now 2. Lovely Rita 3. Eleanor Rigby 4. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!
5. Something 6. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 7. Band On The Run 8. Back In The U.S.S.R.
9. Let It Be 10. Live And Let Die 11. Hey Jude 12. Day Tripper 13. Hi, Hi, Hi
14. Can’t Buy Me Love 15. Yesterday 16. Helter Skelter 17. Golden Slumbers
18. Carry That Weight 19. The End


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