Paul McCartney / Out There In Boston / 3CD

Paul McCartney / Out There In Boston / 3CD / Non Label

Live at Fenway Park, Boston, MA. USA 9th July 2013 TRULY PERFECT SOUND(REMASTERED)


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Translated Text:

There are few Out There tour titles as CD press even Paul McCartney Japan tour was decided. So we hope great title will be released. And now Boston July 9, 2013 is released. The tour begins in May and every month has good recordings, about July, this recording is surely best. This recording is one of best 3 titles about sound quality. For example Day Tripper is really edgy. Not only sound come close to the band but also give the real feeling.

Moreover the stage performance also be fantastic great. Usually Paul sing Maybe I’m Amazed painfully, but sing very well and shout here. you can hear good shout on Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five. And usually Paul and his band is so tight, no play mistake, but here there are bit failure on Hi, Hi, Hi. But it is enjoyable happening for fun.

Only one point which we care about sound quality is sometimes mic get sound of the wind. Especially there is the sound on Let It Be. But it is ok because of good instruments recording. And we did remaster of equalizing to make the middle level of sound less, so the sound become wide range. Best sound quality turn to much best sound like monitor mix. It is best item for Paul live preparation.

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