Paul McCartney / Out There In Boston Fenway Park 2013 / 2DVD

Paul McCartney / Out There In Boston Fenway Park 2013 / 2DVD / Non Label

Translated text :

Live at Fenway Park, Boston, MA. USA 9th July 2013 (Synchronized with Perfect Sound Audio Master)
We have already release OUT THERE IN BOSTON press CD, it is high quality audience recording, it is must have titles. And now we release the audience shot DVD. Only one camera recording, but it is really sharp and clear picture quality, so it is really worthwhile to release the DVD press. This recording is filmed from left side as one face to the stage. It is very stable, no blurred, no lost direction. You can watch it without stress building up. Definitely it is very fantastic audience recording.
But the film has 2 problems, one is obstructive camera for screen which is left side. A cameraman was infront of the camera crane, so it is disturbance in first part of the show. With good effort the cameraman try to film the concert to avoid the camera crane, And when Paul playing piano after first part, he was giving up film the stage, direct to the screen. It is also pity. But at the same time fortunately camera crane does not move so often since then. so it become comfortable to watch it. And another problem is that audience camera do no direct to drums Ape. We can see him only last greeting on the stage.
Except the two problems, This shot is very comfortable to watch it. Just as if you are at the venue in Boston to see the concert directly. Paul and the band play Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! with their jumping on the stage, it make happy and delight. And Paul had misunderstood the flow of the playing Hi, Hi, Hi in encore and Brian Ray gave him a questioning look. There are many good scenes on this film.
Moreover this original movie synchronized with perfect sound audio OUT THERE IN BOSTON master. It means best combination stable best movie and ultra high quality sound. Best version DVD is released as limited DVD press.


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