Paul McCartney / Osaka 2002 2nd Night / 2CD

Paul McCartney / Osaka 2002 2nd Night / 2CD / Non Label / 3,800
Translated Text:
Live at Osaka Dome, Osaka, Japan 18th November 2002.

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Paul The taper of the “TOKYO DOME 1993 1ST & 2ND NIGHT” that renewed the best of the performance items that came to Japan in 1993 again did it. Moreover, it came 2nd day in Osaka performance in 2002! Regarding the performance in Japan in 2002, we have released “TOKYO 2002 2ND NIGHT” from our store in the past, but this time we will be able to realize the limited press release that captured the first Osaka performance with the highest sound quality. In the history of Paul ‘s arrival in Japan, the first Osaka performance that was incorporated. From the 2002 tour that even now I remember nostalgia, the second day in Osaka is revived at the audience recording that our shop gotten independently from the previous taper this time.
As for the performance in Japan at this time, very high quality items have been created since the stage of 2002, but the sound source to be released this time is not quite close. It is evident even by just listening to SE before Paul appeared. Well, this sound image is close …. It is powerful when Paul and the band started playing like this. The word “soundboard” is exactly the case.
“TOKYO 2002 2ND NIGHT” released by our shop before was a selling audience recording clearly clear realistic sound, but the sound source of this time is a masterpiece of the sound image on anyway. The clearness of each instrument is perfect, and among them the pole voice and the closeness of the guitar are truly raw. I can not deny the surprise just by saying that a superb sound source has been concealed for over ten years. However, unfortunately, the new sound source on the final day of this time is only left until the end of Let It Be. Therefore, since Hey Jude in the latter half of the show, the same taper has compensated with the Osaka first day sound source that it recorded. Although slightly less direct feeling than the 18th performance, it is recorded with sufficient high sound quality. As a result of such a 15-year later release, it is difficult contents, but anyway, even if you subtract it, this deserving sound quality is definitely a must-have for fans.
The early part of the live may also be said to be minus that the women’s cheers near the tapers and the appearance of light singing are included. But fortunately because the Beatles number but popular recognition is low “Getting Better” freezes as soon as it starts (lol), and since then it will be appreciated that it will fit in the cheering sometimes between songs was. It will be more so, as the performance of this song was one of the highlights in 2002 tour.
Also speaking of Osaka performance, it is the most inspirational surprise of live performance of masterpiece ‘Calico Skies’. For Japanese fans, this scene is still goose bumps even if I hear it now. It is a great attraction of this sound source that reproduces this historical scene with a powerful sound pressure. On the other hand, Paul’s singing out at “Band On The Run” seems to be a painful rare scene. This is also close to the sound image so you can hear clearly. Also, another thing is that it is interesting that the driving of ‘She’s Leaving Home’, which was the main feature of this tour, is beginning with a malfunctioning condition of the equipment. In a good sense surprise and happening are filled and it may be said that it is the best in Japan in 2002, in respect of being full of listening.
And it will never be played live in the future, it is really fresh when I hear the name ballad of “Your Loving Flame” dedicated to his wife Heather at the time. As this song and “My Love” are taken up together, such as a set list will never repeat again at the live of Paul in the future, the gorgeous piano · ballad composition is fresh again.
And since it is a sound source boasting an astonishing sound image, the explosion sound of “Live And Let Die” played in the latter part of the live is caught by the volume which is literally “tearing down the ear” literally. Please be careful especially when asked by headphones (laugh). This is really surprising! Audience recording that boasts exceptional quality up to that much. Please listen carefully to the powerful sound pressure which is different from the items that have been released in the past. The full story, the first appearance sound source revives that impressive Osaka performance.
ポール1993年の来日公演アイテムのベストを刷新してくれた「TOKYO DOME 1993 1ST & 2ND NIGHT」のテーパーがまたやってくれました。しかも2002年の大阪公演2日目ときた!2002年の来日公演に関しては過去に当店から「TOKYO 2002 2ND NIGHT」をリリースしたことがありましたが、今回は初の大阪公演を極上の音質で捉えた限定のプレスCDリリースが実現します。ポールの来日公演史上、初めて組み込まれた大阪公演。今や懐かしさすら覚える2002年ツアーから、今回も当店が先のテーパーから独自入手してみせたオーディエンス録音にてあの輝かしき大阪2日目が蘇るのです。
以前当店がリリースした「TOKYO 2002 2ND NIGHT」はすっきりとクリアーな臨場感が売りなオーディエンス録音だったのに対し、今回の音源はとにかくオンな音像の迫力が圧巻。各楽器のクリアネスは完璧ですし、中でもポールの声とギター類の近さは本当に生々しい。ここまで見事な音源が十年以上も秘匿されていたというだけでも驚きを禁じ得ません。ただし、残念なことに、今回の最終日の新音源はLet It Be終焉までしか残されていません。よってショウ後半のHey Jude以降は、同じテーパーが録音した大阪初日音源で補填しています。18日公演よりわずかながらダイレクト感に欠けますが、充分な高音質で収録されています。このように15年が経過してからの後発のリリースとしては、難のある内容なのですが、とにかく、それを差し引いてもリリースに値する、この凄まじい音質は間違いなくファン必聴です。
ライブの序盤はテーパー近くの女性の声援や軽く歌う様子が入っている点もマイナスと言えるかもしれません。しかし幸いにもビートルズ・ナンバーながら一般的な知名度が低い「Getting Better」が始まった途端にフリーズしてくれるので(笑)、以降は曲間でたまに声援を上げる程度に収まってくれるのが幸いでした。2002年ツアーはこの曲の演奏が目玉の一つだったのだから、なおさらでしょう。
それに大阪公演と言えば、何と言っても名曲「Calico Skies」のライブ披露という最高に感動的なサプライズ。日本のファンにとって、この場面は今聞き返してもやはり鳥肌が立つもの。この歴史的な場面を迫力の音圧で再現してくれるのも今回の音源の大きな魅力。一方で「Band On The Run」でポールの歌い出しが苦しそうなのも珍しい場面かと。これもまた音像が近いのではっきりと聞き取れてしまいます。それともう一つ、やはりこのツアーの目玉であった「She’s Leaving Home」の打ち込みが機材の故障っぽい調子で始まり方をしているのも面白い。いい意味でサプライズやハプニングが満ちていて、聴きどころ満載という点では2002年の来日公演随一と言えるかもしれません。
そして今後ライブで演奏されることは二度とないであろう、当時の妻ヘザーに捧げた「Your Loving Flame」の名バラードぶりが今聴くと実に新鮮。この曲と「My Love」が一緒に取り上げられたセットリストなど、今後ポールのライブで繰り返されることは二度とないであろう、ゴージャスなピアノ・バラード構成がまた新鮮というもの。
そして驚異的な音像を誇る音源ですので、ライブ後半で演奏される「Live And Let Die」の爆発音は文字通り「耳をつん裂く」ほどの音量で捉えられています。特にヘッドホンで聞かれる際には絶対に気を付けてください(笑)。これには本当にびっくりさせられます!それほどまでの別格なクオリティを誇るオーディエンス録音。過去にリリースされてきたアイテムとも違う迫力の音圧をじっくりと堪能してください。全編、完全初登場音源で、あの感動の大阪公演が蘇ります。

Disc 1 (79:52)
1. Introduction 2. Hello Goodbye 3. Jet 4. All My Loving 5. Getting Better 6. Coming Up
7. Let Me Roll It 8. Lonely Road 9. Driving Rain 10. Your Loving Flame 11. Blackbird
12. Every Night 13. We Can Work It Out 14. You Never Give Me Your Money / Carry That Weight
15. The Fool On The Hill 16. Here Today 17. Something 18. Eleanor Rigby
19. Here, There And Everywhere 20. Calico Skies 21. Michelle

Disc 2 (74:46)
1. Band On The Run 2. Back In The U.S.S.R. 3. Maybe I’m Amazed 4. Let ‘Em In 5. My Love
6. She’s Leaving Home 7. Can’t Buy Me Love 8. Live And Let Die

Live at Osaka Dome, Osaka, Japan 17th November 2002

9. Let It Be 10. Hey Jude 11. The Long And Winding Road 12. Lady Madonna
13. I Saw Her Standing There 14. Yesterday
15. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) 16. The End

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