Paul McCartney / Maida Vale Studios 2013 / 1DVD+1CD

Paul McCartney / Maida Vale Studios 2013 / 1DVD+1CD / Non Label

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Live at Maida Vale Studios, London, UK 16th October 2013



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Plus Bonus DVDR “LATER … WITH HOLLAND JOOLS” * Numbered Edition stickered Only Live at Maida Vale Studios, London, UK 16th October 2013 New album ” Paul to perform vigorously promotional activities associated with the release of the NEW “I recorded a live performance before the audience in the studio of the BBC on the 16th October. Besides the studio Maida Vale Studios. Not just a place the Beatles was recorded live in the studio BBC, this studio is where the venerable ZEP and Floyd also made ​​the studio recording of the BBC live for.from the fact that Paul also said, “to play here I have not seen you for a long really” in live time, will be to be seen to be recorded live in the studio or have a sense of how much. Recording of the live is done twice a day, first was that recording of radio for live second time video recording. It is what was mean that recording of two times a day, such as reminiscent of the early Beatles.  Are those that live both went to collect the audience a few small venue completely different live stage of normal pole, and that lets you hear the music slowly and carefully in a relaxed atmosphere, small substantially · I became a stage rare to be able to call the gig. that such a rare live was published in stereo sound board recording and professional video shot will be to be greeted with a big surprise to fans around the world. Became a performance and recording content for a long time it was for radio recording. Live by the shortened version of the basis set of recent tour has been demonstrated over an hour here. Moreover, a different atmosphere and completely live in Hollywood in September DVD was released from our shop, short live similar to that time I was shown off in that was very calm this time. It was so at the time of Hollywood, but the venue and atmosphere so completely different live did before the huge cheer and large venue usual, the best part is like unfolding a dynamic playing in the intimate atmosphere! I think a fascinating also mix their own clumsy or difference is the harshness of the performance comes through on it, this point also a sound source that you can thoroughly enjoy the dynamism completely different large venue live.  That it is a new repertoire from the new album “Queenie Eye” is listen to the sound board recording also attractive and very, dynamic playing by the band and familiar melody drifted Beetle flavor and live staple as early It makes me feeling that it will be.With that performance of the band and Paul was also full of calm, attitude that attempts listen carefully to the last of which will demonstrate the splendor of the performance. Nevertheless afford because it is also plentiful, there is a rare scene that disturbed even the base of the pole and play members For example, in “Band On The Run”, but it will not be negative. State in which sink in margin such mistakes rather is handed down from the sound source.  On the other hand, is the person of the footage that was recorded in the morning of this day, opening the beginning of “Coming Up” surprisingly. At one time was the classic repertoire of live, but it was long song and no longer played recently. Finish fun do not miss that performance is wonderfully solid than the previous version, will showcase in Japan performance perhaps the play. That’s played with a serious atmosphere changed from the album “NEW” and “Save Us” is struck from playing enthusiastic in Hollywood also very interesting. And what short Duration, but here you can enjoy a scene like video recording that question-and-answer session with the audience of the corner to provided. And image quality are merely very clear, the item which can enjoy at its best both the sound board recording the latest professional video shot on a par with the very popular “HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD 2013” appeared in the press board set of limitation.Please enjoy to your heart’s content in the highest quality historical live version to be able to call Paul a “LIVE AT THE BBC” exactly! ★ 50 pieces of only the first will be the release of a sticker with numbering entered. 


ニュー・アルバムからの新たなレパートリーである「Queenie Eye」がサウンドボード録音で聴ける点も大変に魅力的で、ビートル・フレーバーを漂わせたメロディとおなじみのバンドによるダイナミックな演奏が早くもライブ定番となることを予感させてくれます。ポールやバンドの演奏も落ち着き溢れたもので、あくまでもじっくり聴かせようという姿勢が演奏の素晴らしさに現れています。それでいて余裕もたっぷりですので、例えば「Band On The Run」ではメンバーのプレイやポールのベースまでも乱れるという珍しい場面がありますが、それがマイナスとなることはありません。むしろそういったミスも余裕で流している様子がこの音源から伝わってきます。
一方この日の午前中に収録された映像の方ですが、オープニングは意外にも「Coming Up」という幕開け。一時期はライブの定番レパートリーでしたが、最近は演奏されなくなって久しい曲でした。その演奏は以前のバージョンよりもソリッドな演奏が素晴らしく、おそらくは日本公演でも披露されることが楽しみな仕上がりが見逃せません。アルバム「NEW」からの「Save Us」などがハリウッドでの熱狂的な演奏から打って変わって真剣な雰囲気で演奏されるというのも非常に面白いもの。そしてこちらは収録時間こそ短いものの、観客との質疑応答コーナーまで設けられた映像収録らしい場面も楽しめます。それに画質は極めてクリアーなものであり、大好評の「HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD 2013」と並ぶ最新プロショット映像とサウンドボード録音の両方を最高の状態で楽しめるアイテムが限定のプレス盤セットで登場します。正にポール版「LIVE AT THE BBC」と呼べる歴史的ライブを最高のクオリティで心ゆくまでお楽しみください!


DVD “In Concert”
Live at Maida Vale Studios, London, UK 16th October 2013

1. Opening 2. Coming Up 3. Save Us 4. Interview 1 5. Junior’s Farm 6. New 7. Interview 2
8. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 9. Get Back

PRO-SHOT NTSC Approx. 31min.

Live at Maida Vale Studios, London, UK 16th October 2013

1. Intro 2. Eight Days A Week 3. Save Us 4. Jet 5. My Valentine
6. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five 7. Another Day 8. Everybody Out There 9. Things We Said Today
10. New 11. Queenie Eye 12. Lady Madonna 13. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!
14. Band On The Run 15. Back In The U.S.S.R. 16. Hey Jude 17. Interview


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