Paul McCartney / Liverpool 2018 Original In Ear Monitor Recording / 3CD

Paul McCartney / Liverpool 2018 Original In Ear Monitor Recording / 3CD / Non Label
Live at Echo Arena, Liverpool, UK 12th December 2018 Original In-Ear Monitor Recording (Stereo)

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To everyone of maniacs I think that you enjoyed the Iamoni Ultra Recording of each of the Nagoya Dome in Kokugikan a lot. If only some of them are finest recordings, if those two tops and various sound check sound sources are also aligned, it is about time that items related to pole are settled … … the items of shock that surprises everyone who would have been disappointed release surprisingly! The master of Iamoni recorded the Liverpool performance of Noh. This is already a stunt staff stuntly standing before the provided sound. Even just Kokugikan and Nagoya were great masterpieces, and it is said that they will provide not only sound stuff that catches the stage abroad that does not stay there. Recording of the masters was more unnatural in the performance which tended to be in the past monsters, the smart finish which I can hear with the live album sense in the futsu was a masterpiece. With that extraordinary recording level, even after the performance in Japan I will be able to enjoy more shows with different qualities.
Last year, the fresh-up tour that took place after the Japanese performance went around Europe, and the closing of the curtain with the process of the home country UK in the last stage. Of course Paul’s hometown of Liverpool was also included and was held until the campaign where “the right to sing along with Paul at Angkor” was hit before the performance. It was also the Liverpool performance on December 12, of course that the master of Iyamoni went to the UK for a recording. Last year’s British tour had a feeling that attention was gathered only in London on the last day when apple and Ronnie Wood appeared, but a really wonderful show was spreading in Paul’s hometown of Liverpool. I can enjoy it with clear and stereo sound of exception this time as well. The master of Iamoni did this time again!

This time sound quality is different from either “RYOGOKU KOKUGIKAN 2018: ORIGINAL IN – EAR MONITOR” or “NAGOYA DOME 2018: ORIGINAL IN – EAR MONITOR RECORDING” which secured the position of the decisive name board in the last year ‘s Japan tour. For each appeal such as the former who felt even the total degree of completion as a live album, the latter of ugly powerful impression, this time the recording state with “thickness” is wonderful. Speaking of Iamoni recording, there is a tendency that the thickness tends to be insufficient. In the past Iamoni recording items etc. were added with unnaturalness of the balance of the instrument there and tended to be thought to be “a clear but habitable” sound source there. It was the two titles mentioned earlier that I turned over the image in the bad meaning of such Iyamoni sound source. Anyway, the recording of this time is caught in a good feeling like Paul’s baseline, and like enjoying the previous title, I can enjoy it again with the live album sense of Futsu.
Paul’s condition is very good this day on what makes me happy. As expected it is only about the stage at home. You probably challenged Paul as perfect condition. For example, “Maybe I’m Amazed” is singing with a really nice feeling, and even in this scene alone, he knows better. Moreover, after returning to the English-speaking area after Japanese performance, Paul is truly verbose throughout the show. In front of “Lady Madonna”, recently my favorite MC called “It’s like a black hole when the Beatles number fills the audience seats with the lights of the smartphone, it disappears as soon as you do a new song” is heard. However, it does not stop there. In front of “I’ve Just Seen a Face” Paul sees that fans from all over the world got in touch and calls on the audience coming from Japan, of course, “If English” fantastic! “Is Japanese It is a scene that makes us happy to explain “I’m saying” It’s awesome! ”

And a few new songs from the European tour were introduced and the fact that the degree of fresh up was raised took a hot topic also remembered newly. First of all, “Dance Tonight”. If you listen to it with an ear moni sound that is good for clearness, the rusty sounds freshly with a crisp cutting cutting electricity. Wonderful Christmas Time “unique to the seasonal pattern called December was to make the maniacs all over the world say more! In addition, when playing, Choir of the art university LIPA which Paul supports will come out and hear the chorus. This pattern is recorded with the highest sound quality and it is fun to hear the voices of children who can not hide the excitement that cheered after playing. If only these two songs are enthusiasts, I will assure you that they are satisfied satisfactory.
The right to sing along with the example encore was realized with “I Saw Her Standing There”, but the conversation between Paul and two women who appeared was not interlocking with each other very much, much less singing voice (bitter smile) The scene is also super clear sound document Naturally release press is limited press CD.
As you can see, it is a very substantial content and sound quality, but this title was gorgeous to the extent that it records to the sound check of the time on the 3rd disc. This is also caught from Iyamoni recording, this is also really clear sound quality. Even if it is released as a single body it will be recorded together with amazing sound sources that can be enjoyed very much. Although there are parts where the sense of stereo is not stable periodically, because it is overwhelmingly clear sound quality throughout the whole, I hear that you can listen without feeling a lot of stress. “Day Tripper” will ask you how to sing Paul who broke down only in rehearsal, and here “I do not know” is also wonderful. Thus not only the latest live performance in Liverpool but also the sound quality item that shocked even the sound check. The master of Iyamoni crosses the ocean …

★ A surprisingly high-quality three-piece set of miraculous levels that also exceeds that two countries Iyamoni. You can instantly understand what you are not exaggerating if you listen. This is a (worldwide) major incident!


今回の音質は昨年のジャパン・ツアーにおける決定的名盤の地位を確保した「RYOGOKU KOKUGIKAN 2018: ORIGINAL IN-EAR MONITOR」や「NAGOYA DOME 2018: ORIGINAL IN-EAR MONITOR RECORDING」のどちらとも違う。ライブアルバムとしてのトータルな完成度すら感じさせた前者、骨太な迫力の後者といったそれぞれの魅力に対し、今回は「厚み」のある録音状態が素晴らしい。イヤモニ録音と言えばとかく厚みが不足しがちで、過去のイヤモニ録音アイテムなどはそこに楽器バランスの不自然さが加わって「クリアーだが癖のある」音源だと思われがちだったもの。そうしたイヤモニ音源の悪い意味でのイメージを覆してみせたのが先に挙げた二タイトルでしょう。とにかく今回の録音はポールのベースラインを始めとした低域がいい感じで捉えられており、先のタイトルと同じように、またしてもフツーのライブアルバム感覚で楽しめてしまう。
何が嬉しいって、この日はポールの調子が非常に良いのです。さすがは故郷でのステージだけのことはあります。ポールとしても万全の体調で挑んだのでしょう。例えば「Maybe I’m Amazed」も実にいい感じで歌い出しており、この場面だけでも彼の好調ぶり解るというもの。おまけに日本公演の後で英語圏に戻ったということもあり、ポールはショー全体を通して実に饒舌。「Lady Madonna」の前では「ビートルズナンバーだと客席がスマホの明かりで埋まるのに、新曲をやると途端に消えてブラックホールみたい」という最近お気に入りのMCが聞かれます。ところがそれだけにとどまりません。「I’ve Just Seen a Face」の前ではポールが世界中のファンが押し寄せてくれたことを察し、日本から来たオーディエンスに呼び掛けるのはもちろん、「英語の「fantastic!」が日本語だと「サイコー!」って言うんだ」と説明してくれるのが我々にとってグッとくる場面。

そしてヨーロッパ・ツアーから新たなレパートリーが数曲導入され、よりフレッシュン・アップ度が上がったことが話題を呼んだのも記憶に新しいところ。まずは「Dance Tonight」。それをクリアネスに長けたイヤモニサウンドで聞いてみると、ラスティがエレキで鳴らす歯切れのいいカッティングが新鮮に響き渡ります。それ以上に世界中のマニアをアッと言わせたのは、12月という季節柄ならではの「Wonderful Christmas Time」!しかも演奏されるに当たっては、ポールが支援する芸術大学LIPAのクワイヤーが登場して合唱を聞かせてくれるのです。この模様まで最高音質で収録されており、演奏が終わった後で喝采を浴びた興奮を隠せない子供たちの声まで聞こえるから微笑ましい。これら二曲だけでもマニアなら大満足間違いなしだと断言いたします。
例のアンコールで一緒に歌う権は「I Saw Her Standing There」で実現しましたが、登場した女性二人とポールの会話がいまいち噛み合っておらず、ましてや歌声も大したことありませんが(苦笑)そんな場面も超クリアーサウンドにてドキュメント当然リリースは限定のプレスCDが相応しい。
ご覧のように大充実な内容と音質なのですが、なんとこのタイトルは3枚目のディスクに当時のサウンドチェックまで収録するというゴージャスの極みとなりました。こちらもイヤモニ録音からキャッチされており、これがまた実にクリアーな音質。もし単体でリリースされたとしても非常に楽しめる驚異の音源が一緒に収録されてしまうとは。こちらは周期的にステレオ感が安定しない箇所もあるのですが、全体を通して圧倒的にクリアーな音質ですので大したストレスを感じずに聞き込めるかと。「Day Tripper」ではリハーサルならではの崩したポールの歌い方が聞かれますし、ここでも「I Don’t Know」は素晴らしい。こうしてリバプールでの最新ライブ本編だけなく、サウンドチェックまでも網羅した衝撃の最高音質アイテム。イヤモニの巨匠は海をも渡る…



Disc 1 (76:23)
1. Intro. 2. A Hard Day’s Night 3. Junior’s Farm 4. All My Loving 5. Letting Go
6. Who Cares 7. Got to Get You Into My Life 8. Come On to Me
9. Let Me Roll It 10. I’ve Got a Feeling 11. Let ‘Em In 12. My Valentine
13. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five 14. Maybe I’m Amazed
15. I’ve Just Seen a Face 16. In Spite of All the Danger 17. From Me to You

Disc 2 (78:06)
1. MC 2. Dance Tonight 3. Love Me Do 4. Blackbird 5. Here Today 6. Queenie Eye
7. Lady Madonna 8. Eleanor Rigby 9. Fuh You 10. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
11. Something 12. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 13. Band on the Run 14. Back in the U.S.S.R.
15. Let It Be 16. Live and Let Die 17. Hey Jude

Disc 3 (78:53)
1. Audience / MC 2. Birthday 3. I Saw Her Standing There
4. Wonderful Christmastime (with LIPA Choir)
5. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
6. Helter Skelter 7. Golden Slumbers 8. Carry That Weight 9. The End


10. Intro. 11. Jam 12. Twenty Flight Rock 13. Coming Up 14. Day Tripper
15. Celebration 16. I Don’t Know 17. It’s So Easy 18. San Fransisco Bay Blues
19. Ram On 20. Midnight Special 21. Massage Song 22. Lady Madonna 23. Paul’s Outro.

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