Paul McCartney / Live From NYC / 1Blu Ray R

Paul McCartney / Live From NYC / 1Blu Ray R / Digital Archives Promotion

Translated Text:
Secret Show At New Yorks Grand Central Station 2018. NTSC

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Immediately after the release of the 2018 album ‘Egypt · Station’, on September 7, the special gig pattern on the Grand Central Station in New York was upgraded and remastered to be Blu-rayed with the best quality.
First of all, various patterns of circulation of this day are recorded at the full concert by full HD master image. And this live video which was not full HD at live broadcast was delivered at full HD (1920 X 1080 p) at the highest picture quality level later, but it was a difficulty that the audio part became monaural.
So in this title, we replaced parts of sound cuts during live broadcasting as well as high resolution sound sources by real stereo remaster sound source which upgraded the sound quality, as long as there is no official release, original editing with highest picture quality and highest sound quality Here in the restore version.
And the contents of that live are “A, Hi, Hi, Hi” and suddenly “Egypt · Station” in the middle stage though the opening starts with “A Hard Day’s Night” as well as “One on One Tour” First show off three songs “Come On To Me”, “Who Cares” and “Fuh You” live. Other songs like “From Me to You” and “Letting Go” which will be the first Beatles number of the show, Horn participates from the audience seat, “My Valentine” which sings with megaphone, “Let It Be “Also check out new arrangements and directing, such as.
In addition, the video extras included the TV “Tonight Show” that appeared on the previous day of the show, “Howard Sterne Show” which told about the dissolution of the Beatles, and a news report were additionally recorded, total 2 hours and 21 minutes from the end of October Collectors Edition for fans indispensable for Japan’s performance in Japan.

まず各種流通しているこの日の模様を、フルHDマスター映像によるコンサート完全収録にて。 そして生中継時にはフルHDではなかったこのライブ映像は、後に最高画質レベルのフルHD(1920X1080p)で配信されはしたものの、音声パートはモノラルになってしまったのが難点。
そしてそのライブの内容は、オープニングこそ『ワン・オン・ワン・ツアー』同様”A Hard Day’s Night”で始まるものの、続いていきなりの”Hi, Hi, Hi”、そして中盤では『エジプト・ステーション』から”Come On To Me”、”Who Cares”そして”Fuh You”の3曲をライブで初披露。 他にもこちらも初披露のビートルズ・ナンバーとなる”From Me to You”、そして”Letting Go”では客席からホーンが参加したり、メガホンで歌う”My Valentine”、さらにオルゴールから始まる”Let It Be”など、新しいアレンジや演出も要チェック。

01.Introduction/02.A Hard Day’s Night/03.Hi, Hi, Hi/04.Can’t Buy Me Love/05.Letting Go/06.I’ve Got A Feeling/07.Come On To Me/08.My Valentine/09.Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five/10.From Me To You/11.Love Me Do/12.FourFiveSeconds/13.Blackbird/14.Dance Tonight/15.Who Cares/16.I Saw Her Standing There/17.Fuh You/18.Back In The U.S.S.R./19.Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da/20.Birthday/21.Lady Madonna/22.Let It Be/23.Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)/24.Helter Skelter/25.Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End
[Live at Grand Central Station, NYC, NY USA September 7th 2018] SHOW OPENING / ELEVATOR SURPRISE / EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW / COME ON TO ME (Live)
[The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon : at NYC, NY USA September 6th 2018] WHO BROKE UP THE BEATLES
[Howard Stern Show : at The SiriusXM USA September 6th 2018] CBS NEWS REPORT / BEFORE THE SHOW / AFTER THE SHOW
[Live at Howard Stern Show, NYC, NY, USA September 5th 2018]

◇Full-HD NTSC 16:9 LPCM 96khz/24bit Stereo time approx. 141min.

Digital Archives Promotion. Dap-P035BDR

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