Paul McCartney / Later With Jools Holland / 1 DVDR

Paul McCartney / Later With Jools Holland / 1 DVDR / Non Label

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Broadcast Date:22nd & 25th October 2013.


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 special project only sticker with first numbering goes ★ Paul McCartney “MAIDA VALE STUDIOS 2013”, and interviews and live studio last week, has just been broadcast in “Later … with Jools Holland” Studio live in the New in the Graham Norton Show that was broadcast on October 18, more, audience of Band On The Run of the day was accrued to the broadcast version press DVD of “MAIDA VALE STUDIOS 2013” even · the high image quality recording, each shot video, high quality title of fan must-have is, will be attached specially. LATER … WITH JOOLS HOLLAND (Special DVDR) – PAUL McCARTNEY latest professional broadcasting shot of Paul McCartney and daily deployment of crotch between America, Britain and the world, the promotion vigorous activity, delights greatly fan I record the video.The high-quality recorded interviews and live studio of Paul who appeared was broadcast on the 25th and the 22nd October 2013, popular music program in the UK to “Later … with Jools Holland”. In the version that has been edited short, live video of the New will suffer and take the 25th 22 days, was broadcast only on this day, Jools Holland is in charge of the piano in the guest, act with Paul in the Get Back scene must see exactly! It may be said that the name-play scenes of fan must see fresh yellowtail performance of Paul & band and Jules made ​​to listen to good music on the piano judgment of the groove a lot of feeling. New from “NEW”, you can try on both sides of the interview, a live Save Us, New, of Queenie Eye broadcasting version has been recorded longer 25 days have been recorded previously. Performance scene with performers other end part of the show familiar is also valuable. Add recorded two songs of must-see as nicer bonus track. The professional studio shot live in the New, which is showcased in the TV show “Graham Norton Show” on October 18 at first. Finally, BBC on the 16th October that is included in this volume press DVD on the “IN CONCERT” and added recording was accrued television broadcast, the audience-shot video of Band On The Run. The video is also vividly clear but best are those that sound good this also, I tighten in the best possible way to complement the press board, the bonus disc of high quality this time. 30 minutes of fan must-have, must-have! Line in the upper left to be worried about by the show version that exists on the net, of course, is not to the board. Original menu with. You can fully enjoy arranged in the main pro-shot high-quality video, even a fan of any level, it is one piece of the recommendation. (31:44) Later … with Jools Holland Broadcast Date: 22nd & 25th October 2013 25th October 2013 …….. 1 Intro 2 Save Us 3 New Interview 4 5 6 Queenie Eye Outro 22nd October 2013 7. . NEW 8 Get Back (with Jools Holland) Bonus Tracks The Graham Norton Show Broadcast Date: 18th October 2013 . 9 New Live at Maida Vale Studios, London, UK 16th October 2013 10 Band On The Run (Audience Video)


アメリカ、イギリスと世界を股にかけての、精力的なプロモーション活動を日々展開し、ファンを大いに喜ばせているポール・マッカートニーの最新プロショット放送映像を収録。2013年10月22日と25日に放送された、イギリスの人気音楽番組「Later… with Jools Holland」に出演したポールのスタジオライヴとインタビューを高画質収録。22日は短めに編集されたヴァージョンで、25日テイクとはNewのライヴ映像が被りますが、この日だけ放送された、ジュールズ・ホランドがゲストでピアノを担当し、Get Backでポールと共演するシーンはまさに必見!グルーブ感いっぱいのピアノさばきで好演奏を聴かせるジュールズとポール&バンドの生々しい演奏ぶりはファン必見の名演奏・名シーンと言えるでしょう。先に収録されている25日放送版はより長く収録されており新作「NEW」より、Save Us、New、Queenie Eyeのライヴを、インタビューを挟んでみることができます。お馴染みの番組でのエンドパートでの他の出演者との演奏シーンも貴重です。更に嬉しいボーナストラックとしてファン必見の2曲を追加収録。最初は10月18日にテレビ番組「グラハム・ノートン・ショウ」で披露されたNewのスタジオ・ライヴのプロショット。最後は、本編プレスDVDに収録されている10月16日のBBC「IN CONCERT」で、テレビ放送未収だった、Band On The Runのオーディエンス・ショット映像を追加収録。映像もクリアーで生々しく最高ですが、音声がこれまた優れたものであり、プレス盤を補完する、今回の高品質なボーナスディスクを最高の形で締めてくれます。ファン必携・必携の30分!ネットに存在する同番組版で気になる左上の線は勿論、本盤にはありません。オリジナル・メニュー付。高品質なプロショット映像をメインに配した、どのレベルのファンでも存分に楽しめる、お薦めの一枚です。

Later… with Jools Holland
Broadcast Date: 22nd & 25th October 2013

25th October 2013

1. Intro. 2. Save Us 3. Interview 4. New 5. Queenie Eye 6. Outro.

22nd October 2013

7. New 8. Get Back (with Jools Holland)

Bonus Tracks

The Graham Norton Show
Broadcast Date: 18th October 2013

9. New

Live at Maida Vale Studios, London, UK 16th October 2013

10 Band On The Run (Audience Video)



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