Paul McCartney / Desert Trip 2016 Weekend 2 / 3CD

Paul McCartney / Desert Trip 2016 Weekend 2 / 3CD / Non Label

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Live at Empire Polo Club, Indio, CA. USA 15th October 2016



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Paul McCartney should also be said to be the last fort that we have not yet released press CD items, among the giant who appeared at the DESERT TRIP festival in October. Until now it was released on CD-R, but finally the best sound source suitable for press CD with full will be released! Originally at the DESERT TRIP festival Paul’s stage was a couple of high quality sound sources on the stage, the sound source of the second week that our shop set up the arrow of bare feet. Although it can happen to any artist, the taper which took the point at the first live left us a splendid audience at the second stage.
The sound source distribution map at DESERT TRIP festival can be called a typical example, and the best sound sources are repeated in the second week stage. Besides, all worked with a single taper … It was a superb recording recorded in Rolling Stones and Roger Waters’ ‘DESERT TRIP 2016 WEEKEND 2′ which our shop has released.
The taper used for Dapsyknows used Schoeps MK4 microphone which can be said to be a synonym of superb audience recording. And securing a recording position that can be said as a crystal of his efforts. Paul’s stage also performed recordings from the pit area, as was the sound source of Roger and Stones. It is the high quality of his sound source which such elements were created together, this is the word that is exceptional. Anyway the degree of sound image on is wonderful anyhow. It is the only thing that produced such a powerful sound image as it was in a position where you can catch sounds well.

Originally high-quality recording, sound quality is even better from “Something”. So in this release we equalize the part before the song to a state that does not feel uncomfortable, and is even more complete. Then, this is a level audience recording that anyone can enjoy with ease. I will not disappoint your expectations regarding his recording that caught Paul in the second week of the event. Anyhow a superb audience recording is here. Of course, the sound image of the above-mentioned masterpiece as well as the balance of clearness and realistic feeling has no inconvenience! If you play with explosive sounds, the venue itself will be reproduced in October of this year that took up the topic of the rock world. Let’s listen to the stage of Paul’s second week with such a best sound quality.
Actually, it is the second week of DESERT TRIP, but it was the last live of this year for Paul. His ONE ON ONE tour took place substantially from the end of the July to August schedule and the live performance in October Sacramento held before DESERT TRIP was all warming for the event · Strong meaning of up. In other words, Paul’s feelings are definitely headed for the event that spanned two weeks. In the meantime I got a momentum and a secret · gig with a pub.
That’s why Paul’s spirit comes from the opening this day on the last day of the live stage in 2016. The tone of his voice is outstanding than anything else. Listening to “Jet”, you will feel clearly his top condition. Moreover, on this day “Got To Get You Into My Life” was taken instead of “Can not Buy Me Love” and there are many people who like this selection reminiscent of last year’s Budokan enthusiasm. Moreover, Paul’s favorable condition is impressive here as well. Also, it is a big appeal to listen to the Beatles’ debut song “Love Me Do”, a feature of this year, with this high quality.

In the second week, Rihanna who was the main vocal at “FourFiveSeconds” jumps into surprise. Paul himself also plays this song because of the hit of the song, but since Paul did not sing (Paul) singing accompaniment, he was in a state of persuasiveness of Rihanna’s singingly compatible songs There is something overwhelming. And here I played with the original version key for her and Paul got hammered, which made it even wonderful than the usual live version.
Of course Neil Young appeared following the first week. So we played again “Why Do not We Do It In The Road?” Which made the fans around the world realize their first show of live. (As in the first week) Since Paul ordered the interlude before playing, it is interesting that the performance after shaking to Neil, this day. I used to think that I often play this song. Of course the interlude was a bursting guitar solo full of Neil Clause and it was a live version of power.
And since Paul’s turn was Saturday night for two weeks, he was sipping a little Little Richard’s “Rip It Up” from the encore time of the first week, but this day he sang longer It approached the area of ​​”performance” thanks to Abe ‘s drumming together. Either way it is an ad lib scene. Thus, although the audience recording which captured the last live stage of 2016 in the highest sound quality will be released on the limited press CD, it is not only the last live but also the best one in this year’s pole live sound source I will assure you the quality!

10月のDESERT TRIPフェスティバルに出演した巨頭の内、これまで当店がプレスCDアイテムをリリースしていない最後の砦とも言うべきがポール・マッカートニー。今まではCD-Rでのリリースとなっていましたが、遂に満を持してのプレスCDに相応しい最高の音源がリリースされます!元々DESERT TRIPフェスにおけるポールのステージは上質な音源がいくつか出回っていた中、当店が白羽の矢を立てたのが二週目の音源。どのアーティストにも起こり得ることではありますが、最初のライブで要領を得たテーパーが二回目のステージで見事なオーディエンスを残してくれたのです。
DESERT TRIPフェスにおける音源分布図はその典型だと呼べるもので、二週目のステージで極上の音源が連発されている。しかも全てが一人のテーパーによる仕事…それがこれまで当店がリリースしてきたローリング・ストーンズやロジャー・ウォーターズの「DESERT TRIP 2016 WEEKEND 2」に収録された極上の録音だったのです。
Dapsyknowsを名乗るテーパーが使用したのは極上オーディエンス録音の代名詞とも言えるSchoeps MK4マイク。そして彼の努力の結晶とも言える録音ポジションの確保。ロジャーやストーンズの音源がそうだったように、ポールのステージもまたピット・エリアからの録音を敢行。そうした要素が合わさって生み出された彼の音源のクオリティの高さたるや、これぞ別格という言葉が当てはまるもの。何といっても音像のオンな度合がとにかく素晴らしい。出音をうまくキャッチできるポジションにいたからこそ、これだけド迫力な音像が生み出されたというもの。

実はDESERT TRIP二週目のステージですが、ポールにとって今年最後のライブだったのです。彼のONE ON ONEツアーは7月から8月にかけてのスケジュールを消化したところで実質的な終了状態となり、DESERT TRIPの前に行われた10月のサクラメントでのライブはどれもイベントの為のウォーミング・アップという意味合いが強かったもの。つまりポールの気持ちは二週に渡ったイベントに向かっていたことは間違いありません。その間には勢い余ってパブでシークレット・ギグを行ったほど。
それだけに2016年のライブ・ステージ最終日となるとこの日、オープニングからポールの気迫がみなぎっています。何よりも彼の声の調子が抜群。「Jet」を聴けば、彼のトップ・コンディションな様子がはっきり感じられるでしょう。しかもこの日は「Can’t Buy Me Love」の代わりに「Got To Get You Into My Life」が取り上げられており、昨年の武道館の熱狂を彷彿させるこちらのセレクトを好む人は多いはず。しかもポールの好調ぶりがここでも印象的。それに今年の目玉であるビートルズのデビュー曲「Love Me Do」をこれだけの高音質で聴けるというのも大きな魅力。

もちろんニール・ヤングは一週目に続いて登場。そこでライブ初披露が実現して世界中のファンをアッと言わせた「Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?」を再び演奏。(一週目と同じく)ポールが演奏を始める前に間奏は頼んだからね、とニールに振ってからの演奏はこの日も面白い。よくぞこの曲を演奏しようと思い付いたものです。もちろん間奏ではニール節全開なギター・ソロが炸裂しており、ド迫力のライブバージョンでした。
そして二週ともポールの出番が土曜の夜だったことから、彼は一週目のアンコールの時点からリトル・リチャードの「Rip It Up」を口ずさんでいましたが、この日はより長く歌ってみせた上に、エイブがドラムで合わせてくれたおかげで「演奏」の域に近付きました。いずれにせよアドリブな場面ではあるのですが。こうしてポール2016年最後となるライブ・ステージを最高の音質で捉えたオーディエンス録音が限定のプレスCDにてリリースされる訳ですが、最後のライブというだけでなく、今年のポールライブ音源におけるベスト・ワンのクオリティだと断言いたします!


Disc 1 (78:07)
1. A Hard Day’s Night 2. Jet 3. Got to Get You Into My Life 4. Letting Go 5. Day Tripper
6. Let Me Roll It 7. Foxy Lady 8. I’ve Got a Feeling 9. My Valentine
10. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five 11. Maybe I’m Amazed 12. We Can Work It Out
13. In Spite of All the Danger 14. I’ve Just Seen a Face 15. Love Me Do 16. And I Love Her
17. Blackbird 18. Here Today 19. Queenie Eye

Disc 2 (63:05)
1. Lady Madonna 2. FourFiveSeconds (with Rihanna) 3. Eleanor Rigby
4. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! 5. A Day in the Life (with Neil Young)
6. Give Peace a Chance (with Neil Young) 7. Why Don’t We Do It in the Road? (with Neil Young)
8. Something 9. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 10. Band on the Run 11. Back in the U.S.S.R.
12. Let It Be 13. Live and Let Die 14. Hey Jude

Disc 3 (21:05)
1. Audience 2. Birthday 3. Rip It Up 4. Helter Skelter 5. Golden Slumbers 6. Carry That Weight
7. The End

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