Paul McCartney / Complete Jimmy Kimmel Live / 1CD+1DVD

Paul McCartney / Complete Jimmy Kimmel Live / 1CD+1DVD / Piccadilly Circus

Live At The Hollywood Boulevard, LOS Angeles, CA, USA September 23, 2013.



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3 New song!

with Sound check movie 

Paul’s newest live, live on lockout Hollywood street for his new album promotion and TV special project. 2 days later after i HEART MUSIC FESTIVAL. This title has complete recording of soundboard CD and pro-shot DVD. And this is new album promotion so they played 3 new songs.

 They play at a special stage at central are of Hollywood like this title’s cover design. Paul used to play the street live in NY, but this time is more large scale. And they play 1 hour concerts include 3 songs like LAS Vegas. And this is another stage after performance for TV. You can enjoy very fantastic soundboard recording of the special live. Audience is fanatic, so Paul believes firmly success for the album. And bonus tracks is 4 songs from the sound check, and new song New hamming version.

 DVD is pro-shot of this street live. This is taken from Web broadcast, it is bit low quality. But you can enjoy the pro-shot with new songs and newest live. For Japanese it is really good preparation for Paul Japan tour. And as bonus you can see the sound check. Because the street live means everybody can record it freely. They are included Blue Suede Shoes that is not played on public one, and Coming Up that he played after a long time. Paul reply the audience even sound check, and after sound check Paul shaves his hands.

 A very beautiful picture CD and DVD pressing, permanent preservation.

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