Paul McCartney / Closed Soundcheck At Budokan / 1CD

Paul McCartney / Closed Soundcheck At Budokan / 1CD / Non Label

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Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 28th April 2015 Original In-Ear Monitor Recording



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It is a release from the 2015 OUT THERE TOUR our shop, but also of further impact sound source Let’s do announce the appearance here. It is the largest called the topic Budokan performance in the current Japan tour, it would have been released in the sound check of the pattern of limited press CD!
Although it is already Budokan performances that buzz among fans around the world, again I think it did not take into account the fact that special gig, seats pack of sound check party and reception area is only on this day a VIP package that became is not set, viewing of live and also to purchase any seat production only, viewing position itself than what was done in special circumstances that the lottery, despite already SEE NO EVIL ” LIVE AT JUDO ARENA “surprise superb sound quality title such as has already been released.

If Sonaruto that the general public is a glimpse of sound check did not realize a gig that called frenzy of only there is not necessarily a unreasonable whether … absolutely to see want to … mania behind the scenes of the Budokan was that special, Paul usually live the same as those that will want to take a look to the sound check.
Our shop will grant the wishes of fans of such world! Moreover, its own to obtain the sound recordings via Iyamoni, was Mise was brilliantly caught sincere rehearsal before the evening begins the legendary!
Each playing and singing voice recordings via Iyamoni to be caught in Katsuaki, I think this is not what is no sound source suitable to Miseru captures the sound check. Unlike the live production that was in front of the audience, rehearsal and sound check it does not take a thing called reality. It is such and the same thing rehearsal sound of Get Back sessions of The Beatles. Special gig Budokan was supposed to be a centerpiece in last year’s Japan tour if originally thereto. To proceed to do it in a refocus, would you have wanted to breaking of time in serious rehearsal as possible even as Paul. To refrain from such a sincere sound check stunning clearness caught via Iyamoni, yet just before the night of frenzy at nil clean recording of recording a is often noise of this hand (is array entering a “Jari~tsu” in the example) Let’s listen to the appearance of Paul and the band was.
In the normal sound check that does not put the audience, but it is first interesting that the basic line of the repertoire to be played not much different from that of the VIP ticket. Early on familiar repertoire has been played with sound check party. But Paul, “this venue I hot, kana? Has worked air conditioning” is is a behind-the-scenes rehearsal specific place where leaking and, I think this is also’m also an interesting scene.

It will switch to a rehearsal of the Budokan mode from among these “Got To Get You Into My Life”. Like this song, but it is truly is in no way inferior workmanship is already compared to the live production. Rusty Anderson is where you finished it will get excited is not likely to have heard a state in which said, “It is a new song … Another Girl. Acoustic guitar Best regards.” So, rehearsal literally “world premiere” Beatles number that playing called the topic is showcased in the “Another Girl” at Budokan start!
Here you have been playing for about two convenience take, although it has been practiced already the goal of playing in the Budokan, perfection of its performance will reminiscent of the production of that frenzy. But Paul from before starting the first take is to review the base and singing alone, has been handed down avid appearance in order to the that “the world’s first public” version as perfect.
With further practice of “Penny Lane” is from the fact that is repeated more than “Another Girl”, and seems to have wanted to show off Apparently in this song also Budokan. But is when the base is neglected distracted song, this time when distracted by base will understand better how the pole song becomes neglected. Band playing is no problem, but this would of been rambling by the decision of Paul.
Thus how to practice to repeat the same song, it is a difference of “sound check party” and “rehearsal”, it us to the state of the serious tryout this Iyamoni sound source is evident! And “C Moon” such as scenes Miseru playing Paul the intro of the Beatles number “Martha My Dear” Sararito in front of, that it not be a public sound check. As early as ultra-valuable document that captures the serious rehearsal in front of the legend and turned into the Budokan gig with great sound quality you appeared here!

2015年OUT THERE TOUR当店からのリリースですが、さらなる衝撃の音源も登場をここでアナウンスいたしましょう。それは今回の来日公演において最大の話題を呼んだ武道館公演、そのサウンドチェックの模様が限定のプレスCDにてリリースされてしまうのです!
既に世界中のファンの間で話題を呼んでいる武道館公演ですが、やはりスペシャル・ギグということを考慮していたのでしょうか、この日に限ってサウンドチェック・パーティやフロント・エリアの席がパックとなったVIPパッケージは設定されず、どの席を購入してもライブ本番のみの観覧、何よりも鑑賞ポジション自体が抽選という特殊な状況で行われました、にもかかわらず既にSEE NO EVILの「LIVE AT JUDO ARENA」のような驚きの極上音質タイトルが既にリリースされています。


こうした中で「Got To Get You Into My Life」からは武道館モードのリハーサルへと切り替わります。この曲など、既にライブ本番と比べて遜色のない出来栄えがさすがですよね。それを終えたところでラスティ・アンダーソンが「新しい曲だ…Another Girl。アコースティック・ギターよろしく」と話している様子を聴いていると思わずワクワクしてしまいます。そう、武道館で文字通り「世界初公開」の演奏が披露されて話題を呼んだビートルズ・ナンバー「Another Girl」のリハーサル開始!
さらに「Penny Lane」の練習が「Another Girl」以上に繰り返されていることからすると、どうやらこの曲も武道館で披露したかったように思えます。しかし歌に気を取られるとベースがおろそか、ベースに気を取られると今度は歌がおろそかになってしまうポールの様子がよく解ります。バンドの演奏はまったく問題ありませんが、これはポールの判断によって取り止められたのでしょう。
こうして同じ曲を繰り返し練習する様子、それが「サウンドチェック・パーティ」と「リハーサル」の違いであり、その真剣なトライアウトの様子をこのイヤモニ音源が明らかとしてくれるのです!しかも「C Moon」の前でポールがビートルズ・ナンバー「Martha My Dear」のイントロをサラリと弾いてみせる場面など、公開サウンドチェックではあり得ないこと。早くも伝説と化した武道館ギグの前の真剣なリハーサルを素晴らしい音質で捉えた超貴重なドキュメントがここに姿を現します!

1. Dialogue 2. Matchbox 3. Honey Don’t 4. Flaming Pie 5. Penny Lane (Take 1)
6. Got To Get You Into My Life 7. Another Girl (Take 1) 8. Another Girl (Take 2)
9. Penny Lane (Take 2) 10. Penny Lane (Take 3) 11. Penny Lane (Take 4) 12. Martha My Dear
13. C Moon 14. Celebration 15. It’s So Easy 16. San Francisco Bay Blues
17. Midnight Special (Take 1) 18. Midnight Special (Take 2) 19. Dance Tonight
20. Bluebird 21. Magic Piano Intro 22. Lady Madonna

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