Paul McCartney / Budokan 2017 Definitive Master / 2CD

Paul McCartney / Budokan 2017 Definitive Master / 2CD / Non Label
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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 25th April 2017

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Paul Release from our shop which is not an exaggeration to say that we made standards standards for the performance items in Japan arriving in Japan in 2017. This time again the third sound source from the Budokan in the first day of the tour. “BUDOKAN 2017” which emphasized the presence at the very first release, “ONE ON ONE at BUDOKAN” of a brilliant balance of sound image and clearness is the sound quality image of items that have been released so far, The sound source of this time is “rich bass”. In a sound image like the balance between the past two titles, there is a rich bass added to it with an exquisite balance, our own own recorded recording. This power of bass is a big appeal different from the past two titles.
First of all, please listen to the sound of Paul’s bass that cuts into the intro of “Drive My Car” which became one of the Budokan special repertoire. It will be overwhelmed by the power of the localization area which is a little bit different from the sound source so far. The same is true for Better Let Me Roll It, which Brian Ray was playing on the bass, the baseline supporting that guitar riff beats out a powerful bass more than other sound sources.
Even just listening to the first half of the live, you will be able to realize how bass is an attractive audience recording. Still, it is quite another dimension from the boomy recording state that bass is too conspicuous to blur the sound image and the outline of the performance. Even though the bass stands outstanding, overall, it has a very good texture. It may reflect on the ground when listening. However, it is undisputed that such a state of recording is intrusive, I hesitate to listen carefully to the gentle sound quality.
In the case of
Anyway, because the bass is an attractive audience recording, even the parts of the acoustic song are caught securely in low frequencies that can not be tasted by ordinary audience recording. Even in the songs like “Love Me Do” showing the excitement that the venue got together, not only the realistic sensation unique to audiences recording but also the bass that actually sounded at the venue at the Budokan on April 25, 2017 It is not an exaggeration to say that there is greatness of this sound source in the place that reproduces realistically.
And it is easy to understand the difference in sound quality by listening compare with our items in the past, “I Wanna Be Your Man” this time as well. You should be able to understand that the direction of sound quality with our items in the past is totally different by “Nihonchatsukaai!” Performance at this Budokan. The sound source of this time is exhausted to the power of the bass as it has repeated so far.
Even in “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!” That Paul himself liked as a favorite baseline when he came to Japan, this unique sound source will reproduce that play without compromising. And at the end of the final “The End” below Paul, in the back where three guitarists are fighting a battle, even the baseline where the keyboard’s wicks were ringing is captured with surprising clearness.
I think that you can understand how the third Martial Arts Center sound source released at this time press CD will be how to create a sound source with its own charm if you call up the points we’ve been writing to this far. Especially not only the excitement of the first day of the tour but also the power of the bass that reminds me of “that sound” that was ringing in the venue of the day. Paul from our shop 2017 Budokan release is a stop at this!

★ It is different texture from our 2 already titled titles, it is a low quality sound quality, so it will receive a bitter impression, but the whole performance is tight, especially though the bass has been recorded so far, it is tightened It can be said that it is unusual. Rich bass is a recommended title, inviting new findings and surprises.

ポール2017年の来日公演アイテムにおけるスタンダードの基準を作ってみせたと言っても過言ではない当店からのリリース。今回は再びツアー初日の武道館から第三の音源。一番最初のリリースで臨場感重視だった「BUDOKAN 2017」、音像とクリアネスのバランスが見事な優等生録音の「ONE ON ONE at BUDOKAN」というのがこれまでにリリースされてきたアイテムの音質イメージだとすると、今回の音源は「豊かな低音」。音像的には過去二タイトルの中間といったバランスであり、そこに豊かな低音が絶妙なバランスで加味された、当店の独自入手録音。この低音の迫力こそ、過去二タイトルとは違った大きな魅力なのです。
まずは武道館スペシャル・レパートリーの一つとなった「Drive My Car」のイントロに切り込むポールのベースの音を聴いてみてください。それまでの音源とは一味違う定位域の迫力に圧倒されることでしょう。同じことはブライアン・レイがベースを弾いていた「Let Me Roll It」においても、あのギター・リフを支えるベースラインが他の音源以上に迫力の低音を叩き出してくる。

何しろ低音が魅力なオーディエンス録音ですので、アコースティック・ソングのパートですら、普通のオーディエンス録音では味わえないような低域がしっかりとキャッチされている。会場が一丸となった盛り上がりを見せた「Love Me Do」のような曲においても、オーディエンス録音ならではの臨場感だけにとどまらず、2017年4月25日の武道館で実際に会場で鳴っていた低音をリアルに再現してくれるというところに、この音源の偉大さがあると言っても過言ではありません。
そして過去の当店アイテムとの聴き比べで音質の違いが分かりやすいのは、今回も「I Wanna Be Your Man」。今回の武道館における「ニホンハツコウカイ!」な演奏で過去の当店アイテムとの音質の方向性がまったく違うことを理解してもらえるはず。それほど今回の音源は、ここまで繰り返してきたような低音の迫力に尽きるのです。
ポール自身もお気に入りのベースラインだと来日時に語っていた「Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!」でも、あのプレイを余すことなく再現してくれるのがこの音源ならでは。そして極めつけは最後の「The End」においてポール以下、三人のギタリストがバトルを繰り広げているバックにおいて、キーボードのウィックスが鳴らしていたベースラインまでもが驚きのクリアネスで捉えられている。

Disc 1 (79:32)
1. Intro. 2. A Hard Day’s Night 3. Jet 4. Drive My Car 5. Junior’s Farm 6. Let Me Roll It
7. I’ve Got A Feeling 8. My Valentine 9. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five 10. Maybe I’m Amazed
11. We Can Work It Out 12. Every Night 13. In Spite Of All The Danger 14. Love Me Do
15. Blackbird 16. Here Today

Disc 2 (68:21)
1. Queenie Eye 2. Lady Madonna 3. I Wanna Be Your Man 4. Magical Mystery Tour
5. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! 6. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
7. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) 8. Back In The U.S.S.R. 9. Let It Be
10. Live And Let Die 11. Hey Jude 12. Yesterday 13. Hi, Hi, Hi 14. Golden Slumbers
15. Carry That Weight 16. The End

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