Paul McCartney / Back In The USA / 2CD

Paul McCartney / Back In The USA / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA USA 23rd November 1989.



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Taken from the Original Bootleg 3LPs “Back In The USA”  This time, North American tour the first day of 1989, and 11 in the first day of LA5 continuous performances followed by LA forum November 27, 1989 We have gotten very popular in the “EVONY AND IVORY 1989” It is the appearance of the live recordings of the ’89 tour which recorded the LA Forum of the 23rd month. It hit the turning point of Bootleg media just, this tour it was a analog LP All items released between 1989-90 For U.S. tour in particular. It is a thing that sound source with inferior sound quality much had been released entitled “YESTERDAY, TODAY & McCARTNEY” is also the day of “EVONY AND IVORY 1989” Come to think of it.  It is a thing that were released in three pieces of “BACK IN THE USA” at the time November 23 LA this forum. That’s what made ​​that was released in color Vu~iniru white conscious clearly masterpiece title which recorded the LA Forum last day of 1976 the “WINGS FROM THE WINGS”, red, and blue were impressed mania of the time. But it is not only that, this LP is one that boasts a high-quality outstanding among the LP was recorded U.S. tour in ’89 that were released at that time, we groan mania also sound quality that. But because it is time that era had shifted to CD from the LP, but this was insufficient To to obtain an evaluation of enough to be called a name board, even while proud of the sound quality of it. Timing I was bad. And there is a feeling that flocked to Japan tour after that for the Japanese fans, it can be said that it is items that have been overlooked even more.  Reprinted in the CD LP this time. It was revived in modern name board that seems now in 2013, that it might be had overlooked even mania, the name recording. I do not hold a candle to balance and clearness of the invincible “EVONY AND IVORY 1989” indeed, but clearness fine-grained and sound images on the still recording of this LP is captured is very attractive. It would surprise recording of this great sound quality and had been overlooked at the time in 1989. And places where separated by LP was connected by cross-fade processing, we’ve compiled to listen to in the state of through. And It is in perfect condition as that cut occurring in the early stages of “Live And Let Die” also patch from intact point of the song. And I realized the CD of which it is easy to hear much more than LP of original that you adjust the exact pitch that seems more than anything, and had been raised in order to fit into a three-LP x the high-quality recordings!  Of that 1989 tour because it is ill before Paul, that he is doing the shout reasonably thing in this period only. There is no momentum in the following year as well as an entire performance in it, but I am tied to the quality of the performance to be heard of the good tone of voice and Paul playing the calm and peace of mind. In addition, because there is no PA problems, such as the 27th day, it is recording excellent to very the state are enjoying a great deal of live LA forum first day which is since 1976 and Paul himself comes through. It is a limited release that was put together to press CD at best a name sound source that has been overlooked. I have reproduced cleanly from the master also jacket. Please enjoy carefully its excellent record on this opportunity!

★ 50 pieces of only the first will be the release of a sticker with numbering into.

大好評いただいております1989年11月27日のLAフォーラム「EVONY AND IVORY 1989」に続いて今回は、LA5連続公演の初日にして89年北米ツアー初日、11月23日のLAフォーラムを収録した89年ツアーのライブ音源の登場です。このツアーはちょうどブートレグ・メディアの転換期に当たり、特にアメリカ・ツアーに関しては1989年から90年にかけてリリースされたアイテムはすべてアナログLPだったのです。そういえば 「EVONY AND IVORY 1989」の日もずっと音質の劣る音源が「YESTERDAY, TODAY & McCARTNEY」というタイトルがリリースされていたものです。
今回のLAフォーラム11月23日は当時「BACK IN THE U.S.A.」という三枚組でリリースされたものです。それは1976年のLAフォーラム最終日を収録した名作タイトル「WINGS FROM THE WINGS」を明らかに意識した白、赤、青のカラー・ヴィニールにてリリースされた作りが当時のマニアを唸らせたものです。しかしそれだけではありません、このLPは当時リリースされた89年アメリカ・ツアーを収録したLPの中でもずば抜けた高音質を誇るもので、その音質もまたマニアを唸らせました。ところが時代がLPからCDへと移行していた時期ですので、それだけの音質を誇りながらも名盤と呼ばれるほどの評価を得るまでには至りませんでした。時期が悪かったのです。それに日本のファンに関してはその後の来日公演に群がった感があり、なおさら見過ごされたアイテムだと言えます。
今回はそのLPをCDに復刻。2013年の今、マニアですら見過ごしていたのではないかと思える名盤、名録音を現代に蘇らせたのです。さすがに「EVONY AND IVORY 1989」の無敵なクリアネスとバランスにはかなわないのですが、それでもなおこのLPの録音が捉えたオンな音像とキメの細かいクリアネスは非常に魅力的なもの。こんな素晴らしい音質の録音が1989年当時に見過ごされていたとは驚きでしょう。しかもLPで分けられた個所はクロス・フェイド処理にてつなぎ、通しの状態で聴けるようにまとめてあります。それに「Live And Let Die」の序盤で起きるカットも同曲の無傷な個所からパッチすることで完全な状態としてあります。そして何よりも、高音質な録音をLP三枚に収めるために上げられてしまったと思われるピッチを正確にアジャストしたことで元のLPよりもはるかに聴きやすいCD化を実現したのです!


Disc 1(63:40)
1. Figure Of Eight 2. Jet 3. Rough Ride 4. Got To Get You Into My Life
5. Band On The Run 6. Ebony And Ivory 7. We Got Married 8. Maybe I’m Amazed
9. The Long And Winding Road 10. The Fool On The Hill 11. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
12. Good Day Sunshine 13. Can’t Buy Me Love 14. Put It There

Disc 2(65:16)
1. Things We Said Today 2. Eleanor Rigby 3. This One 4. My Brave Face
5. Back In The U.S.S.R. 6. I Saw Her Standing There 7. Twenty Flight Rock 8. Coming Up
9. Let It Be 10. Ain’t That A Shame 11. Live And Let Die 12. Hey Jude 13. Yesterday
14. Get Back 15. Golden Slumbers 16. Carry That Weight 17. The End

Paul McCartney – Lead Vocals, Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars, Piano, Keyboards
Linda McCartney – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Hamish Stuart – Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars, Backing Vocals
Robbie McIntosh – Electric Guitars, Backing Vocals
Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Chris Whitten – Drums, Percussion

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