Paul McCartney / Austin City Limits Festival 2018 2nd Weekend Remaster / 2CD

Paul McCartney / Austin City Limits Festival 2018 2nd Weekend Remaster / 2CD / Non Label
Live at Zilker Park, Austin, TX, USA 12th October 2018

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Well, let ‘s tell this from amazing … and salty. “AUSTIN CITY LIMITS MUSIC FESTIVAL” which Paul appeared before this visit to Japan went on for two weeks, and the result that the first appearance was delivered is recording a big best seller “AUSTIN CITY LIMITS 2018 WEEKEND ONE “. The impact of Proshot video which captured the main part of Frechenn Up Tour in front of the performance in Japan arrived too big. It did not come true that the second week’s stage will be delivered, but on this day I will replace “Hi, Hi, Hi” and “Can not Buy Me Love” on the first day at the beginning of the set list There was a change that “Junior’s Farm” and “All My Loving” were played. Therefore, although the killer tune of each era of Wings and Beatles was played in exchange, among them, there are a lot of maniacs wanting to ask “Junior’s Farm” from “Hi, Hi, Hi”. Besides, Paul also attacks that it is changing by a show several songs in the first half of the set.
Audience recording that caught the stage of the second week apparently appeared on the net like naturally, because there is always a picture of the first week … … a big mistake if you hook up the hawk. This is terrible superb sound quality! That’s why I declared “amazing” at the beginning, but it is a translation that I released hasty by CD-R before the very high quality tone, but should not release the sound source boasting outstanding high-quality sound for the first time in press CD There is no.

I also played the sound source given to write this paperwork, I was overwhelmed by the high quality sound that I wanted to hear while listening to headphones unexpectedly. No, what on earth is it? This terrible best sound quality. Certainly even the power of the on-pressurized sound is exceptional. But it alone has not been able to express the charm of this sound source. It is not merely that the performance is captured by sound board level sound pressure.
Anyway, each musical instrument is real, in fact it is terrible because it is caught by the force of power. It will be easy to understand if you listen to several songs at the beginning of the show. For example, “Letting Go” will feature Horn sections, the main feature of this tour, but their sounds are also vivid. Even the first week ‘s image, which is still in the sound board and organized, can not taste such “raw” realism. The dominant aspect of this audience recording is the greatest charm that the band captures the vividness of the sounds played on the stage. Conversely speaking of the difference between the place where the horn is added at the finale’s “Abbey Road / Medley” and the place where it is done with the sampling of Wix is ​​all about tsukkomi (laugh).
In the official release and television broadcasting, it is fresh that I can hear the back chorus again by a band member that is likely to be well mixed. It is obvious if you also hear “Let Me Roll It” in the beginning of the show. The chorus that the strongest warriors who continue to support Paul from 2002 have sung up is, indeed, it seems to be fresh as if it was this. In other words, the back chorus is captured with outstanding clearness. From such a place, I can feel the charm different from the pro shot picture of the first week.

Still, it is also a big appeal of this sound source that the realistic feeling unique to audiences recording is captured without taste. A large chorus will rise at some classical numbers, but the excitement that can be heard on the right never blocks the performance (because that sound pressure is anything) Rather, it feels more realistic, even when the pleasantly excitement rises again. “All My Loving” which was an eyeball of this day also becomes chorus as natural as possible, but it is lovely that you can hear even chorus mistakes often found in beginners, going ahead and going to the chorus in the first place. Even more pleasantly, when the main part is over, a sprain call called “encore! Encore!” Will occur. Showa’s Japanese rock concert? This is the reaction of the audience of the United States in 2018. It is amusing for it to switch to “One More Song!” In other words, it is also a pleasant realistic feeling to hear!
And the balance that the power of bass plays with Sushin is really wonderful, and the performance of two songs from the big hit album “EGYPT STATION” is another masterpiece again. Dynamism which can not be tasted with the pro shot video and distribution sound source that have appeared so far is being scattered from this or two songs. With such an exceptional recording quality, it seems that the taper has moved with “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”, the shaking of the localization or the blurring of the sound generated only in one place by “Hey Jude” is insignificant I guess. By the way, there is also a happening that Paul mistakes lyrics in “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!”, But that is also realistic.
Because it is an exquisite superb sound source in any case, it is a level that you can enjoy without equalizing. However, in releasing the limited press CD this time, it has evolved into an upper version of Ultra Recording, where clearness stands out, by arranging each of the mid-high range and the sound pressure. It goes without saying that it is the best recording in the early days of Frechen-Up Tour and, to the contrary, it is an extraordinary audience recording that will be a future indicator. This item arrives immediately after the performance of the Tokyo Dome, and if you listen within that excitement you double the pleasure. Can we go beyond this performance in Japan this time?

うーん、これは凄い…としょっぱなから言い切ってしまいましょう。今回の来日公演の前にポールが出演した「AUSTIN CITY LIMITS MUSIC FESTIVAL」は二週に渡って行われ、最初の出演が配信された結果が早くも大ベストセラーを記録している「AUSTIN CITY LIMITS 2018 WEEKEND ONE」。来日公演直前のフレッシェン・アップ・ツアー本編を捉えたプロショット映像のインパクトがあまりにも大きかった。そのせいで二週目のステージが配信されることは叶わなかったのですが、この日は初日の「Hi, Hi, Hi」と「Can’t Buy Me Love」に代わってセットリストの序盤で「Junior’s Farm」と「All My Loving」が演奏されるという変化がありました。よってウイングスとビートルズ時代それぞれのキラーチューンが入れ替わりで演奏されたのですが、中でも「Hi, Hi, Hi」より「Junior’s Farm」の方が聞きたい…というマニアは多いはず。それにショーによってセット前半に数曲変えるだなんて、相変わらずポールも攻めてくれる。

とにかく各楽器がリアル、それどころか生々しいまでの迫力で捉えられているから凄い。それはもう、ショー冒頭の数曲を聞いてもらえば簡単に理解してもらえるでしょう。例えば「Letting Go」では今回のツアーにおける目玉であるホーン・セクションが登場しますが、彼らの音色がまた生々しい。サウンドボードでなおかつ整理された状態である一週目の映像ですら、こうした「生」なリアルさは味わえない。このオーディエンス録音の卓越している点は、バンドがステージ上で演奏して鳴らす音の生々しさを捉えているのが最大の魅力。逆に言うとフィナーレの「アビーロード・メドレー」でホーンが加わるところとウィックスのサンプリングで済ますところの違いが丸わかりというツッコミどころも(笑)。
オフィシャルのリリースやテレビ放送などでは特にミックスが整えられがちなバンドメンバーによるバックコーラスがこれまた生々しく聞こえるのも新鮮。それもまたショー序盤の「Let Me Roll It」を聞けば一目瞭然。2002年からずっとポールを支え続けている歴戦の勇士たちが歌い上げるコーラスはなるほど、こんな風だったのか…と新鮮に映ることでしょう。つまりバックコーラスも抜群のクリアネスで捉えている。そんなところからも一週目のプロショット映像とは違った魅力が感じられます。

それでいてオーディエンス録音ならではの臨場感が嫌味なく捉えられているのもこの音源の大きな魅力。いくつかのクラシックナンバーでは大合唱が沸き起こるのですが、左右で聞こえる盛り上がりが演奏をふさぐことはなく(何せあの音圧ですからね)むしろ気持ちいいくらいの盛り上がりがまたしてもリアルに感じられる。この日の目玉であった「All My Loving」でも当然の如く合唱となるのですが、一番の後で先走ってコーラスに行ってしまうという、初心者にありがちな合唱ミスまで聞こえるのはご愛敬。さらに愉快なことに、本編が終わると「アンコール!アンコール!」というシュプレヒコールが巻き起こるのです。昭和の日本のロックコンサートか。これ2018年アメリカのオーディエンスのリアクションですよ。それが「ワン・モア・ソング!」へと切り替わるのも微笑ましい。つまり愉快な臨場感も聞きどころなのです!
そして低音の迫力がズシンと押し寄せるバランスが実に素晴らしく、大ヒットアルバム「EGYPT STATION」からの二曲の演奏がまた圧巻。これまでに登場してきたプロショット映像や配信音源などでは味わえないダイナミズムがこれか二曲からほとばしっています。こうした別格の録音クオリティであれば「Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da」でテーパーが動いたと思しき定位の揺れ、あるいは「Hey Jude」で一か所だけ生じる音のかすれなど取るに足らないでしょう。そういえば「Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!」でポールが歌詞を間違えるなんていうハプニングもありますが、そこもまたリアルに聞き取れてしまう。


Disc 1 (75:23)
1. Intro 2. A Hard Day’s Night 3. Junior’s Farm 4. All My Loving 5. Letting Go
6. Come On to Me 7. Let Me Roll It 8 MC 9. I’ve Got a Feeling 10. My Valentine
11. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five 12. Maybe I’m Amazed 13. We Can Work It Out
14. MC 15. In Spite of All the Danger 16. From Me to You 17. MC 18. Love Me Do
19. MC 20. Blackbird 21. MC 22. Here Today

Disc 2 (68:40)
1. Lady Madonna 2. MC 3. Fuh You 4. Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite!
5. Something 6. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 7. Band on the Run 8. Back in the USSR 9. MC
10. Let It Be 11. Live and Let Die 12. Hey Jude 13. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
14. Helter Skelter 15. MC 16. Golden Slumbers 17. Carry That Weight 18. The End


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