Paul McCartney / Friends Of The Earth From Germany 1989 / 4CDR

Paul McCartney / Friends Of The Earth From Germany 1989 / 4CDR / Beatfile

Live At Sportshalle, Hamburg, Germany October 3rd 1989

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A four-disc set featuring a complete two-night series of performances in Hamburg, Germany from the 89/90 World Tour, the first time that McCartney has performed a large-scale world tour since the 70s Wings, from BEATFILE Appearance!

The 3rd and 4th performances were completely reproduced from multiple original audience recording masters on October 3 and 89, and the 3rd performance had incomplete analog 2LP in the past despite high sound quality, but this time based on that sound source This is the first full version of the latest remastered version after correcting the master with a much faster pitch by supplementing with another source.

The next day’s performance also appeared for the first time as a full version of the original sound source, although a part of it was booted up to now.

Speaking of Hamburg, you can look back on the Kaiser Keller, Top Ten, Star Club, etc. that appeared at that time as a place of memories of the early Beatles at MC, which is unique to Hamburg performances. It is the first appearance collector’s item of interest as a valuable excavation sound source that caught the European tour in 1989!








Beatfile.BFP-160CDR1 / 2/3/4

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