Paul McCartney / Earth Day Concert 1993 / 1CD With OBI Strip

Paul McCartney / Earth Day Concert 1993 / 1CD With OBI Strip / Valkyrie

Hollywood Bowl, Los Anegeles CA USA For Benefit Of ‘Earth Day For The Environment Concert’ On April 16, 1993. Digitally Remastered

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A special day in the 1993 New World Tour. Complete recording of the event stage at the Hollywood Bowl with high sound quality. Only “Mother Nature’s Son” and “Blackbird” were played during the tour. In particular, the former will be a live premiere since recording during the Beatles era. Apple is also participating in “Hey Jude”. A permanent press machine with beautiful picture disk specifications. With Japanese obi.

1993年ニューワールドツアーの中でも特別な一日。ハリウッドボウルで行なわれたイベント・ステージを高音質で完全収録。ツアー中唯一「Mother Nature’s Son」と「Blackbird」が演奏された。特に前者はビートルズ時代にレコーディング以来、ライヴ初演となる。また「Hey Jude」ではリンゴが参加している。美しいピクチャーディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。日本語帯付。

01. Opening
02. Coming Up
03. Looking For Changes
04. Fixing A Hole
05. Band On The Run
06. All My Loving
07. We Can Work It Out
08. Hope Of Deliverance
09. Mother Nature’s Son
10. Blackbird
11. Peace In The Neighborhood
12. Off The Ground
13. Can’t Buy Me Love
14. Magical Mystery Tour
15. C’mon People
16. Live And Let Die
17. Let It Be
18. Hey Jude

Valkyrie. VAL-040

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