Paul McCartney / Green Bay Lambeau Field 2019 / 3CD With OBI Strip

Paul McCartney / Green Bay Lambeau Field 2019 / 3CD With OBI Strip / Piccadilly Circus

Freshen Up Tour Green Bay Lambeau Field June 8, 2019.

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[FRESHEN UP tour in 2019] How long will Paul McCartney’s tour last? Although it looks youthful, it will be 77 in 2019. It seems that the tours that have been continued every year since 2002 are also approaching the end. Probably over the age of 80 after 5 years, the current scale tour will not be done. It is the same year as Junichiro Koizumi and Kim Jong Il. Retired from the world and politics, has entered the direction and demons. Paul will be on the tour again in 2019, ending the end of 2018 in Japan with the feeling that Paul is going to be active until the end of 2018 with a feeling that he is updating records every year like Masaru Yamamoto .

In March 2019, 5 performances were held in South America, and the North American tour began on May 23 from New Orleans. This North American tour has 16 performances. Looking at the host city name, it seems that the city that was not done so far is intentionally selected. There have been many performances on the tour so far, and many people have the impression that they have seen Paul’s concerts not only in the US but also in Europe and Japan. It may be a privilege to be a witness of history in the future, just like knowing the active days of King and Nagashima, or seeing Egawa’s high school days. Watching Paul’s concerts itself is an envy experience for the future. This work has been recorded on June 8th in Green Bay, Wisconsin from Paul’s 2019 tour.

【set list】
The opening is “A HARD DAY ’S NIGHT” after the FRESHEN UP tour. Paul is in charge of all the parts that John sang in the original, but all the other band members sing together, so the part of this song that Paul jumps out at Wenangho ~ is also reflected as original . The same person who performed the singing vocal of the same song at the 1965 Paris performance of that black-and-white video is impressed by the fact that it has been singing like this after half a century. As for the second song, “Hi Hi Hi”, “Junior ’s Farm” and “Save Us” are shuffled according to the day, but “Junior ’s Farm” was chosen that day. Rather than fans who know the Beatles era, I think that the generation who experienced Paul in the Wings era in real time occupies most of the customer base, so I would like Paul to reconsider the set list a little more, but that expectation I think this “Junior’s Farm” is responding to

[Participation in the brass section] A feature of FRESHEN UP TOUR is the addition of new songs from the new album “EGYPT STATION” to the repertoire. Moreover, two songs “Who Cares” and “Come On To Me” are played in the early stage of the concert, and “Fuh You” is played in the middle. Both are considered to be musical pieces with the concert performance in mind, and are important accents for the stage composition. The main difference from the conventional pole stage is the addition of a brass section. Until now, except for the Wings of the 70’s, there was basically no band member on the stage of Paul. Of course, the bagpipe orchestra was not on stage, and there was no scene where guests played. However, no musician has joined the tour as a concert performance every night. This is the first time that the brass section has joined the band. Arrangement also makes use of it in the point that the sound that had been substituted with the keyboard played by Wicks was played with a real instrument.

The brass section first appears at “Letting Go”. Moreover, the audience was excited not to be on the stage, but because of the surprise production that the members in the audience suddenly played. The song is a more prominent arrangement with a short brass solo inserted into the break in the second half. And the horn section can only be thought of as “Got To Get You Into My Life”. Surprisingly, the beginning of the tour was not included in the set list, but was promoted to an important song that was performed on stage since the November 2018 performance in Japan, and every time thereafter. Also featured in the new song “Come On To Me”, “Let ‘Em In”, “Lady Madonna” “Ob La Di Ob La Da” “Live And Let Die” “Hey Jude”, and the last Abbey Road・ It also plays an important role in the medley. The power of the brass section that can be listened to in this work, again the live sound is made to feel different. Even the same song makes me think that it is so different.

[Co-starring with Steven Tyler] As a bonus track, “Helter Skelter” has been recorded since Las Vegas on June 28, 2019. On that day, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler jumped in and joined with the same vocal. Steven Tyler is definitely a song that proves to be a Beatles fan. Respect for Steven Tyler’s pole, Paul who makes a guest, it is a wonderful performance that conveys mutual feelings. Most importantly, Steven Tyler is joyful to be able to stand on Paul’s stage and sing with him.

[Co-starring with apples] Another bonus track is the Ringo Star’s jump in the Los Angeles show on July 13th on the last day of the tour. Ringo hits the drums with two songs “SGT Pepper ’s Reprise” and “Helter Skelter”. There used to be a long time when Ringo was a member of four members who refused to play Beatles songs. That’s why Ringo didn’t participate in the first two songs in the “Yesterday”, “Here There And Everywhere” and “Wanderlust” scenes of the movie “Broad Street”. Both of these have passed the age, and in recent years there have been many opportunities to perform with Paul in this way. This is two songs that will be the first co-stars. It is a performance by two surviving Beatles.

[June 8, 2019 Green Bay Performance] This work is a complete recording of Lambeau Field performances on June 8, 2019 in Green Bay with high sound quality. Due to the closeness of the sound and the recording environment blessed with the surroundings, it has been recorded with superb high-quality sound that makes you feel realistic. The bonus track includes a performance with Steven Tyler and Ringo for two days during which the guest participated in this tour. As of August 2019, there are no plans for new concerts, events, TV appearances, etc., and there is no doubt that this title will represent Paul in 2019. Permanent storage with beautiful picture disc specifications. With Japanese obi.

【2019年のFRESHEN UPツアー】


オープニングはFRESHEN UPツアーになってからの「A HARD DAY’S NIGHT」である。オリジナルではジョンが歌っていたパートも全てポールが担当しているが、他のバンド・メンバー全員も合わせて歌っているため、ウェナンホ〜でポールが飛び出すこの曲のキモの部分もオリジナル通り映えている。あの白黒映像の1965年パリ公演での同曲におけるキレキレのボーカルを披露した同じ人物が、半世紀を経てこのように歌っていることに素直に感動する。2曲目は日によって「Hi Hi Hi」と「Junior’s Farm」そして「Save Us」の3曲がシャッフルするが、この日は「Junior’s Farm」が選ばれた。ビートルズ時代を知っているファンよりもむしろ、ウイングス時代のポールをリアルタイムで体験した世代が客層の多くを占めていると思うので、ポールにはもう少しセットリストを再考してもらいたいところだが、その期待に応えているのがこの「Junior’s Farm」ではないかと思う。

FRESHEN UP TOURにおける特徴として、ニューアルバム『EGYPT STATION』から新曲をレパートリーに加えている点が挙げられる。しかもコンサート序盤に「Who Cares」「Come On To Me」の2曲、そして中盤に「Fuh You」を演奏している。いずれもコンサートで演奏する事を念頭に置いた楽曲と思われ、ステージ構成の重要なアクセントとなっている。また従来のポールのステージと大きく異なる点は、ブラス・セクションが加わった点にある。これまで70年代のウイングスを除くと、基本的にポールのステージにバンド・メンバー以外が演奏に加わることはなかった。もちろんバグ・パイプ楽団が登壇したり、ゲストが演奏する場面もなかったわけではない。しかしツアーに帯同して毎夜コンサートの演出として参加したミュージシャンはいない。今回初めて、ブラス・セクションがバンドに加わったのである。それまでウィックスが奏でるキーボードで代用されていた音が、本物の楽器で演奏される点において、敢えてアレンジもそれを活かすものとなっている。

ブラス・セクションは「Letting Go」で初めて姿を現す。しかもステージ上ではなく、客席の中に並んだメンバーが突如奏でるサプライズ演出で、観客は大いに盛り上がっている。同曲は後半に短いブラス・ソロをブレイクに挿入し、一層際立つアレンジとなっている。そしてホーン・セクションといえば「Got To Get You Into My Life」しか考えられない。意外にもツアー序盤はセットリストに組み込まれておらず、2018年11月の日本公演よりステージで演奏され、その後ずっと毎回演奏される重要な曲に昇格した。その他、新曲「Come On To Me」でも大々的にフューチャーされ、「Let ‘Em In」や「Lady Madonna」「Ob La Di Ob La Da」「Live And Let Die」「Hey Jude」、そして最後のアビーロード・メドレーにおいても重要な役割を果たしている。本作で聴くことの出来るブラス・セクションの迫力、やはり生音は違うなと改めて感じさせられる。同じ曲であっても、これほどこれ程異なるものかと思わせられる。

ボーナストラックとして、2019年6月28日ラスベガス公演より「Helter Skelter」が収録されている。この日はエアロスミスのスティーブン・タイラーが飛び入りし、同曲のボーカルで参加したのである。スティーブン・タイラーは間違いなくビートルズ・ファンであることがわかる歌唱である。スティーブン・タイラーのポールへのリスペクト、そしてゲストを立てるポール、相互の気持ちが伝わってくる素晴らしい演奏となっている。何よりポールのステージに立ち、本人と一緒に歌うことが出来るという喜びに満ちたスティーブン・タイラーが聴きどころであろう。

もうひとつのボーナストラックは、ツアー最終日7月13日ロサンゼルス公演におけるリンゴ・スターの飛び入りである。リンゴは「SGT Pepper’s Reprise」と「Helter Skelter」の2曲でドラムを叩いている。かつてリンゴは4人揃わないメンバーでビートルズの曲を演奏することを拒否していた時代が長くあった。映画『ブロード・ストリート』の「Yesterday」「Here There And Everywhere」「Wanderlust」の3曲メドレーのシーンで、リンゴが最初の2曲で演奏に参加していないのは、かような理由による。それもこれも、それぞれ年齢を経ることで、近年ではわだかまりなくこのようにポールと二人で演奏する機会が多い。この日は初めての共演曲となる2曲である。ビートルズの存命する二人による演奏である。


01. Introduction
02. A Hard Day’s Night
03. Junior’s Farm
04. All My Loving
05. Letting Go
06. Who Cares
07. Got To Get You Into My Life
08. Come On To Me
09. Let Me Roll It
10. I’ve Got A Feeling
11. Let ‘Em In
12. My Valentine
13. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
14. Maybe I’m Amazed
15. I’ve Just Seen A Face
16. In Spite Of All Danger

01. From Me To You
02. Dance Tonight
03. Love Me Do
04. Blackbird
05. Here Today
06. Queenie Eye
07. Lady Madonna
08. Eleanor Rigby
09. Fuh You
10. Being For The Benefit Of Mr.Kite
11. Something
12. Ob La Di Ob La Da
13. Band On The Run
14. Back In The U.S.S.R.
15. Let It Be
16. Live And Let Die
17. Hey Jude

01. Birthday
02. SGT. Pepper’s Reprise
03. Helter Skelter
04. Golden Slumbers – Carry That Weight – The End

TaxSlayer Center Moline June 11, 2019
05. Save Us

T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas June 28, 2019
06. Helter Skelter with STEVEN TAYLOR

Dodger Stadium L.A. July 13, 2019
07. SGT. Pepper’s Reprise with RINGO STARR
08. Helter Skelter with RINGO STARR

Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-317/318/319

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