Paul McCartney / Ryogoku Kokugikan 2018 / 2CD

Paul McCartney / Ryogoku Kokugikan 2018 / 2CD / Non label
Live at Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo, Japan 5th November 2018

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Freshen Up-Japan Tour The biggest topic in 2018 was “Ligoku · Kokujikan” Small gig at Kokugikan. The schedule from the Tokyo Dome to the Nagoya Dome is clearly available, and there is no doubt that another performance will be incorporated in the meantime. The rumored performance in Asia (in the process of flipping back to Japan) will not be realized, will it be finally done at the Budokan this time again? It was a colored season that was announced at the end of September, the National Kokugikan of the rain. Paul who is a big sumo wrestler performs a live at a venue where sacred places are held. Everyone could not forbid a surprise in announcing this innovative gig. Although it is expected from Buddhist monks, it is a reality that expensive tickets are confirmed while expecting Budokan, not only the venue but also the price setting of tickets was innovative. And the most revolutionary thing is that Paul gigs at a smaller venue than the Budokan.
As it is not impossible, the tickets took on the preliminary release as a start to the contest fight, and called a big topic before the live was held. Instead of being set on the first day of the tour like last year’s Budokan, expectations also increased as a result of small gigs built after the usual large venue show. Even so, it was truly innovative to see Paul’s live at the Sumo Hall of Fame, and at the same time I can not help wishing to have the live perform at the Kokugikan by the time he came to Japan.

However, from the song selection side, it is the contents that “I Saw Her Standing There” was practically added to the abbreviated version on the first day of Tokyo Dome, and no special like the one in Budokan was happening. Given the past gigs, everyone would like to expect specials, in that respect I can not deny the feeling that I got shoulder watermarks this time. Rather it was a stage left in Paul’s live history in that “Yesterday” was not played following the second day of Tokyo Dome, and finally it was not played until “Maybe I’m Amazed”. Many speculation about the former was not played fluttered, but from the tone of the voice of the first day of the dome, I feel it was the result of becoming a song that is about to sing soon.
Despite these changes, the performance content was overwhelmingly wonderful. Paul’s voice seemed to be hot from around “Live and Let Die” on the first day of Tokyo Dome, but perhaps it was too close up with the closed sound check on the day before the dome which was revealed in this release It may be a cause. However Paul at Kokugikan is doing great. I was recovering as strong as reminiscent of the two stages in Austin that was taking place before the Japan Tour. Besides, at the time of Budokan, Paul did not enjoy interpretation system, unlike the vast dome, but Paul enjoyed the vibrancy unique to the audience of Japan and the unique venue that can be fully raised. Those who witnessed the Kokugikan gig three weeks ago, the figure of that pleasant Paul would have been burned up.

The Kokugikan gig, which gave such top-notch topic, has already delivered “RYOGOKU 2018” UXBRIDGE label took advantage of the mobility of CD-R last week. The sound quality that realistically captured the realistic feeling unique to the venue smaller than the Budokan was really wonderful, could you go with the press CD? I heard a voice saying. However, it is the appearance of limited press CD by the superb audience recording with fullness this time as well. For the reasons above, this is the gig that boasted the most talked about this time in Japan and still the most popular. A lot of good quality audience recordings were offered as if they were told it, but the fact that it came true glasses of the prestigious press CD release caught the last Budokan performance in 2017 with a miraculous super high sound quality Through the taper of “One On One At Budokan”. He secured the back of Masuza which is the eyeball position of Kokugikan. Because overhead is close to the floor of the second floor seat, we catch the performance of pole released from the stage with outstanding sound collecting power. Although CD-R “RYOGOKU 2018” recorded from the second floor seat caught spectacularly the acoustics unique to the small venue, this time the real feeling such as hako itself is outstanding.
And what’s great is the closeness of Paul’s singing voice and performance. It is suitable for calling “exactly sound image”, yet audience recording of super-first-class goods, even with small direct voices and clearances unique to small venues. This is probably the result of the recording that was carried out from the Master ‘s seat by the rare name taper representing the Kanto region. Whether the explosion in “Live and Let Die” is fresh, but also that it is not saturated is the state unique to this position.
Mr. Taper recently released his own sound source on the net as “ONE NIGHT IN A SUMO ARENA”, but this time it is based on the version directly provided by Taper himself without going through the net I made it into a CD. As a proof of that, the part that captured the atmosphere inside the venue before the appearance of Paul was recorded for 6 minutes 30 seconds longer than “ONE NIGHT ~”, and the expectation of the fans waiting for the start of a special gig and the enthusiasm filled with enthusiasm It is a document of feeling. As he revealed on the net, from the recording using the Schoeps mk 4 microphone there was a scarcely peculiar mk 4 missing, so I applied equalization at this release and got to the best strongest version at a stretch I was born again. And, above all, the pole which seems to be really fun at a small venue, the superb sound quality is truly wonderful without the performance performance and the multiplication that everyone told us. This is the definitive version of the Kokugikan gig, which I can recommend in my heart.

★ Mk 4 use bulkhead seating 13 side. It is a super high sound quality sound source provided by the sound recording person. (★ Included from the net sound source for the first 6 minutes 30 seconds.) Last tap of “One On One At Budokan”

(Remaster information)
Although it was high sound quality but there was a sense of poor comfort inherent in MK 4, I improved the missing but it is an adjustment that improved the missing while leaving the atmosphere of the original sound.


もっとも選曲面からすると実質的に東京ドーム初日の短縮バージョンに「I Saw Her Standing There」が加えられたという内容であり、武道館にあったようなスペシャルは何も起こりませんでした。過去のギグのことを思えば、誰もがスペシャルを期待したくなるものでしょう、その点において今回は肩透かしを食らってしまった感は否めません。むしろ東京ドーム二日目に続いて「Yesterday」が演奏されなかったことに加え、遂に「Maybe I’m Amazed」まで演奏されなかったという点でポールのライブ史に残るステージとなりました。前者が演奏されなかったことに関しては多くの憶測が飛び交いましたが、ドーム初日の声の調子からすると、そろそろ歌い辛い曲となってきた結果だったように感じます。
こうした変化もさることながら、演奏内容に関しては圧倒的に素晴らしかった。東京ドーム初日は「Live and Let Die」辺りからポールの声が辛そうだったのですが、これはもしかすると、今回のリリースで明らかとなったドーム前日のクローズド・サウンドチェックで張り切りすぎてしまったせいなのかもしれません。しかし国技館でのポールは絶好調。ジャパン・ツアーの前に行われていたオースティンにおける二回のステージを彷彿とさせるような好調さを取り戻していたのです。さらに武道館の時もそうでしたが、ポールは広大なドームと違って通訳システムを介さなくとも日本のオーディエンスと十分に盛り上がれる小さな会場ならではの活気を大いに楽しんでいました。三週間前い国技館ギグを目の当たりにした人であれば、あの楽しそうなポールの姿が焼き付いていることでしょう。

そんな最大級の話題を振りまいた国技館ギグは先週UXBRIDGEレーベルがCD-Rの機動力を活かした「RYOGOKU 2018」を既にお届けしています。武道館よりも小さな会場ならではの臨場感をリアルに捉えた音質が実に素晴らしく、プレスCDでも行けたのでは?と言う声が聞かれたほど。だがしかし、今回も満を持しての極上オーディエンス録音による限定プレスCDの登場です。先の理由から今回の来日で一番話題を振りまき、なおかつ一番の人気を誇ったギグです。それを物語るかの如く、いくつもの良質なオーディエンス録音が提供されたのですが、栄えあるプレスCDリリースのお眼鏡に叶ったのは、前回の2017年武道館公演を奇跡の超高音質で捉えた「One On One At Budokan」のテーパーによるもの。彼は国技館の目玉ポジションである桝席の後方を確保。頭上が二階席の床の部分に近いことから、抜群の収音力でステージから放たれたポールの演奏をキャッチ。二階席から録音されたCD-R「RYOGOKU 2018」でも小さな会場ならではの音響を見事に捉えていましたが、今回はいよいよハコそのものといった臨場感が絶品。
そして何よりの素晴らしいのが、ポールの歌声や演奏の近さ。これぞ正に「オンな音像」と呼ぶに相応しく、それでいて小さな会場ならではのダイレクト感やクリアネスも極上という、超一級品のオーディエンス録音。これはもう、関東圏を代表する稀代の名テーパーによる桝席から敢行された録音がモノを言った結果でしょう。「Live and Let Die」での爆発が生々しくも、それでいて飽和していないのもこのポジションならではの状態かと。
テーパー氏は、つい先日ネット上にも自身の音源を「ONE NIGHT IN A SUMO ARENA」というタイトルで公開していますが、今回はネットを介さずにテーパー本人から直接提供されたバージョンを元にプレスCD化しました。その証拠としてポール登場前の会場内の雰囲気を捉えたパートは「ONE NIGHT~」よりも6分30秒も長く収録しており、スペシャルなギグの開始を待ちわびるファンの期待と熱気があふれた臨場感のドキュメントとなっています。彼がネット上で明らかにしてくれたように、Schoeps mk4マイクを使った録音からはmk4特有な抜けの悪さが散見されたことから、今回のリリースに当たってイコライズを施して一気に抜けの良い最強バージョンへと生まれ変わりました。そして何よりも小さな会場で本当に楽しそうなポール以下、全員が聞かせた熱演ぶりと掛け値なしに極上の音質は本当に素晴らしい。これはもう、胸を張っておすすめできる国技館ギグの決定版です!

★Mk4 使用 桝席 正 13側。録音者提供の超高音質音源です。(★ネット音源より冒頭6分30秒長く収録。)前回の「One On One At Budokan」のテーパー



Disc 1 (66:18)
1. Intro 2. A Hard Day’s Night 3. Hi, Hi, Hi 4. All My Loving 5. Letting Go 6. Come On to Me
7. Let Me Roll It 8. I’ve Got a Feeling 9. My Valentine 10. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five
11. I’ve Just Seen A Face 12. In Spite of All the Danger 13. From Me to You 14. Love Me Do
15. Blackbird

Disc 2 (75:40)
1. Queenie Eye 2. Lady Madonna 3. Fuh You 4. Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite!
5. Something 6. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 7. Band on the Run 8. Back in the USSR 9. Let It Be
10. Live and Let Die 11. Hey Jude 12. I Saw Her Standing There
13. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) 14. Helter Skelter
15. Golden Slumbers 16. Carry That Weight 17. The End

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