Paul McCartney / Alte Oper 1989 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Paul McCartney / Alte Oper 1989 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Valkyrie

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Alte Oper, Frankfurt Germany October 7, 1989. Digitally Remastered

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Paul after the dissolution of the Beatles formed a new band, Wings, through two solo albums. Having own bands, that is, aiming at the situation where live can be done anytime. That’s right, Paul of the 1970s swept the world with a massive tour. However, arrests in Japan at the beginning of 1980 caused the band to annihilate naturally, at the end of the year John will collapse in the assault, and will stop any live activities.

Paul who was in the late 40s also had to wait until 1989 to come back to the stage again. Paul, which made it somewhat fuller than the Wings’ era, went on tour for the first time in a large scale in nine years with the announcement of the new album “FLOWERS IN THE DIRT”. It is the first time in 9 years. What kind of set list will be, what kind of song to play, and what stage will it be? In anticipation of worldwide expectations, the first day of the tour was September 26, 1989 Norway celebrated the Oslo performance. And the set list is very different from the previous wings, and it is very surprised that the Beatles number which I have never played up is abundantly included. It is a memorable memories that although the word is not wine, the word “finally lifting ban” danced in the music media. Paul McCartney 47 years old at this point. Considering that Noel Gallagher is fifty years old as of 2018 as of 2018, it is a young class from the current standards, but at the time there were few artists performing rock concerts at the elderly from Paul, he said that he is walking in the pre-unexpected area There was a feeling.

However, unlike general perception, the ratio of the Beatles’ songs is not as large as the image, but it is about half. Other than that, you can see that the songs of the solo era, the songs of the era of Wings, and the songs of the new album are really selected widely. Nevertheless, the impact of the songs of the Beatles era which is playing for the first time is great, and it was a big topic that the Beatles songs which had already been a history at this time can be heard by their own performances. From the first tour in Europe for the first time in 9 years from this tour, this work, from the first European tour of the tour, after the first tour in Oslo, Germany fully recorded concerts in Frankfurt, a refurbished traditional old opera with high sound quality ing. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Japanese style attaching.


そして40代も後半になったポールは、再びステージに戻って来るのは1989年まで待たねばならなかった。ウイングス時代より幾分ふっくらとしたポールは、ニューアルバム『FLOWERS IN THE DIRT』の発表と共に大規模な9年ぶりのツアーに出たのであった。なにせ9年ぶりである。どのようなセットリストになるのか、どんな曲を演奏するのか、そしてどのようなステージになるのか。世界中の期待を背にツアー初日は1989年9月26日ノルウェーはオスロ公演を迎えた。そしてセットリストは、それ以前のウイングスとは大きく異なり、今まで演奏したことのないビートルズ・ナンバーがふんだんに盛り込まれており、非常に驚かされたものである。ワインではないが「ついに解禁」という言葉が音楽メディアに踊ったのも懐かしい想い出である。この時点でポール・マッカートニー47歳。ノエルギャラガーが2018年現在50歳である事を考えると、現在の基準からいえば若い部類だが、当時はポールより年配でロックのコンサートを行なっているアーティストは数少なく、前人未到の領域を歩んでいるという感があったものである。

しかし一般的な認識と異なり、ビートルズの曲の比率はイメージほど多くはなく、約半分にとどまる。それ以外はソロ時代の曲、ウイングス時代の曲、そしてニューアルバムの曲と、実に幅広く選曲されているのがわかる。 それでも初めて演奏するビートルズ時代の曲のインパクトは大きく、この時点で既に歴史となっていたビートルズの楽曲が本人の演奏で聴けるというのは大きな話題であった。 本作は、そんな9年ぶりツアーより、初日オスロよりわずか6公演後の、ツアー最初期の欧州ツアーより、ドイツはフランクフルト、改装された伝統ある旧オペラ座でのコンサートを高音質で完全収録している。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。日本語帯付。

01. Figure Of Eight
02. Jet
03. Rough Ride
04. Got To Get You Into My Life
05. Band On The Run
06. Ebony And Ivory
07. We Got Married
08. Maybe I’m Amazed
09. The Long And Winding Road
10. Fool On The Hill
11. SGT.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
12. Good Day Sunshine
13. Can’t Buy Me Love
14. Put It There
15. Things We Said Today
16. Eleanor Rigby

01. This One
02. My Brave Face
03. Back In The USSR
04. I Saw Her Standing There
05. Twenty Flight Rock
06. Coming Up
07. Let It Be
08. Ain’t That A Shame
09. Live And Let Die
10. Hey Jude
11. Yesterday
12. Get Back
13. Golden Slumbers – Carry That Weight – The End

Valkyrie. VAL-008

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